Every October I have flashbacks to a rainy Sunday in Absecon, New Jersey when I showed up at my mom’s nursing home (Absecon Manor) to get her laundry to take home and wash.  My mom had multi-infarct dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s.  She could be absolutely vicious so I dreaded visiting her.

I kept her laundry basket in the wardrobe at the foot of her bed so all I had to do was collect the basket and check to make sure her clothes had not been stolen – which happened a lot.  Her bed was next to the window and there was a small bathroom near the door to the hall.

Her room was at the far end of the hall on the second floor in a modest nursing home.  The CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and the floor nurse were both very personable.  My mom had been in that room for several weeks before they had to move in a roommate.  The roommate was often asleep when I got there and on that fateful day, she appeared to be in a coma. 

At the foot of the roommate’s bed right inside the door sat two people – a man and a woman.  The second I looked at the bed, in my mind’s eye – third eye – back of my head – not with my eyes as we see a chair or sunset or a dog in the street – I was looking right at what I guessed to be a 6’ 5” tall, blacker than any black in our color spectrum, two-legged demon with a face that reminded me of the Shadow People from Babylon 5 –  insect like but human all that the same time.  Eyes were also black.  I couldn’t see its hands but it had arms and I couldn’t see the feet.

It stood right next to the woman on her left side – just like Carlos Castaneda claimed Don Juan Mateo had told him.  Death stands over or next to your left shoulder.

Instantly, I also heard, in my head, a voice SCREECH – GET THE FUCK OUT!  And it tried to be as menacing as could be with pure venom and hate.  I just stared back at it and in then looked at the man and woman as I opened the wardrobe.  GET THE FUCK OUT NOW  FUCK YOU GET OUT!  I took my time and then looked right at it and then looked at the man and woman and asked “What happened?”  I can’t remember their exact words but they said she was dying.

I nodded and then looked right at the thing again, paused, and excused myself and left the room.

Out in the hall, which, thankfully, was empty, I passed a couple of rooms and made sure no patients were around, and then I turned, put down the basket, raised my arm over my head visualizing the Sword of Manjusri, and cursed the demon to hell and back. 

If you are a Christian, this might upset you but I said aloud “YOU JANUS HEADED SON OF A BITCH!  I don’t CARE what that old lady did.  I DON’T CARE if she goes to hell or not.  BUT you ARE NOT to let that old woman die in front of those two (and I think I hissed ) PEOPLE!

DAMN YOU – blah blah – She is to DIE in front of the ONLY person on this planet that gives a rats ass about her! 

Then I turned, swung the “invisible” sword if anyone has seen me, and screamed “AND FUCK YOU”!

Then I stormed out of the building and went home to do the laundry.

Later in the afternoon, I returned with the folded laundry and as I got halfway down the hall, one of the aides was wheeling my mom for a visit.  As usual, she was having one of her rage attacks so I screamed – get her away from me because simultaneously, the floor nurse and the CNA assigned to the floor came running – racing actually towards me.  “We need to stop you!”

Mrs. ???? passed right after you left and we don’t want you to . . .

I started screaming hysterically and can’t remember what they were saying except they both yelled

OMG YOU SAW IT  with an emphasis on IT!

I then blurted out what I had done and they looked on in horror.  They finally let me put the basket in the room and they then told me the following:

The old lady died after I left.  BUT this is where it gets creepy.

The man was her son and the woman the old lady’s daughter-in-law.  THEY HATED her.

Everyone hated her.  EVERYONE except a niece.

Unbeknownst to me, the couple left right after I did although I never saw them.

They said that the niece was probably walking towards me in the hall because as she was taking off her raincoat and putting down her umbrella  – – – –

THE OLD LADY DIED THREE (3) DAYS after the Demon appeared!

Right at that precise moment in FRONT OF THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET that cared for the old lady AT ALL!

The nurse told me she never looked at the demon’s face and that it NEVER spoke to her.  The CNA said it never made a sound. Both women had to change bandages and adjust the IV and bedding.  The nurse said she had to pass her hand THROUGH the demon but it ignored her and she tried not to think about having her arm inside it’s body or arm.

They were dumbstruck that it talked to me and that I cursed it out – stared it down and cursed it out a second time.

No one knew if it escorted the old woman’s soul or not.  But my command was honored.

I finally stumbled more or less down to the lobby to talk to the stereotypical New Age middle aged receptionist with large hair who was always chatty.  Oh YES, she gushed!  All kinds of beings come for the dead but it’s usually a family member but I  – increase volume ‘ I” have seen angels.  And yes, that lady was pure evil. 

I wanted to get more information when I spied one of the best looking men I have EVER seen who wasn’t on a magazine cover or in a movie.  Three piece all black, expensive looking suit – perfect body – gorgeous hair.  Oh MY!  But I was so freaked out and it was Sunday so I figured he had just come from church and I looked like something the cat had dragged in out of the rain.

I also felt like crap.  To misquote the Red M&M from the commercial “THEY DO EXIST!”

The receptionist was rambling on and just then the elevator opened and out came the drop dead guy pushing – YUP – the gurney with the old lady in a black body bag!  I lost it all over again.

OMG THERE’S NO SOUL in the bag!

Oh yes, said the receptionist as matter a fact as if you had just said that you shouldn’t bake without letting the oven come to temperature. 

Oh, yes.  Sometimes the soul stays in the body.  I usually see them walking alongside the gurney or floating or even sitting above the body.  But usually they are in the body and not sure what to do.

Like I wrote in my last post, I was racing for the door as if I had entered the Hotel California.

At work, I asked my boss who had been a Roman Catholic monk – gave it up because he was very, very, very, very gay.  He took no interest.

I then sought out a fascinating woman who worked at the Circulation Desk who had done a doctoral dissertation on thanatology but never finished it or didn’t defend it.  Either way she didn’t get her doctorate.  But she was an expert on death rituals around the world and had conducted interviews with people who had seen “entities” come for the dying.

Oh, yes, there are nasty looking goblin creatures – those are the closest to the thing you saw.  Never heard of ANYONE ever seeing one of those.  Angels with wings.  Usually relatives even children and pets but a FULL size coal ebony shiny blacker than black over 6 foot tall insectoid anthropomorphic demon that screamed FUCK YOU – no – never heard of that but you weren’t the only one that saw it.  Only one that faced it and only one it spoke to or cursed – yes that’s not common.

I have told this story to hospice nurses.  Everyone I’ve talked to has only seen relatives – not even a pet.  I have tried to read every account of people who have seen something or someone come for the dying but have yet to find an account like the one I’m writing about now.

One reason why I thought I COULD write this up this evening is two fold.

My friend started a discussion in a Facebook group with the question:

A few hours later I got an email from Quora with this post. 

So, I figured I didn’t to wait to get a THIRD “message” from the universe that it’s time to document the


Halloween Day 2021 – I am adding this added paragraph because I JUST had a chance to listen to Joshua P. Warren’s October 29, 2021 podcast about THE DEVIL! I trust you will see WHY I updated this blog post today. Plus I wanted to edit a couple of typos, sorry.


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