Directory of Websites and Social Media Revised March 2022

Last year in March 2021 I created this page (see below). I’m now an active member of the Hay House Writer’s Community and I thought my fellow authors needed a space to promote their work too!

Liza Horan was the first to send me her site.

I Rob Graves Author Page

Many people who participated in the March 2021 Moonology Challenge have amazing websites and social media accounts. Anyone who wants to share their links is free to post a reply and I’ll gladly add a link here! Listings are by the first letter of the name of the website or social media page. Websites are listed first followed by a section for a list of Instagram accounts. Mouse over the name of the website creator to click on Facebook pages. I just now (March 22, 2021) added another category of links to books by our fellow participants.

Yasmin Boland’s Website
Yasmin’s Radio Show on Mondays – 1(816) 251-3555
Yasmin’s Hay House Page

Christina Zagaja

Faith Erika Warner

Tricia Duffy Foggo’s Bermuda Fog Astroloogy

Lisa Burfitt’s

Mal Duane’s Crystal Chakra Healing on Facebook

Vanessa KumJew

Elizabeth Hartigan‘s The Gratitude Girl

Karen Elizabeth Balon’s Studio (Journey with the Oracle Sanctuary is a Sacred Space to Journey with your Inner Self using Intuitively chosen Oracle paintings paired with the Moon’s energies each New Moon cycle as a divination tools.)

Heather Brooker’s

Shona Mary Lise McFarlane‘s Illuminance Healing

Keysha Angel

Odilia Gouveia Yorks Madeira Interiors

Mel MooMin‘s Spirit Level

Nikkie Jay‘s Pink Tarot 4th Generation Witch and Tarot Reader

Shelley Knight

Elsa Farouz-Fouquet‘s Terra Luna Inti

Trish Flood

Tracey Rampling (Certified Moonologer(TM))‘s Vibrant Coach

Meenakshi Kumar


Eva Braga-Ng Kno Tia’s Well BeingTerra Catalyst

Emily Kalcher‘s emilylunarpumpkin

Kerry Brind‘s Your SuperZen Life

Sarah J. Ando‘s manifestingmentoruk


Katie Carey’s Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth Kindle Edition

by Brigid Holder  (Author), Aleta O’Meara (Author), Barbara Brangan (Author), Carla Schwitallik (Author), & 26 more


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