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Chakra Mantra

Yasmin Boland referenced a special mantra by someone who made a recording that is available on ITunes. Several people asked in the comment section for links and for more information. This page is for all of us who now want to know more. Oddly enough, Dr. Chaudhary’s book only went on sale the week before the Moonology Challenge. I ordered it during the challenge and started reading it yesterday (March 28, 2021). I will be writing a review when I finish.

“This download (iTunes) is a recording of an ancient Sanskrit mantra used to balance the chakra system of the body and all of your internal organs.  It has been recorded by myself, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, and my husband to be used as a very powerful meditation and should only be done as instructed. The only similar one that I could find is this one.

Dr. Chaundhary writes that the pronunciation of the mantra is as follows:

Hari Om
Nam Lam
Mam Vam
Sim Ram
Vam Yam
Yam Ham
Shiva Om

“First begin with chanting the mantra out loud for only 5 minutes a day for three days.  Then, increase it to 10 minutes per day for three days and then increase the duration again for a total of 15 minutes per day for three days.  Finally, you can continue to chant the mantra for 20 minutes daily.

Once you have the mantra memorized begin to chant it silently in your mind for 20 minutes a day and watch your health and mind effortlessly transform into a state of greater balance”.

For more about bija mantras check out Bija Mantras- The Sounds of the Chakras: LAM VAM RAM YAM HAM OM

Make sure you read Yasmin’s blog entry about the mantra. You can also hear it here: https://vimeo.com/57770863 If you cannot access ITunes, you can hear the mantra in a promo on Facebook when Deva Premal & Miten interviewed Dr. Chaudhary in March 2020.. This was a video made by the late Dr. Laura DeGiorgio (Deep Trance Now) who created an excellent webpage about mantras. This excerpt will give you an idea of how rich this website is:

“Each Sanskrit mantra has its own “siddhi” – a spiritual power that unfolds through the use of mantra. The word “siddhi” literally means “perfection”, “attainment”, “success”, but is frequently used to refer to any powers we may view as supra mundane, from telepathy and clairvoyance to psychokinesis, levitation, remembering past lives, changing the size of one’s body, entering the body of another person, and others. Together with “siddhis” are often included “riddhis”, which relate to obtaining material wealth, power, having sexual appeal, etc.

As you work with mantras, you may find different abilities spontaneously emerging from within you, simply because through repeating mantras, your entire being begins to resonate with that particular vibration and any powers contained within that vibration begin to express through you.”

Dr. Chaudhary’s book is also about something called Siddha Medicine which is much older than Ayurveda. In 1995, I attended the First International Congress on Complementary and Alternative Medicine sponsored by Mary Ann Liebert publishing. While standing in line for a dinner session, I got to meet a man and his assistant from New York City who practiced what he called Siddha Medicine. I had no idea what it was. I attended his presentation and still thought is sounded identical to Ayurveda. Dr. Chaudhary elaborates in her book the differences. In 1995 I could not find any information about Siddhars or the practice. Today in 2021, there are several research institutes.

As a side note, RAM, is the name of the Sri Ram, who some say was an avatar of Vishnu. There are many movie and television versions of the Ramayana. The most famous aired in 1987 and I was lucky enough to watch most of it thanks to a local PBS station in New York. Netflix briefly aired the 2012 version. I started watching it while taking care of my late best friend, Martin Clifton, and then finished it after he passed. If it you can find it, it is excellent.

An excellent page about RAM, is The Mystical Power of the Name of Rama.

For a fabulous “image” of Mata Kali check out Sony’s TV series available on YouTube (most all of the episodes were uploaded with Closed Captioning English Subtitles but not all) Vighnaharta Ganesh. This is the link to the episode I’m going to watch this evening. I suggest key-in “Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep” and fill-in the episode you wish to watch. 759 episode summaries are now (AT LAST) on Wikipedia. Alas, many of the cast are not. There are some AMAZING villains in the series – asuras translated as demons. I have tried looking in the Indian newspapers that cover the series but I have only found a few. But I digress. This is my favorite of Mata Kali.

Akanksha Pur as Mata Kali


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  1. This is a fascinating topic. It is well researched and I will be looking up the suggestions in order to learn more about these ancient topics and healing practices.


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