Manifesting Reality

Yasmin Boland is an astrologer and an AMAZING manifestor. So is Christie Marie Sheldon.

Joshua P. Warren lives a magical life and manifests all sorts of things for himself, his family, his friends, and his followers (If that is the right word to use – customers? Readers of his newsletter? Groupies (a word I’d use to describe myself when thinking about Josh.)

I was introduced to Yasmin through a Hay House promotion and just finished her March 2021 Moonology Challenge which inspired – no catapulted me to create a website. Back in 1997 I created a website for the library where I was working and always had pages I created. In fact, I was the lead speaker on Virtual Reality at the Computers in Libraries National Conference in March 1998 held in Crystal City, Virginia. I created a very elaborate (for 1998) website that I presented live with GRAPHICS. But since leaving academia, I lost interest. I did create a website for a now defunct Keith Brewer Science Library but it wasn’t until Yasmin had us all clear years of BS (her term for what Christie would call abundance blocks), I had no reason to share anything with anybody.

As a new member of Yasmin’s Sun, Moon, and Stars Community and someone who is actively involved in researching the efficacy of Chinese Traditional Medicine remedies for expert in Asian Studies, I now DO have folks to share things with.

Check out Josh’s posts on Facebook. He’s on Twitter and he sends a newsletter straight to your inbox.


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