Yasmin Boland loves Narayani. But who is she? In trying to find a simple way to explain the multiverse of THE GODDESS, I did a search and found an amazing answer on Quora and an amazing website by Rangaswamy Sundar raj! Here are the screen shots to help explain a very complex concept alien to most non-Hindus.

Ardhanarishvara is the merger of the God and Goddess. Here is a clip from Vighnaharta Ganesh

Malkhan Singh as Lord Shiva and Akanksha Puri as Mata Parvati from the TV series Vighnaharta Ganesh

According to Dr. Rangaswamy Sundar raj, all goddesses are parts of the resting state called Narayani. Mata Lakshmi (Laxmi) represents the whole of it and Mata Parvati symbolizes the resting state of the action half of Atman. In this painting you see Lord Shiva with his consort Mata Parvati. Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati did not have children as a couple per se. Lord Kartikeya is depicted riding on a peacock called his mount or Vahana (Sanskrit: वाहन, Vāhanam or animal vehicle. He is shown being born through Lord Shiva’s powers and nursed by many devas. Lord/Shri Ganesha was sculpted by Mata Pavarti and then later beheaded by Lord Shiva and then given the head of an elephant. This story is very well known and depicted in many books and in the Sony TV series as well as in animated films. His vahana is a mouse.

All of this can be overwhelming at first but just let the stories be told. Let your heart find its path. I will be posting pages about the many avatars so stay tuned.


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