Musings: What do we REALLY know about what it means to be an Energy Being in a Matrix?

View from my back deck. The Ruby Mountains LITERALLY turn this color at sunset

Welcome to the Blog on, to quote Joshua P. Warren, STRANGE THINGS or are they ordinary?

Charlie Goldsmith – someone who can do what I can do, only I haven’t talked about it much

Revisiting energy healer Charlie Goldsmith’s work one year on | 7NEWS Spotlight

Healer or Hoax?: ‘The Healer’ Charlie Goldsmith put to the test | True Stories

So what can I do? (8/16/2022) I can temporarily take away pain and in a few cases heal. And I can project energy from several feet away with people feeling static electricity or heat or in a few cases a jolt not unlike sticking your finger in an electric outlet.

When I first uploaded this in March 2021, I had not yet dealt with the death of the Notorious Doc. At the estate sale, a couple came in towards the end. The woman got very close to me and with that I got a download that she had fibromyalgia. I rubbed my hands together, asked her to put her dominate hand out palm up and I lowered my right hand over hers. About 9 inches away she let out a yelp and her eyes went wide. Okay, that meant she could feel energy and that I was “on”. I had her sit next to me as her husband looked around. We sat like that for what felt like an hour. I simply held my hands over her arm or her leg as we chatted. Her eyes got wider and wider and she said the pain was washing away. When they got up to leave she found Ryan and gushed that she had not so much as a feeling of being in a body. No aches, no pain, she yelled out that she felt like she could fly. The pain returned, alas, 30 hours later. But I was stressed out of my mind sitting in a house that just been burglarized and I was dealing with the horrors of what I had learned about my late husband. Now that things are settling down, I want to find out what I CAN do, if I “warm up”.

I have never studied reiki even though I’ve read about it. Reiki practitioners send healing energy but rarely can anyone FEEL anything. I did study qigong for a couple of years. And for my dissertation and post doctoral research I delved into and sought out reports of healers who could heal through touch or, as you see in Chinese martial arts films and TV series, by sending “qi” (chi) into another person or animal without touching the body at all. The website Immortal Mountain has an excellent Glossary of Terms in Wuxia, Xianxia & Xuanhuan Novels.

  • Qi is sometimes written as “Ki” or “Chi”. It can be translated in many different ways, including Breath / Vital Breath / Pneuma / Vital Energy / Spiritual Energy. (etc…)
  • Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth (天地之气 tiāndì zhī qì) – the natural energy of the world

While working on my dissertation (1993-1995), I also found a body of literature about how qi could be used to kill or main an opponent or enemy. Just now I found this which elaborates in far greater detail than I had hoped to document. Normally I avoid anything that is “channeled” but this report pretty much nails it – “Ancient Wuxia Wisdom Channeling- The Dark Side of Qigong and Chinese martial arts”

Thanks to Yasmin Boland, I have FINALLY decided to learn how to extract a clip from YouTube! Several tries of various free video crop programs and I found one that works!  “Getfromyt”

I just finished watching the very popular God of Lost Fantasy series airing on Amazon Prime and found the scene that stuck in my mind as one of the best choreographed sequences. The entire series is on YouTube. The technique you see is a combination of a typical qigong exercise and a mudra. I have seen this sequence of moves frequently in a lot of wuxia films (I’m a huge fan.) This is my first attempt at clipping a scene from YouTube. It starts at the beginning of the scene where these two characters are trapped in an enchantment. Wuxia films and tv series use a lot of special effects. This series uses very elaborate computer special effects where you can clearly see the concentrated qi energy depicted as a bright light being generated at the tips of the fingers and transmitted. It can also be generated in the palm of the hand and transmitted, which is the method I am most comfortable with. I have tried this move but my test subject who suffers from COPD thought the palms generated more heat.

If I actually DO a few seconds of qigong to “warm up”, people I’ve helped say the intensity of the heat or energy they feel is very noticeable. I wonder what would happen if I actually PRACTICED “cultivation”!

I also wonder what would happen if I tried this in a serene setting.

Fan Le (Yang Tun) and his martial arts teacher, Ruo Huan (Wu Pei Rou) are trapped in an enchantment and Fan Le has been injured

While living in El Paso, I heard about Jewel Babb and bought Border Healing Woman: The Story of Jewel Babb as told to Pat LittleDog. I’m not sure if I have always had the ability to generate qi and transmit it but while reading this book I got an overwhelming desire to be able to do what Mrs. Babb could do. It wasn’t until I got to Spring Creek, Nevada that I discovered that I could!

Recently, I tried an experiment with a Facebook friend in Colorado and one in Belfast, Ireland using the Facebook phone app. I told each to “pretend” I was standing in front of them and I would “pretend” I was in front of them. Each held out a hand palm side up and I did the same in my house holding my hand out palm side down and lowered it until I “felt” a sense that I had made contact. Each said they felt a tingling and then a warmth and then energy. Each had a health issue that they said improved in seconds.

This is NOT reiki. Not sure what to call it. I’m not bi-locating because neither saw me but they both FELT my presence. They have never seen my photo nor have I ever seen photos of either of them. There is some other phenomena that is taking place.

Could be that we truly are energy beings that can project ourselves anywhere just like the ancient rishis of India or the Tibetan lamas or shamans. Lori Williams teaches remote viewing. I watched her free promotional training sessions and what I can do or have done is nothing like what she does. In 2001 I attended a two day teaching by my root guru’s cousin, Venerable Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche, at what was then called the “Orgyen Choling Dharma Center” in a hamlet called Tularosa, New Mexico. It has since been remodeled and converted into the Orgyen Choling Sampa Lhundrupma Temple but in 2001 it was a large tai chi studio attached to a family residence on a corner in one of the most fascinating little communities one could ever hope to visit.

I drove there from El Paso and ended up sitting next to a fifth generation strega who was the only witch that broke from practicing black magick. She worked at White Sands and the story she told me when she drove us to a fast food place in Alamagordo to get a bite to eat is a one I’ll tell elsewhere.

The Rinpoche was supposed to have arrived for the “talk” around 9 a.m. He was staying with his translator in Alamagordo. There were men and women who were studying tai chi and who belonged to a remote viewing “club”. They were, in my opinion, obnoxious. I sat chatting with my strega companion and we sat and we sat and we sat. By 11 o’clock quite a few people had pitched fits and left. I stood up and announced that I had to go to the bathroom and that the MINUTE I sat on that toilet, the Rinpoche would arrive.

I was kinda of joking but no sooner had I started to pee (the bathroom was in a corner of the room and the door was exactly opposite the entrance and maybe only 15 feet if that). Sure enough, in he walked. Did he go and greet everyone? Not exactly. I heard him chuckling RIGHT OUTSIDE the bathroom door. A bathroom that was just a toilet and sink – a TINY bathroom. OH GAWD! I had to flush which everyone could hear and wash my hands and as I opened the door there he stood grinning from ear to ear.

The next day I asked the translator why they were late and the story he told confirmed a lot.

The Rinpoche had gotten up in plenty of time and asked for breakfast. The translator kept saying we need to leave and the lama kept saying no no, let’s have another cup of tea or coffee, I can no longer remember. This went on for two hours. Then abruptly the Tibetan got to his feet and said time to go. The translator asked later why this happened and the reply “Because we need to wait for those 3 people to leave.” End of discussion.

Siddhārtha Gautama, known as the Shakyamuni Buddha back in the 5th century BC once sat dead silent for almost 12 hours until one obnoxious rishi got up in a rage and stormed out. Then the Buddha began to teach. Dr. Shirley posted an account that reads almost the same as mine. We were not at the same session. His Holiness was delighted that one of his cousin’s students came to hear him teach and he gave me a rock upon which he wrote OM Padme Hum to bless my husband when I got home.


4 thoughts on “Musings: What do we REALLY know about what it means to be an Energy Being in a Matrix?

  1. gosh! There is so much here! good information.
    Are the Chinese fantasy films called Wuxia? I love them too and they all seem to use the same technique for transferring energy.


    • In the movie the Matrix, the little kid was able to bend the spoon. That’s not “normal”. Physicists are not debating about whether or not we live in a hologram or a matrix. The film clip showing energy being transmitted from one person to another is NOT “real” according to what we’ve all been taught. But if we are in a matrix, it would be, yes?


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