Benebell Wen – Tarot Blog Rivals most out there

Yesterday, July 25, 2022, I discovered Benebell Wen (more credentials than I can list but corporate attorney and occultist are not combinations one often sees, right?). Her blog is jaw dropping. Her videos are mind blowing and she uses expletives as freely as I do! A kindred spirit!

I thought Dusty White‘s research into tarot was outstanding and still do. I’m equally in awe of the work by Robert M. Place (Alchemical Tarot) but Benebell’s work – OMG, outlier in the world of geniuses. She self-published this amazing deck. Wish I had found her sooner.

The deck apparently sold out immediately. You can find a copy for $400 if you’re crazy enough not to wait for a second printing at Mercari. I suggest, assuming you’re interested in tarot, that you start here and read everything Benebell has written.

She’s prolific. And it’s worth every minute of your time. I’m going to be writing about decks but not like this. In fact, I’m going to have to figure out how I can compare my collection of divination tools so my posts do not pale in comparison. When you find someone who can write and present kick ass presentations, it raises the bar considerably. I once read a lot of doctoral dissertations just for the helluva it so when it was my turn, mine would be on par or better. Benebell’s blog is like that. A homework assignment to challenge the little grey cells!

Neptune’s Dolphins – A shout out to a GREAT writer

Miami Magus has a blog that just blows me away. Today he posted a link to a blog that is so good, I’m sharing it on Facebook and here and in emails to those who shun social media! Both blogs are very, very well written.

Adventures of A Mage In Miami

A blog dedicated to the weird little adventures of a Cuban Magician living in Miami, Florida as well as my work doing consultations.

The blog Miami Magus recommended is by Virginia Carper, a Roman Polytheist. She wrote about her brain injury in ADF’s Oak LeavesWalking the Worlds and Witches and Pagans magazine. Her animal communication blog is not active because of her accident.

BUT her Neptune’s Dolphins blog is active and it’s so well written and researched that it deserves to go viral. My blog does too but I’m biased. So if you love great writing, click on the screen shot and have a great day!

A Librarian, Hermes, Caduceus, and the Rod of Asclepius: How Biomedicine was Corrupted

In video III about the Notorious Doc you will see a tattoo on the back of the infamous double boarded Vegas physician. If you did not get the JOKE I inserted, try watching the clip below. In the TV series “The Librarians” the running joke is how Flynn Carsen can get past the “programming” instilled in most people by saying “I AM THE LIBRARIAN”. Flynn discloses in “And the Curse of Cindy”, that he uses magic when uttering the words.

Panoply – a complete or impressive collection of things.

When I was working on my doctoral dissertation on the impact of non-Western medicine on biomedical model, everyone at the time (1993-1995) was confidant that allopathic medicine, aka MODERN medicine, was based on SOUND science and was the be all to end all.

Fast forward to 2022. Allegedly post pandemic. Allegedly post lock downs due to COVID-19, which many of us knew was a bioweapon when it was first announced on the news. Many of us didn’t buy the bat soup theory, although the Notorious Doc did. Many of us did not go around fearing pangolins, although the Notorious Doc used to call me up each day and make a gagging sound as he uttered the word “pangolin”. And many of us took the time to read what Pfizer had posted and then erased about how the “clinical trials” were conductedthe Notorious Doc did not UNTIL AFTER he got injected with one dose. He NEVER got the “recommended” second.

The story is unraveling and slowly, with a lot of prayers and luck, MAYBE the world will wake up. A good start is with this INCREDIBLE article that I NEVER thought I’d see in print!

Or this article!

The article by Greek physicians George Katsaras, MD, MSc, PhDc et al, is very impressive. It includes a description of Ningishzida, liaison between the ruler and Ishtar, Metrseger, a Theban cobra-goddess, Apollo and Hermes, Diktynna, the Minoan ‘‘Great Goddess’’, and the Hebrew tales of Lilith.

“The Caduceus gradually became the symbol of alchemy and pharmacy. This association dates back to the 2nd century CE or even earlier, from reports found in the Hermetica texts, mentioning the great influence that the planet Mercury (Hermes) has on Earth”.

Now let’s take a close look at Hermes. The most impressive statue of him is found in the Museo Chiaramonti inside the Vatican. The late Harry and I walked through this hall. A fabulous virtual tour is online but, as FATE would have it, panel 13 is just out of view. It jumps forward but you can’t inch along. There is a video but it also does not provide a full length view. Fortunately, I found this one on Facebook and there are links below to everything you ever wanted to know about Hermes.

Yes, Hermes stole cattle from Apollo but everything was smoothed out and they ended up exchanging “gifts” – Hermes gave Apollo a lyre and Apollo gave Hermes a herd of cattle to start a business.

Think about it though. Hermes, despite being Apollo’s half brother, is a god of COMMERCE and Trickery – please do NOT confuse him with Loki. In order to “practice” any of the fields of medicine – physician, nurse, pharmacist, dentist, radiologist, etc., you need MALPRACTICE insurance. And insurance policies include an arbitration and mediation clause.

Hermes escorts the dead to the underworld. In some of the medical journal articles, I found passages almost bragging about how doctors often are called on to “practice”  palliative care. How many hospice nurses have asked to give a dying patient morphine to ease pain knowing full well it hastens death (which now they’re saying isn’t true but it was used in many of the nursing homes I had the misfortune to have to spend a lot of time in, and with my late Aunt Dot and it works very rapidly).

Symbols have great power and are used throughout the world in magick. Has the use of the caduceus branded allopathic medicine and bound its practitioners to Hermes? I think so. Natural healers, at least the ones I’ve been able to meet or study shun symbols, advertising, and charging money. Music and sound therapists do charge but that’s a bit different. I will write about Apollo and HEALING in another post. For now think about just what is the HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY all about!

And one more hilarious Librarian characters from the movie THE MUMMY!

Prayers are Answered when the Planets Align and God says – hey WAIT FOR IT – Let me handle it

I don’t pray to Yahweh aka the Elohim aka Jehovah per se. I was raised Methodist so I call on GOD out of ingrained habit. Instead I do pray to Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanuman and Lord Shiva and Apollo. I’m polytheistic VERY polytheistic. I know that will offend those raised in a Judeo-Christian or Muslim tradition but I have been polytheistic since around 2nd grade. I was a strange little kid and am no longer bashful about “coming” out of the spiritual closet.

Last May 4, 2021, Harry Leo Duran submitted a formal letter of resignation to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas effective IMMEDIATELY! Harry claimed that a physician and a nurse had refused to treat a homeless patient. It was the last straw. UMC had already written him up for being late, despite working through the height of the lockdowns and COVID testing etc. No one cared that he stayed until midnight making sure patient records were done correctly. He was 5, 10, or 15 minutes late and that was against corporate policy. Dr. Duran was a flaming anus but his complaints about how physicians are treated were justified as we now see as doctors are being fired for refusing the MRNA “vaccine” and for speaking out about injuries, etc.

Meanwhile, in May 2021, after having our rental property sitting empty because the Governor of Nevada had decreed that a realtor could not list nor show a property with tenants, we got an offer. It fell through and then the second offer fell through. I panicked and rented it. Friday I filed the paperwork with the White Pine County Justice Court to evict them and apparently Saturday they did move out.

Last May 2021, the fellow I JUST hired was not working as a contractor yet. There was no one in all of White Pine County who could address POSSIBLE issues in the basement noted by the home inspector. Harry, unbeknownst to me at the time, was DEAD broke and his 4 of his credit cards were maxed out, and the other one was delinquent. I did NOT know that last May!

Last May 4, I had not yet met Ryan. Last May 4, I just wanted the house rented so I could pay the mortgage and utilities. This May 2022, I began to fear that the tenants were lying to me. June 1st there was no rent deposit nor were the utilities paid. I submitted the book proposal Never Die with Your Pants Around Your Ankles: The Death of Vegas’s Notorious Doc A Prescription for Hell to Hay House for the June 5, 2022 deadline and had hoped to take a short trip to the Oregon Coast and walk along the beach and maybe get my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean – I understand the water is freezing cold most of the year, but I wanted to at least TRY to walk in the water.

Instead, I drove to Ely and met with the tenants and made up my mind on the spot I needed to sell it. They had trashed it and the yard. There were insects crawling all over the back door. I called Apex Pest Control and Jess showed up on June 14 and sprayed inside and out. He recommended a fellow also named Jess to do any repairs or remodeling.

Last year the housing market in Ely was dragging along. This year it’s a booming seller’s market with prices for a two bedroom selling for $30,000-$45,000 MORE than last year. Last year I did not have the cash to bring the basement up to code. I just hired Jess an hour ago and the work begins TODAY!

GOD – aka the Creator (Shri Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita he doesn’t care what you call him. “God” works if that’s all you can blurt out) took INCREDIBLE pity on me. It would not be until Tuesday, November 16 at 6:30 p.m. that I unlocked the first cell phone and then the second and started contacting everyone. It was around 6:45 p.m. or so that I started scrolling up through
messages and seeing Harry performing sex acts at orgies.

It wasn’t until February 18, that the house he used as an office was sold so i no longer was facing bankruptcy. It wasn’t until April 13, that his condo was sold. And it wasn’t until today that I had the peace of mind to hire a contractor to do whatever it takes so Desert Mountain Realty can list the house for top dollar and sell it as quickly as Bonnie Bawcom sold the Charlwood Lane house (3 days).

Harry used to quote the scene in the 1997 movie Kundun over and over “Lhamo, I get you a better one”.  Harry would almost chant it like a mantra, often dancing around the house when some job he had applied for fell through but a better offer was soon on the table.

Joshua P. Warren in his podcasts talks about people who are masters at manifesting abundance. One of his loyal listeners said he now asks for “X or BETTER”. Yasmin Boland recommends asking for the good of all or none at all.

Me I ask for the Universe to Reveal Itself, preferably within a timeframe where I can benefit and help others in the hopes my prayer is answered in a way that it brings good fortune to me and through me to others.

You’ll have to take my word for it that Ryan and I have helped several people and animals in the past year and GOD WILLING will continue to do so.

Because God often will GET YOU A BETTER ONE than what you asked for! THANK YOU SHRI GANESHA and MATA LAXMI and everyone that I called on! Help us rescue the abandoned dogs near Angel Lake! Keep us safe and healthy and May THY WILL BE DONE!


Grim Reapers – Bailiff, Lawyer/Attorney, Solicitor, and/or Barrister – Get to Know Death before you Die

Last time you visited Thailand and India after a quick stop over in the Byzantine Aerial Toll Houses. Now you get to go to Korea! Don’t worry, you’re going to go to Egypt and Tibet and the Islamic world too! Hell is like a tax office. There’s one in every hamlet, village, town, and city!

If you have not watched Along with the Gods, click on the trailer. It’s one of the best movies EVER made. The sequel is equally outstanding.

One last look at Grim Reapers from the FABULOUS K-Drama ALL TIME FAVORITE, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)!

The above Korea drama/comedies delve into the “realm” of grim reapers and immortals. Goblin does not show the afterlife trials but the interviews with the grim reaper where there is a bit of a life review are outstanding. The courtroom scenes in series Along with the Gods, are flawless! Each trip via boat or on foot through HELL can be felt vicariously and should! The late Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan taught (Journey to Ixtlan) [My copy is on the bottom shelf of a bookcase behind a row of books so I’m cheating and using a virtual copy!]

“Death is our eternal companion,” don Juan said with a most serious air. “It is always to our left, at an arm’s length. It was watching you when you were watching the white falcon; it whispered in your ear and you felt its chill, as you felt it today. It has always been watching you. It aways will until the day it taps you.”

Whether or not Carlos Castaneda made up everything he ever wrote in his best selling books about a Yaqui sorcerer is still being debating. Regardless, the idea that you are assigned a grim reaper to take you to the other side does appear in many religions. I saw two last July 8, 2021 floating or hovering over two souls and I saw that demon standing next to the left shoulder of the dying nursing home patient so I’m not questioning the veracity of any of these beliefs.

And let us not forget to check out Near Death Experiences!

I donated the book I bought in 2006 to the library but 23 Minutes In Hell: One Man’s Story About What He Saw, Heard, and Felt in that Place of Torment by Bill Wiese was pretty good. A search in yields several first hand accounts of near death experiences where the person finds himself or herself in HELL and not at a lovely family reunion.

In the next post we’re going to swing through the Egyptian Book of the Dead and a masters thesis on the Aerial Toll Houses and finally we’ll get to Tibet. Unless I die first, which I better not. Refraining from joking about any of this is killing me.