Destination Hell

Harry Leo Duran, MD, Ph.D., MPH, aka the Notorious Doc, was a truly evil creature. The Tell All Book Never Die with Your Pants Around Your Ankles: The Death of Vegas’ Notorious Doc: A Prescription for Hell contains many photos and screenshots, but YouTube and Rumble are video platforms which bring home how a VIDEO is worth 300 pages!

YouTube’s algorithm violates the Fair Use Doctrine. Thankfully, Rumble is an alternative. The following videos are uploaded to whichever platform accommodated the highly edited “derivative works”. Let’s begin:

Aerial Tollhouse #1 (What JUST Came out of YOUR mouth?” with a cameo appearance by George Carlin



The JOURNEY to Hell.  Artificial Intelligence’s Descent to Hell, a cameo by Monty Python’s John Cleese, and a scene from พิษสวาท

Part Three! Tollhouse #4 Gluttony, – A TRUE BOAR, #5 Sloth, #6 Stealing, #7 Avarice, #8 Usury – Cue cameo appearance by Mr. Magoo! to illustrate #9 INJUSTICE

NOT just ME! Narcissists are Incarnate EVIL – discussion about THE EYES! A video of scary first-hand accounts posted on Quora. Click on the Eyes for PART 4!

And finally Part V for Tollhouse #10 (Envy), #11 (PRIDE and VANITY cue Dorian Grey), #12 (ANGER), #13 (Bearing Grudges), #14 (MURDER), #15 (SORCERY), #16 (FORNICATION – an old word, true, but it sums it all up), #17 (ADULTERY), #18 (SODOMIC SINS – I had to delve into old dictionaries – not used often and the politically correct crowd will have a meltdown reading this), #19 (HERESY!!) and finally, Tollhouse #20 – with a cameo by THE GRINCH!


A 64 page free PDF published to promote the 1,111 page TOME Departure of the Soul

FREE eBook version of Portrait of Dorian Grey designed and published by Planet PDF

AND coming soon – hopefully for Christmas 2022 a BOARD GAME!

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The Metal Whisperer’s Dancing Doctor Sculpture For Sale

Joseph Edward Jilbert, known as Jo Jo, is a remarkable man. I’ve already posted about meeting him. You can read the biography I cobbled together here:

If you have a Facebook account, you can watch an 11-minute video from September 2016 of Jo Jo’s exhibit at the Therapy Restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas where the Notorious Doc was introduced to him.

And here is a 17-minute video from 2019, filmed at his studio in Las Vegas where I met him in November 2021. This is where “The Dancing Doctor” is waiting for a buyer.

I love this one. It’s a video Jo Jo made for a TV commercial to advertise Tom Hanks WW2 museum in New Orleans! YES,, THAT Tom Hanks – the one associated with the Mandela Effect and chocolate! “Joe Joe’s art expression is uncontainable … as portrayed in this WW2 Battle scene- Although he’s not widely known for his painting, he is very well known, world wide for his incredible iron sculptures.
These images were produced by: Randy Walsh at”

And an article in Nisqually Valley News where they call him a Metal Whisperer!

And now for my promotional video about the “DANCING DOCTOR” – Please contact me or Jo Jo if you are interested in purchasing a rare piece. Jo Jo NEVER sells works he created. He ONLY works on commissioned works so this is a rare opportunity to own one of his creations.

PS The odd looking sculpture and the heart I gave to Carmen Luttrell-Roe when she offered to help pack up the Solana apartment. One is made out of avocado wood and the other is a Catholic sculpture of the sacred heart. Both had bad memories associated with them and I had not so much as a dime to reimburse her for helping us pack so I gave her these pieces. I never heard from her. I hope she one day gets in touch and lets me know how Harry’s dog, Juice, is fairing. The dog cost $2,500! Yup, he blew through over $500,000 in five years!

The Search for Sarah – Part V of a A 5 Part Tale of Coincidences – it was in 10 parts – I can’t count

And so we come to the last installment – I had thought of breaking it up into 10 parts but upload speeds are okay today, so it’s in five instead. It’s been a strange week as usual.

So with Father Tague now in the public sector, Father George in prison or serving parole, and Father Mark in Tennessee – his story I’ll tell someday – ( it’s a book in and of itself) – I am still not able to find Sarah’s maiden name.

I watched the late Notorious Doc immerse himself in Roman Catholic literature, buy up collections of relics, spend hours in adoration at the various churches in El Paso, switch to the Maronites for a brief stint, then to the Eastern Orthodox, drag me to a Greek church, an Antiochian church, and a Serbian church, and then cast it all aside! He threw his icons on the floor of a closet in his filthy apartment, emptied a box he filled with the 15 volume set of the The Liturgical Year he had given ME for Christmas in 2003 and which he took back from me telling me I was UNWORTHY of it, into a different closet, and tossed all of his dozens of rosaries into a box.

We found the Horologion on the floor. He did have a liturgical book on a stand which I gave to a lady as a gift when she showed up for the estate sale. She seemed holy and she vowed to read it. She had looked at with great longing and I figured it had found a home.

Because of the horrible way we were treated at THANKSGIVING 2021 by the security guard at the Solana Apartment Homes in Las Vegas, many of these books just got tossed into bags and hauled out to the UHAUL. The Guéranger collection is now intact and on a shelf. Took me months to go through all the boxes to find all the volumes.

When you reach the end of my tale, do research the Ifugao. If you read the post about the Yei blanket and Navajo (Diné) weavers, this link will bring you full circle in my very strange life. I’m now able to attend the Ruby Mountain Fiber Guild meetings where I can bring my Calypso kick spindle or just wool carders and card the 100 plus pounds of fleece I have in my back bedroom. Weaving seems to be a recurring theme. I even had a toy spinning wheel as a kid. If you like songs about weaving there’s the famous Spider Woman – She Changes Everything She Touches and Everything She Touches Changes – She is a needle and we are the thread with the lyrics spelled out in a blog by a group of un-named Unitarian Universalist Pagans!

And the story should end with the transcript of Sarah’s radio talk that was published by both Pope Publications and in the book Orthodoxy and Religion narrated here and freely available as a PDF below Mata Kali seen here.

Loom on High – I do blog about the Multiverse and the Multiverse is THE COSMIC WEB!

And now for the conclusion to the Search for Sarah even though I have yet to find her. I fear she has passed because by now she would be at least 90 if not a lot older.

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The Search for Sarah – Part IV of a A 10 Part Tale of Coincidences

Father Tague left the priesthood not long after we moved away from El Paso and ended up in San Benito, Texas sandwiched between Harlingen and Brownsville. In January 2007, after my husband had left his job as an epidemiologist at the Texas Department of Health and had moved to Ely, Nevada to work as a doctor on a Shoshone tribal reservation, I got a frantic call from him. “WHO WHAT WHAT was the name priest at the Maronite Church”? Uh, Father George. DID you see the news! What was the name of the church he went to serve at in Vegas? Uh, can’t remember but it was a Maronite church.

A few days later, on America’s Most Wanted – the same show that helped law enforcement find the infamous psychopath, John List, Father George’s face was plastered all over national television. I called Margot Karam at St Sharbel Maronite Catholic Church to find out what had happened. The entire parish was scandalized and furious. “Father” George had left, I knew that, to become head priest of a MARONITE church in Las Vegas. Once there, however, he got lured over to a wealthy ROMAN CATHOLIC church and it was there that he went insane and almost killed a woman i the choir who he lusted after! I can’t make this stuff up. I CAN’T! Father George had shown an interest in me and it’s one reason why Harry never accepted any of his invitations to his home for dinner. Mmmmm

What has this got to do with the search for Sarah? Not much but it overlaps in time so bear with me.

The Search for Sarah – Part III of a A 10 Part Tale of Coincidences

Re-reading my 50 plus page account the other day, it struck me just how strange my own life has been. I called Father Mark Kerr yesterday to ask him if, now that HE’s living at a SERBIAN monastery, if he could ask one of the priests in San Francisco to find John’s grave. I need a full name and dates to continue my search.