Musings of Barbara Ruth Campbell, Ph.D., M.L.S., Ed.M., retired medical librarian

Rubies from Back Deck

Rubies mountain range from my back deck at sunset

After attending the first six of Yasmin Boland’s March 2021 Moonology Challenge hosted on Facebook and seeing how many participants were getting lost and/or did not have the shared “mystical” background to understand the mantras or astrological charts nor the reading and studying to appreciate references to Sri Ganesha or Mata Laxmi, I finally overrode the late Sufi Idries Shah’s advice and to start my own blog.  Taoists and Sufis and maybe others say that if you feel the urge to teach, go back into the forest or climb a mountain or sit yourself back down and wait.  It’s not time.  But when you are old and wise and are pretty sure you have at least mastered enough to guide others, then and ONLY then can you teach.  I think it is now time for me to share what I know with others.


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