Shani Dev and Feeding Birds

Sunday, March 21, 2021

About 5 years ago, I searched image databases for pictures for my husband to go with a medicine bag I put together for hm for his birthday. He LOVES ravens and crows so I searched for a deity who is associated with corvids. I had never heard of Shani before – god of Saturn. But there he was riding on a giant crow.

I kept a glossy copy but really didn’t think much more about it. UNTIL a few things happened.

ONE: After watching Craig Hamilton-Parker’s documentary Mystic Journey to India on Amazon Prime, I finally ordered his book and read it on my back deck during the COVID 19 lockdown in the summer of 2020. Craig writes that one of the remedies that he was supposed to perform according to specific instructions in the NAADI leaves written about him many thousands of years go, was to feed birds.

Oddly enough, I had ONLY just gotten a bird feeder and had it hung in the front garden bed. When we toured our house with the realtor, my husband warned me not to buy it because he saw the neighbors across the street and said they would be a nightmare. Well, they were. Their dogs killed my 4.5 pound Pomeranian in November 2013 after, I found out, killing the rancher’s goat, and biting another neighbor’s dog. No one reported them to the police but we did.

And that’s when the first round of retaliation began. But it wasn’t until October 2018 when their dogs attacked my handyman and we both signed complaints that they got a ticket. As soon as the sheriff left the neighborhood, they called my handyman when he went out to his truck and told him that every time I stepped out of my house they were going to be on my ass. We both went downtown and filed restraining orders which they ignored. The sheriff was stretched thin and the judges here are very lenient but finally the district attorney got the judge to charge them with harassment They were both given suspended sentences in December 2019.

I was FURIOUS and disgusted. But things started to change AFTER I put up the bird feeder in May 2020.

Shani-dev, I learned, is the god of the planet Saturn and when he gazes at you, all hell can break loose. My seven years of being harassed was coming to an end. In fact it all ended on November 14, 2020 when they moved. But let me back up.

Vighnaharta Ganesh has a long story arc about Shani-Dev (Episodes 428-448). In Episode 436, Indra-dev tries to escape Saturn’s gaze and fails miserably.

Sony prevents making clips from even YouTube but here are some screen shots of the incredible CGI. In episode 436, we get to see JUST the shadow of Shani-de with his trident and the outline of a giant crow chasing Indra-dev down one corridor after another as Indra panics in dred fear. Indra, as many of you know, is the KING of the gods and yet he is TERRIFIED of Saturn’s gaze. He teleports into a fortified inner sanctum but when he falls asleep he dreams the crows are attacking him. He then flees back out into the palace and as he passes by an opening in the screen he looks straight into the gaze and he is beset with misery. It was one of the most chilling story arcs in the entire series.

So what is the belief about Shani-dev in India? Well, I found aVERY interesting article from 2016 entitled “Why Women are not Allowed into Shani Shingnapur Temple?” and this fascinating excerpt:

Questioner: Sadhguru, why are women not being allowed into certain temples? For example, now with the Shani temple. Why this discrimination?

Sadhguru: At Linga Bhairavi, men are not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum, but they never protest. They are married and domesticated – they have been trained not to protest against anything (laughter).

It needs to be understood that these temples are not places of prayer – they are different types of energies. Since we are aware that the planets in the solar system have an impact upon our physiology, our psychological structure, and the context of our lives, we have created temples for the different planets.

Based on the time and date of your birth, and the latitude and longitude of your place of birth, Indian astrologers make complex calculations to see which planets have the greatest influence on your life. These things are relevant to you to some extent. However, if you have access to inner technology, it will level out these planetary impacts.

Shani or Saturn, which is a faraway planet, takes 30 years to complete one revolution around the sun. Considering the revolutions of Saturn and those of the Earth, and your birth details, they can calculate what impact Saturn has on you at different times of your life”.

And what about feeding birds? Craig was simply told to feed them but he did not go into much detail in his book. But it turns out that

“Feeding the birds helps to remove the graha doshas existing in the Kundali. Not only this, it also pleases Lord Shani Deva. He is said to remove all the hurdles from the person’s life and helps him achieve success”. This excerpt is from Boldsky but you can find much more about how the simple act of keeping a bird feeder filled and remembering to say Shani-dev’s mantra on Saturdays can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in warding off the malefic effects of SATURN.

A glossy print out of Shani-dev now sits atop a wall curio that houses crystals I use for meditation. I often forget to honor him on Saturdays but I hope this blog entry will reinforce my intention to pay close attention to Saturn as he travels through the 12 houses of my chart and to never let the bird feeder go empty!

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