A Healing Mantra/Sloka

I was watching the story arc detailed in Vighnaharta Ganesh where Bandasura is battling Parashakti and all of the goddesses. In Episode 576, Bandasur evokes the asura (demon) named Rogastrasur who spews all manner of diseases upon the army of goddesses.

The make up and special effects artists took pains to make the young vibrant actresses appear to age and to succumb to fearsomely gruesome diseases. Just when you think all is lost, Mata appears superimposed over the arms of each goddess like a tattoo. Then Sri Ganesh narrates all creatures have the Goddess residing within them. Then he says, that those who invoke the name of the Goddess (alas this part wasn’t properly translated) and chant


will be cured of their diseases. THAT caught my attention and sent me on a search for several hours. The first thing I had to do was figure out if a sloka was the same as a mantra only sung. This article explains that it is.

The next step was to find out if anyone had recorded it and luckily, I found an OUTSTANDING, renowned singer named Jayateerth Mevundi. Better yet I found Mr. Mevundi performing the sloka. However, I could not make out what he was singing except for the words “Achyuth Anantha Govinda”. I did a few more searches and found all of the words but with a “meaning” that did not make sense. I wanted what I think of as a real translation.

For example, this post was very interesting but it did not translate the words.

I literally prayed and switched search engines and found this incredible blogger who used this mantra in one of his lessons on how to learn Sanskrit through slokas. I kid you not! It was his second lesson.

And the words used in the lesson matched up with what I was hearing being sung on the first track of an entire album called Healing Mantras for Arthritis. Since I have osteoarthritis, I couldn’t believe my good luck.

The sloka being sung is:

achyuthaanantha govinda
naamochchaarana beshajaath
nasyanthi sakalaa rogaa
sathyam sathyam vadaamyaham

Here are the screen shots from this wonderful blog entry by Rangarajan Parthasarathy because he has formatted this so well, I do not think I should even try to quote it. All of a sudden the strange “meaning” I found on other sites, made sense! The sloka really does state that this is the truth or I speak the truth. The comments on this sloka on various sites were interesting in that there were first hand accounts of how reciting this properly “cured” or at least greatly alleviated ailments.

I highly recommend you check out Rangarajan Parthasarathy‘s blog. He writes that with Thedal, he becomes one with the universe and he is hoping that his search will help him discover the eternal truth.  Please join him as he traverses through the universe across temples, philosophies and science!

Apparently, I’m not the only one with the same vision, mission, goals, and objectives for blogging about these topics!


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