Naadi (Nadi) Palm Leaves

It is 5:55 p.m., Sunday, April 25, 2021. I have been working for the past two weeks on a post about Mata Durga. First set back was I tried to throw out a cat food can lid and got a slice on my middle right hand finger (I’m right handed) so I had a terrible time using my Apple track pad. Next I tried to hang new drapes and I think I pulled a tendon, you guessed it, in my right wrist so I’m currently typing with a Futuro splint.

It’s been raining all day so editing a long post on a very complicated subject seemed too much of a strain. So I took a detour. It will prove relevant as time goes on, I promise.

I discovered Craig Hamilton-Parker several years back. It took awhile before I got around to watching his Amazon Prime special Mystic Journey to India and a few months after that to decide I really need the companion books. The film is outstanding. The books are very interesting but I bit repetitive – Craig could have used a better editor but that’s my opinion only.

The topic of this blog post is Naadi or Nadi leaves – which I had never heard of until Craig talked about them. In researching Mata Durga, I really wanted to find a translation of the Vedas or the Puranas that I could trust. In one of the many, many, many, numerous comments and discussions on the Vedas, someone wrote that if you’re interested look up Swami Vivekananda. Oh, yeah. I said. After googling Vivekananda, and I think Puranas, I ended back in a rabbit hole I had gone down a very long time ago. But THIS TIME something jumped out at me. NADI LEAVES!

So what is a naadi leaf? That’s complicated and Craig says mind blowing.

I will trust that you just watched the above video. This next one is over 2 hours long but it is another example. The description reads as follows:

“One of our seeker’s, Dr. Erica Middlemiss (Co-host of the Positive Head Podcast, QHHT -Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- practitioner ), was so kind to allow us to share with you her entire Indian Palm Leaf Reading experience. Listen to her entire matching and reading and learn more about the process, the atmosphere and the remedies that are prescribed in a Nadi Reading. The Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute helps you find your Palm Leaf Prophecy that was written specifically for you over 2,000 years ago. Your Prophecy is stored in a library in India and was written to answer your most important questions about your life as well as to help you with your most important challenges and decisions of your life.

So now that we are on the same palm leaf page, let me take you down a rabbit hole. The post I was working on was about avatars. LOTS of avatars. And about reincarnation or incarnation or the idea of transmigration of souls. What I had forgot about was that I had discovered this person before but didn’t bookmark his website so that I would be reminded to research his site when I had time. Mmmm.

I have not decided what I think about this webpage. In fact, I am hoping you all will leave lots of comments. You can click on the photo and you can watch the video. I thought that Kalki would appear and we’d all know about it. If you ever watched the 1937 movie or read the 1933 book, Lost Horizon, you would have heard about “ShangriLa“. It’s a mythical place that shows up in a lot of films and books. If you ever had a Kalachakra empowerment, you would have received the teachings, given only to initiates, about Shambhala and KALKI. Ah, HA, you say. Now she is finally making sense!

So, who is this man who looks an awful lot like Swami Vivekananda? What do the Nadi leaves say?

As soon as I upload this blog post, I am going to use the contact form and try to see if Kalki will leave a comment. Because I can write about avatars until I am blue (pun intended if you get it) in the face, but what IF I can write to a real avatar? I don’t know if Amma would have the time to read my blog and comment. I haven’t asked Yasmin Boland yet because I assume Narayani is focused on pujas but who knows? We live in very, strange times, yes?

PS Swami Vivekananda died in 1902 – two years before my father was born in Brooklyn, New York. Swami-ji was in New York City in December 1893 but my dad never mentioned his father or grandfather going to hear him. But who knows? Nikola Tesla met Swami-ji, did any of you expect to read that? Tesla, will be the topic of several posts at some point because I keep encountering HIM also.

PLEASE leave comments. I really want opinions, input, compassionate constructive criticism, and just plain ol’ feedback. I hate writing in a vacuum.


2 thoughts on “Naadi (Nadi) Palm Leaves

  1. Barbara, I find your research and posts so fascinating. They are well written with so much meaning and profoundly intriguing to me. I cannot wait each time to read what else you will be lead to. You are correct about Tesla. I have been presented him in random posts and connections. Your work is so well validated by the evidence you present with your writing. What subjects you present, the topics go so far back in time. It is amazing the depth of knowledge that some people have and are able to tap into by both you and the people in the videos.


  2. Don’t know how I feel about the Naadi leaves. Sai Baba was definitely an avatar. I could feel his presence thru his photograph. He did an awful lot of good for India. On the other hand he died a few years before he said he would. Guess you just never know.
    I am sorry to hear of your mishaps. Too bad we can’t be forewarned and just stay in bed!😅


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