New Moon in Aries 2021: Triangulating Joshua P. Warren, Yasmin Boland, and Shifting one’s Destiny

Yasmin Boland is famous for coining the term Moonology.  Yasmin showers her Sun, Moon, and Stars community subscribers with worksheets, live chanting sessions, reminders to watch her do a live radio show on Monday mornings (which is recorded on Facebook if you live, like I do, in a different timezone), astrology lessons, and more all designed to help you live a rich and full life and to manifest what you want in life.  Subscribers to her newsletter also receive a lot of goodies but if you can afford the subscription, it is well worth it.  

The New Moon in Aries took place at 7:30 p.m., Pacific Daylight Savings Time in Spring Creek, Nevada on Sunday, April 12, 2021.  Prior to the New Moon Yasmin hosted a Dark Moon ceremony and then a New Moon ceremony and for just shy of $30 US, she offered a workshop for those, like myself, whose Rising Sign/Ascendant is in Gemini.  It was AMAZING.  Thankfully, it, too, was recorded because she did the workshop live at 4 a.m. my time.  I’m glad I wasn’t awake because I could stop the recording and take lots of notes before resuming play.

Joshua P. Warren is famous for being the “Wizard of Weird”, owner of the Ashville Museum (now shuttered because the building it was in couldn’t be brought up to code.), host of ghost tours, paranormal experiments, and now host of Strange Things on IHEART Radio.  Josh also showers his newsletter subscribers with invitations to events, instructions on how to conduct experiments, links to free charms, and private offerings. I discovered Josh when he appeared in myriad of news headlines and on the Las Vegas FoxNews channel back in July 2018.

I immediately had to write to him.  I learned he had a website and a now retired podcast series called “Joshua P. Warren Daily”.  It was in one of his emails alerts, and, I believe, in a Facebook post that I learned about a limited time offer to purchase a wand.  Yup, a wand.  That’s what I said and immediately clicked to see his promotional video.  SOLD. (And it is now listed as SOLD OUT FOREVER). You can watch Joshua’s psionic pal, Tom Vrilock’s YouTube video by clicking on the image.

His Curiosity Shop on his website has videos about the Miraculous Prayer Board, the Wishing Machine, the Bad Buster, and a lot of books.  It took a long time to save up to afford a few of them.  His friend, Dr. Brad Mulder (2), programmed my Field X Wishing Machine. When it arrived I waited until the next NEW MOON at precisely 13 minutes 15 second Sidereal Time(1) for my exact longitude and flipped the switch. It paid for itself within a matter of 16 days from when I placed an image of them moving into the machine to the day the realtor drove a stake a for sale sign into the front lawn of my neighbors from the pit of hell’s house. I’ll write more about that wish in detail in another post because it was truly a miracle they moved.

It paid for itself a second time, when I asked for a great new neighbor to buy it. Well, the person who did buy the house turned out to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and a hermit of sorts – disabled air force medic who just wanted a place to live that was quiet.  And now that the previous fiends are gone, my cul de sac is about as quiet as it gets except for the snorting of horses and cattle and peacocks squawking on the ranch down below.

The emerald wand and its accompanying sigil engraved on a pendant were working as advertised the few time I got to use it in the local casinos before the governor ordered everything closed.  I haven’t been back now that they are open.  I’ll wait until COVID 19 fades out like most pandemics do on their own.

I will confess that I didn’t use the Miraculous Prayer Board as much as I should have.  I placed it on a table covered with crystals in a room that I did not go in much because the energy felt off.  I did a lot of decluttering, bought a shamrock plant, hung a bamboo windchime on the door, and burnt a lot of incense. A LOT.  I re-watched Josh’s video for inspiration.  And added a MUST USE DAILY into Yasmin’s Action Plan for the New Moon and the coming 12 months. Vrilock, by the way, invented it.

But you must be wondering WHAT is this woman yammering on about.  Yes, Geminis are long winded and they will talk you to death so imagine what’s it’s like having Gemini as your Sun Sign and Gemini as one’s Rising sign.  At least I always have myself to talk to, right?

Well, I’m getting to the point now.  Joshua P. Warren talked about the NEW MOON and why there might be a scientific basis for thinking there is magick in the air that day, in his I Heart radio podcast (Ep 25) that aired on Friday, April 9, 2021.

This is what he had to say (No transcript, sorry, I had to transcribe this myself).

Josh starts out by talking about his friend, the late Jim Marrs.  Jim Marrs, if you don’t know, was a journalist (as was Yasmin Boland) and one of Linda Moulton Howe’s friends.  Linda, an investigative journalist, who went on to write a series of books about UFOs, animal mutilations, and crop circles, uploaded a series of interviews with Marrs if you’re interested.  They’re not in a Playlist so start with this one

The 6 degrees of separation theory has been debunked but I often wonder as I seem to keep constantly circling around the same people.

Josh points out that a lot of the things that Marrs wrote in his 2000 book about aliens has now been documented to be true..  Next Josh moves on to talk about how he worked as a student assistant for Charles A. Yost. Yost was one of the engineers who helped designed the early Apollo spacecraft. Yost firmly believed in UFOs. He showed Josh an official NASA video of what looked like a puff of smoke coming from the surface of the moon.

Moonologists! Josh next talks about the moon having a tail. I had seen mention of this in the news. Then I heard Josh talk about it so I shared it on Facebook, logged into the temporary university library account I was given in order to do research for a renowned professor who is translating a series of wood cuts on remedies used by “doctors” in China circa 1800, and downloaded the article from JGR Planets.

If you’re not into reading scientific journal articles, and the vast majority of people are not, then by all means use a search engine with the words “the moon has a tail”.

This article WATERS it down quite well. Sorry for the pun. It will drive home a point later.

“Like a comet soaring through the cosmos, the moon is followed by a slender tail of irradiated matter — and Earth passes directly through it once a month.

According to a study published March 3 in the journal JGR Planets, the lunar tail is made of millions of sodium atoms blasted out of the lunar soil and into space by meteor strikes and then pushed hundreds of thousands of miles downstream by solar radiation. For a few days a month, when the new moon sits between Earth and the sun, our planet’s gravity drags that sodium tail into a long beam that wraps around Earth’s atmosphere before blasting into space on the opposite side.

The lunar tail is harmless and invisible to the naked eye. During those few new-moon days each month, however, the beam becomes visible to high-powered telescopes that can detect the faint orange glow of sodium in the sky. According to the study’s authors, the beam then appears as a fuzzy, glowing spot in the sky opposite the sun, about five times the diameter of the full moon and 50 times dimmer than human eyes can perceive“.

Joshua P. Warren points out that “sodium is a component of salt and when you add salt to water it becomes more electrically conductive”. He then points out that our atmosphere is made up of primarily water in various stages. So that means when a beam of sodium is shooting towards earth that maybe the Earth’s atmosphere is more conductive during the time of the new moon. And remember SALT is a crystal and if we are being bombarded with sodium which is a metal, are our ceremonies more powerful on the new moon?

So if that is the case, does that mean there is more paranormal activity around the time of the new moon because you always hear about electricity and electromagnetism being connected to paranormal activity?

Josh then goes on to talk about how many paranormal events in his life happened on the new moon. So when Yasmin Boland talks about NEW MOON CEREMONIES, we now know that there is a scientific basis for WHY it is really, REALLY, important to pay attention to the phase of the moon! My neighbors are gone and life on my isolated cul de sac is just shy of bliss. It used to be hell and I mean HELL!

So during Monday, April 12, 2021 after completing Yasmin’s 7 Day Challenge leading up to the full moon, and attending her Dark Moon Ceremony and New Moon Ceremony, I printed out all of the worksheets I had filled in, downloaded Joshua P. Warren’s 30 minute Good Luck Tone onto my IPAD, saged my meditation room, lit some palo santo, turned on the IPAD so the tone would play for 30 minutes, faced Mata Laxmi’s yantras and Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanuman’s paintings, and read the affirmations one by one using a stop watch so I’d read for at least 68 seconds.

Then I reloaded Joshua’s BAD BUSTER, reloaded and reset the Field X Wishing Machine, read a prayer using Joshua’s explicit instructions with my thumbs on the Miraculous Prayer board, then hung a Bulgarian bill from 1951 (3) on the wall, chanted OM NAMO NARAYANI, all while wearing Joshua’s Ho’oponopono dog tag, his Golden Ratio pendant its gold chain (SOLD OUT) that I added Shri Ganesha’s yantra, and my raw moldavite pendant, while wearing a gold pixu on a Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet and two pixus on the Natural Gold Obsidian Double Pi Yao Wealth Bracelet – both on my left wrist after being charged in a $10 vintage sterling silver bowl facing down onto gold.

I went to bed feeling like I had spent the day at the beach or having had a 90 minute massage. You don’t have to be as obsessive about it all as I am but I’ve seen it all work a miracle and I have no doubt it will again.

(1) In one of Josh’s Daily Podcasts he talked about how you can use an app to calculate sidereal time. WHY? Because “There is a 400% increase in spiritual/psychic/energy healing at 13:30 Sidereal time; 200-300% increase in abilities between 13:15 and 13:45 Sidereal time, and 200% increase in abilities between 12:45 and 14:15 sidereal time.”

First type your house address into the boxes here:

Next copy the longitude and ENTER times until you get 13.5

I do NOT recommend accepting an invitation to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom on the night of the new moon in May 2021. Especially if you plan on turning the lights off at 10:02 p.m.!

(2) April 15, 2021 Forgot to add a hyperlink and found this gem!

(3) Joann’s had these really cute tiny clothespins. When I got home I found ideas on how to use them on Pinterest. I hung picture hooks and strung a colored string and am now using my hallway as a manifesting tool.


One thought on “New Moon in Aries 2021: Triangulating Joshua P. Warren, Yasmin Boland, and Shifting one’s Destiny

  1. VERY INTERESTING! I didn’t know about the moon’s tail. I don’t understand why it’s only Na ions. But there has to be an effect.
    You must be very good at manifesting. You are getting results very quickly now.


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