Gamekeeper’s Thumb – the Bane of Writers

In case any of you thought I had writer’s block I did but it was in the form of an inflamed, stomach churning painful tendon in my wrist. Wanting to be self sufficient, I tried to unscrew the knob on a drapery rod while standing on a step ladder. Being only 5’1″ with osteoarthritis, it was a wrong turn (get it turn of the screw).

Well, I didn’t feel the pain right away. And I wanted to believe it was tendonitis and I could treat it myself.

OH, NO after 3 weeks of no sleep and waking up unable to grip anything or use my right hand without tears and wincing, my husband demanded I get an x-ray. Oddly enough the bones looked HEALTHY – except for the calcium on my fingers (something called Heberden’s nodes I inherited from all the women on my mom’s side).

As the physician assistant assessed the look of horror on my face with the diagnosis of Gamekeeper’s Thumb (De Quervain’s tenosynovitis), a wave of terror washed over me. Oh, that’s right, you are a medical librarian so you know about the injections. I did NOT faint. I didn’t shake – not externally – and let me tell you the pain of the FIRST needle going into the tendon to numb it triggered a past life memory of snake poison cursing up the hand. The second shot was equally painful despite the first being an anesthetic. The third just felt like ice. I had my eyes closed. This wasn’t something I wanted imprinted in my mind.

Today is the first day I feel like typing. The worst of the ugly bruising from the injections is almost gone. The horrible feeling in my finger tips is gone.

When you have Mercury in Gemini and you can’t express yourself – IT SUCKS!

My next blog post or page will pick up where I left off about Siddha Medicine and siddhis only I’ll tie in a comparison between Hanuman-ji and Sun Wukong!

Drapery rod injury – Sunday, April 18, 2021 – Moon in Cancer

PAIN started to become unbearable – Thursday, April 22 – Moon in Leo and Scorpio

URGENT CARE – injections – Tuesday, May 11, 2021 – Yasmin’s New Moon Ceremony – left and drove to the clinic

Wednesday, May 19,2021- Moon in Leo and Scorpio- I’d say I’m 95% back to normal

Please let me leave a comment if you’ve ever had this injury AND definitely post if you know about the moon and injuries and recovery.

2 thoughts on “Gamekeeper’s Thumb – the Bane of Writers

  1. I am sorry to hear about your thumb but glad to hear you are recovering.
    I believe that the moon not only influences the tides but all water including our insides.


  2. Now since the Barzakh is something separating what is knowable and unknowable, existent and non-existent, intelligible and unintelligible, affirmed and negated…

    It is intelligible in itself, yet it is nothing but the imagined-image (al-khayâl)!

    For when you perceive it–assuming you are in a rational state–you know that you have perceived something existent on which your gaze has fallen; indeed you most definitely know that there is absolutely something there. But what is this about which you affirm that it is an existent thing, while at the same time you are also denying that?!



    “You were right about some of it, and mistaken about some of it.”

    …likewise with what (Muhammad) said to the man who had a dream in which he saw his head cut off and fall to the ground, and then begin to roll around and speak to him.

    The Messenger of God mentioned to him that Satan was playing with him. He knew the form of what the man had seen, so he didn’t say to him “your imagination is false”–because what the man saw was real, only he had been mistaken in his interpretation of it.

    Therefore every human being in the Barzakh is “hostage to what they have acquired” , imprisoned in the forms of their deeds, until they are raised up from those forms, on the Day of the Rising, in “the state of being of the other world”. And God says the Truth and He shows the right Way.


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