Ice Giants in North America – Tale of a Siddhi Ability

For the past month Ryan has been telling me tales of Red Haired Cannibalistic Giants in North America. There are several OUTSTANDING documentaries available on YouTube.

MegalithomaniaUK uses drones to fly over Lovelock Cave giving viewers a whole new perspective on the site. I highly recommend the series!

Winnemucca is only 231 miles from our house or four hours via Interstate 80.

In trying to see if there was a written account of a tale that Ryan had heard that these cannibalistic giants were once all over North America and that thousands of Native Americans had come together to defeat them in a series of great battles assisted by – wait for it – NON Cannibalistic giants – I found this site:

The Algonquin Legends of New England, by Charles G. Leland, [1884], at

The Story of the Great Chenoo, as told by the Passamaquoddies (pp. 247-248)

What the Micmacs call a Chenoo, is known to the Passamaquoddies as a Kewahqu’ or Kewoqu’. And this is their origin. When the k’tchi m’téoulin, or Great Big Witch, 1 is conquered by the smaller witches, or M’téoulinssisk, they can kill him or turn him into a Kewahqu’. He still fights, however, with the other Kewaquiyck. When they get ready to fight, they suddenly become as tall as the highest trees; their weapons are the trees themselves, which they uproot with great strength. And this strength depends upon the quantity or size of the piece of ice which makes the heart of the Kewahqu’. This piece of ice is like a little human figure, with hands, feet, head, and every member perfect. (page 247)

The female Kewahqu’ is more powerful than the male. They make a noise like a roaring lion (pee’htahlo), but sharper (shriller) and more frightful. Their abode is somewhere in Kas mu das doosek, in some cold region in far Northern Canada.

In summer time they rub themselves all over with poo-pooka-wigu, or fir balsam, and then roll themselves on the ground, so that everything adheres to the body, moss, leaves, and even small sticks. This was often seen of old by Indian hunters“.


When they get ready to fight they grow as tall as the highest tree? Not knowing what species of tree all I can assume is the Micmacs of Nova Scotia and Northeastern Maine were referring to the Eastern Cottonwoods which can grow up to 23 meters high or 75 feet! Sounds ridiculous, right? And YET, Hanuman-ji and Sun Wukong are often depicted as being 100 feet in height when battling demons!

Now I know this sounds like a far left hand turn off an interstate while traveling 80 miles an hour from the middle lane BUT what is it with the Japanese fascination with giants? And what special effects were used in this film for the military parade?

Here is a longer clip. Stop before the fellow claims it’s authentic footage. It’s NOT. It’s CGI.

But the idea that one can grow tall to battle monsters seems to have some primal Jungian collective unconscious appeal.

I became hooked on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1. Never got much past that. Now I know why!

The history of the show is really fascinating but the point I want to make is the monsters grew to the size of skyscrapers and thus the Power Rangers needed to leap into robots to fight them. DINOSAUR themed robots no less! Gozilla anyone?

I‘ve ordered the book. It just shipped this morning but it will probably not arrive until October. Can’t wait!


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