The Anu Simon (Hopi for Ant Friends/People/Cousins)

It is my gut opinion that we live in a simulation of sorts, a matrix, or a bad dream. Whatever it is, there are times when a synchronicity or a glitch jolts us to ponder, often using a WTF just happened yelp.

I was born in New Jersey. I spent 8 weeks in 1974 at a Anasazi Chacoan outpost called Salmon Ruins, not far from Aztec Ruins, outside Aztec, New Mexico. It was there that I met a young Chicano who, for reasons I will leave out here, I married in 1997. I moved to El Paso, Texas in late October 2000 to start work as the medical librarian at the University of Texas – El Paso campus. The building was designed and built to look like a one of the ancient buildings in Bhutan. Many of the buildings were. We had a Tibetan altar in the lobby and thangkas and Tibetan religious statues. I loved that part of it having been initiated into the Nyingmapa School by the late Penor Rinpoche. I hated El Paso but there were benefits to working on a campus where Tibetans would often visit.

The fact that I moved to El Paso in 2000 is significant because I got to travel to Aztec, New Mexico in April 2001 to meet my husband’s family. Mr. D, as he was called, was a WWII veteran with a VERY interesting life story. I will skip over the violent child abuse and adultery. He was clearly dying when I met him and had “mellowed” out.

He seemed transfixed upon meeting me. I had heard so many HORRIBLE tales about him that I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to be around him at all but he seemed mesmerized. Mr. D. didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and didn’t say anything out of the ordinary either. He took us all out to dinner at a Ute Reservation Casino in Colorado where he took me aside from everyone else and had me play the slots next to him. He genuinely seemed delighted that day and my husband was shocked out of his mind since this man NEVER EVER EVER acted the way he did that day. The exact words were “OMG my dad is holding hands with Barbara and taking her around the casino! WTF?!!!!!”

And then he died; just like that – – a mere 7 weeks after we met. Upon his death, his oldest daughter found a stack of notes or letters to the family detailing his life. Tales of herding sheep at age 10 out in the desert alone with nothing but a rifle and dog and some supplies so he wouldn’t starve. Tales of getting wounded in Guam and being the last American alive to defend the area. Tales of lying flat on his back and pretending to be dead and shooting the Japanese out of trees. Scary stuff that we would eventually see depicted in the movie “Code Talkers“. And, of course, tales of working alongside his Navajo/Dine friends – the famous Code Talkers.

BUT, you’re wondering so what? BUT in that stack was a ‘letter” that gave a short history of how Mr. D met a Medicine Man and his TWO (2) wives who had EMERGED out of an underground “pueblo”. The unnamed Medicine Man decided to heal Mr. D who had been shot in the stomach and patched up rather poorly by doctors employed by the Veterans Administration. To do so, he PACKED (not sure what that entailed but we got the impression this man cut into Mr. D and PACKED) his stomach with peyote. Yup PEYOTE. He then gave BUTTONS of peyote for Mr. D to ingest for the rest of his life and he did a “healing” on him.

This strange man with two wives was one of the ANT PEOPLE! Oh, yeah. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Here is an excerpt from Ancient Code: I doubled checked with the Hopi dictionary = Hopìikwa lavàytutuveni : a Hopi-English dictionary of the Third Mesa dialect with an English-Hopi finder list and a sketch of Hopi grammar to make sure someone wasn’t just copying and pasting all over the Internet that the Hopi word for “ANT” is ANU. Friends or relatives, however, is simon not NAKI but it’s not my job to clean up mirror sites.

The more you look at ancient texts and stories from around the world, you can’t help but see surprising patterns. Some are so glaring that it takes real effort to ignore them, but that’s what many people do. One example is from the Hopi Native America tribe and their beliefs in “Ant People.” The Hopi of the American Southwest are sometimes referred to as “the oldest of people” by other Native American tribes.

Once you learn about the Ant People, you can’t help but compare them to the ancient Sumerian texts of the Anunnaki. Why? Let’s take a simplified look, respecting the truth that only members of the Hope tribe could fully explain.

In ancient cultures, there is a common thread of worshipping extraterrestrial beings from the stars who will one day return. Animals symbolic of these beliefs appear frequently in ancient art.

The Hopi have a reverence for ants, similar to the way the Egyptians and Sumerians and other cultures had a special reverence for cows. The cows may have represented our Milky Way galaxy, and in the case of the ants, they described beings from the stars known as the Ant People.

The Hopi words for the Ant People or Ant Friends (Anu Sinom) create a direct link to the stories of the Anunnaki. It could be coincidental, but it is quite striking. The Babylonian sky god was named Anu, which is the Hopi word for ant. The word, Naki translates to “friends.” Thus, Anu-Naki translates to “ant friends” in Hopi. In both languages, they are describing extraterrestrial beings, but the Hopi say these Ant People came from under the ground.

Another strikingly similar word is the Hopi word sohu, meaning “star,” and the Egyptian word sahu means “stars of Orion.” This constellation is seen repeatedly across the globe. Ancient Astronaut theorists observe Orion and other systems such as the Pleiades appearing over and over in the layout of the pyramids and ancient structures.

Another coincidence?

In the Hopi legend, these Ant People were their saviors, taking them underground and teaching them how to survive two extreme cataclysms. Once again, we see stories of a great flood like that described in Sumerian texts and the Bible.

And now you’re wondering WHO CARES? Well, as I said, I think we are living in some sort of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE simulation, not unlike the one depicted in the movie, 13th Floor. And the glitch I felt the other evening. In the quote above I enlarged the word COINCIDENCE. And here is where it gets weird.

Ryan and I were chatting. I think it started with me rambling on about New Mexico and how Mr. D had been healed, ah yes, I wanted to talk about peyote’s healing powers. Anyway, blah blah blah and Medicine Man with two wives, Ant People. Well, if someone could have fallen backwards and jumped out of his skin all at once, that is the best description. I had to start the storyALL over again from the beginning and this time not skip anything.

I finished. Ryan then launched into his personal tale. I’ll skip the preliminaries which were quite funny. Ryan was at a wedding. His friends had hoped that he would hit it off with the wife’s sister. They did. In fact the sister wasVERY interested and started talking about how she wanted Ryan to visit her in Osino. Mmm. Okay. “I want to you to meet the ANT PEOPLE who come out at night”. And then, I wish I could find the words to describe the pantomime of “BE RIGHT BACK” and the look of OMG on his face, it was perfectly executed. Oddly, enough, for once I wasn’t laughing. The pantomime was hilarious but the topic, not so much. Ryan politely extradited himself and sought out his hosts.

“Oh, we are so thrilled you two hit it off. About that. Yes blah blah blah Ant People!” The poor couple just hung their heads and Ryan eased on out of the reception and tried not to remember it until I went and threw a KEYWORD out into the ether and hooked a matrix fish.

At which point I’m WTF! I thought they only resided in the New Mexico/Arizona areas. Nope, my husband tells me they are part of the Ute and Shoshone “folklore” as well.

OMG and they’re JUST down the road more or less?

There is an expletive to describe towns and villages and hamlets in the middle of nowhere. If you are an American, you’ll know what Bum F NoWHERE means. If you’re not an American, think of how you would describe some backwater tiny town far, far away from any major city. Most people want to get away from such a place. Nothing usually happens in such a place – nothing that you want to admit to anyway.

So, what are the odds that I would be married to a man whose father WROTE about a Medicine Man from the ANT PEOPLE and then I have a friend staying with me in a remote, mountain valley bedroom community to a gold mining and cattle ranch and casino industry who JUST happened to have been hit on by a woman who lives truly in a HAMLET off the interstate several miles from downtown Elko (I’m 15 miles from downtown by the way) who has ANT PEOPLE who come out at night and visit her.

SERIOUSLY? Who wrote this story arc? The AI is glitching! Read my last post about running into the Roma back in New Jersey and Rome and Carlin and how Ryan studied cartomancy with a Roma lady who traveled in one of those wagons you see on TV! Mind you I used to teach a course at UTEP on Prehistoric Rock Art so it’s not like I haven’t delved into the “stories” related to the ANT PEOPLE depicted all over the Southwest but I’m in #$%ing NEVADA !

One of the books I plan on ordering is one by Ron Morehead who Joshua P Warren talked about on his latest podcast. Morehead’s book is about QUANTUM PHYSICS and BIGFOOT. Ryan has been tracking Bigfoot stories in, yup, ELKO COUNTY. I cannot make this stuff up I wish it were fiction. I’d be bored out of my mind but I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had not stepped out of the ordinary life most lead into the TWILIGHT ZONE.

If you have ever met someone who met someone from the ANT PEOPLE or if you have met one yourself are ARE an ANT PERSON, please comment below or comment just for the sake of commenting. Thanks. I’ll go back now to my regularly scheduled weird evening.


One thought on “The Anu Simon (Hopi for Ant Friends/People/Cousins)

  1. that’s very interesting. I have heard that the south western Indians believe that they came from the underground. It just occurred to me that that is why they called them ant people.
    Also the language similarity cannot be ignored. Is there a connection to the Sumerians? If the migration to the Americas happened 15,000 years ago, perhaps they brought their language with them.
    I like the origin legends of the Osage ( not sure this is the right one) tell of beings that cruised along the stars before settling down on Earth.


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