The Gift I have to Give the World

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 Updated version. Fixed the paragraphs that didn’t get bolded and found another answer! My blog was found by a fellow using Google. He posted a comment on my blog post. Scroll to the bottom of the page. It’s a WOW moment.

Death Sometimes It’s a Good Thing!

And the other day I found an interview with the remarkable and very talented Mary Turner Thompson! I joined her group, the Book Whisperers and I’m off and typing!

I did not choose this title. It is part of a Hay House Writer’s Community Homework Assignment. We get real homework. Lots of homework. Research this. Watch this video. Do a 7 minute Writer’s Prompt. Dig INTO your SOUL and ask


Yesterday’s assignments posted. I did the one for Pathway 2 and today I did Pathway 3. I thought I’d “share”. Don’t you just hate the pat response “THANK YOU FOR SHARING”. Can’t people say stuff like

“WOW THAT WAS AMAZING” or “MY GAWD that sucked”. Or “EEWWW I wish you had not told me that”.

SPEAK FROM THE GUT not the script the programmers of our AI universe inputted.

Promoting Author Writing Prompt for Month 3 Pathway 4 | Step 3 | Writing Prompt

The Gift I have to give is a behind the scenes, fly on the wall reality show like experience of discovering the hidden life of my late husband and what it was like be married to a psychotic narcissist physician.  Despite his attempt to try to get me to commit suicide over the years and all the effort he went into trying to leave behind so much horror that I would have no choice but to commit suicide, I not only survived but I am thriving .  Readers will come see through my eyes, feel through my emotions, and rejoice with me as I become friends with my late husband’s friends, overcome the obstacles he erected, and go out onto the public stage as “Barbara Unleashed” instead of the chained and imprisoned version he tried very hard to enforce. 

The Greatest Gift I can give is to tell victims of narcissistic abuse – emotional, psychological, physical, and fiscal, is to not let it break your spirit.  One day you will either escape or your abuser, like mine, will die.  Once free, shake off the shackles and burst forth and tell your story.  Shout it to the world.  Don’t let anyone silence you.  Find witnesses and encourage others to talk about how the abuser affected each as well.

Pray for the Angels and the Divine to intervene to end the abuse and to set you free.  Once free praise the Angels and the Divine – shout out your gratitude, tell the whole world how the Cosmic Forces heard you, and how they supported you, as you yanked the spikes of pain out of your body, and out of your soul, with their help.

Go forth and find others who are struggling with recovering from years or even just months of living with a narcissist. 

The GREATEST GIFT I have to give is the truth that I lived with and suffered at the hands of a physician who was so depraved and so debauched so incarnate evil and yet he did not break my spirit.  I am now a recognized energy healer in my community.  I’ve made friends, thanks to Hay House’s Yasmin Boland’s workshops with people all over the world.  Thanks to Yasmin’s Moonology Challenge in March 2021, I now have a website and blog with an international following.  Thanks to the Hay House Writer’s Community Assignments, I how have a promo on my YouTube Channel, an Author Page about the Notorious Doc on Facebook, and a pretty exciting and full life.

I am going to be 68 years old next month in May 2022 and I’m not dead!  The Greatest Gift I have to Give is the tell you all that not only am I NOT dead, I’m happy.  I’m free at last.  And I have a pretty exciting future that I can manifest.

My late husband was a monster and all he manifested was sickness and a journey through the Twenty Aerial Toll Houses in Hell!


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