Hay House Writing Prompt – What I want for my readers

The Hay House Writer’s Community Pathways have weekly homework to complete. I fell behind because I was working on the book and book promotion. I’m catching back up. I am doing the assignments for “Aspiring Author” and for the pathway called “Publishing Author”. The cohort I’m in has a June 5, 2022 deadline to submit a proposal. First prize is a $10,000 advance and a book contract. I really want to win.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Pathway #2 – Aspiring Author / Step 4 / Writing Prompt

What I want for my readers is to travel with the Notorious Doc through the Twenty Aerial Toll Houses and examine their own conscious as they hear first hand how the late Harry Leo Duran violated all of his oaths both professionally and spiritually.

I want the readers to take to heart the admonitions about sin and the effect it has on the soul of the sinner and on everyone who comes into contact with the sinner. The book includes passages from the Bible, the Quran, the Hadith, Hinduism, Buddhism, and literature about soul contracts. It forces the reader to travel backward in time to see a man with so much promise lie about almost everything that ever happened to him or about everything he ever did.

Some readers will want to learn what I discovered about the man they swore they knew. Others will want to be titillated by the discovery that a board certified physician with such impressive credentials could be such a despicable and depraved human being. Those that had sex with him may be shocked to learn that they were not special and that they meant nothing to him at all. Others will learn that he lied about his HIV status and that he was deliberately infecting as many men as possible.

Those who sold him designer clothes and shoes and expensive collectibles will be horrified to learn he was penniless and that he had no way to ever pay off his credit cards. Realtors who were eager to take him on tours of expensive homes will be horrified to learn that they were suckered. Realtors should always demand a pre-qualification letter before wasting their time but Harry had a way of bluffing everyone into thinking he was very wealthy.

I want my readers to be shocked, horrified, saddened, sickened, and perplexed. I want them to experience the abuse I endured and then to celebrate at the end with me as I piece my life back together, meet many of the late monster’s friends, sell off his possessions, get my piano that he destroyed repaired so I can play it again, and how I went from relative obscurity to helping set up a 501c3 non profit for the sculpture who Harry commissioned to do his portrait in scrap metal!

I want them to marvel at how I interviewed an oil painter from whom he purchased $9,100 worth of art. I want the readers to grasp that the monster left me a wealth of knowledge he had no intention of leaving me. And I want the reader to feel the power of the Divine that intervened when Harry was trying to get me to commit suicide upon his death and/or that he had planned on murdering me had he not succumbed to COVID. I was saved by a DIVINE COSMIC intervention. And I want the readers to have that point driven home into their hearts that there is a DIVINE force in this world and they need to connect to it. I did and I am alive and well and happy at last.


One thought on “Hay House Writing Prompt – What I want for my readers

  1.   BREATH, BREATH, BREATH the anger out, let go of the slavery & terrorism you were under get it all written down get the word out, let other people see, feel all of the emotion you went through, and let other people know they’re not alone! There is not one experience like yours everyone has a different experience from you but they can relate to yours. I’m not a big reader, I tend to jump around until I hit the preface, the font changed I did not like the change BUT it made me go back to the start and read it fully.  


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