The AUTHOR PHOTO – Does that Mountain Make Me Look Fat?

I NEVER let anyone take my photo. I used to be VERY VERY beautiful and VERY photogenic. Model level. Older folks gushed about how pretty I was yada yada but when you are too intense to be around, being pretty only makes it worse. Now that I’m well, SEASONED, and overweight, damn If don’t get guys, young, old, hot, not hot, women, old young, little kids, just want to get to know me.

So, I’ve decided to lose weight. A lot of weight. Regenerate and freak everyone out. I liked the old me.

I was fearless. I studied ballet, and I taught figure skating. I went horse back riding on Malcom Forbes’s estate! I had an inflatable boat and went rowing on the Cranford River – with my dad or alone. I went hiking alone. I drove all over Texas ALONE. Today, when this photo was taken, I was afraid to step over the railroad tie because the lumbar 5 operation damaged the signal for my leg to lift more than 3 inches.

BUT If I can heal people remotely, as I did today with my friend in Australia by doing a visualization and well, projecting myself to Australia for 3 minutes, then my the GODDESS, I’ll heal my spine and be awesome. So awesome, people will leave me alone in the supermarket!

4:32 a.m., Pacific Time, Monday, May 30, 2022 New Moon Spring Creek, Nevada

Problem was it was Memorial Day so the energy was all focused on remembering FALLEN HEROES. Not a good day to submit a book proposal about a dead fiend from hell!

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 2.3% Waxing Crescent Submitting Proposal to Hay House in the hopes of being awarded a $10,000 advance and a book contract.


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