A Librarian, Hermes, Caduceus, and the Rod of Asclepius: How Biomedicine was Corrupted

In video III about the Notorious Doc you will see a tattoo on the back of the infamous double boarded Vegas physician. If you did not get the JOKE I inserted, try watching the clip below. In the TV series “The Librarians” the running joke is how Flynn Carsen can get past the “programming” instilled in most people by saying “I AM THE LIBRARIAN”. Flynn discloses in “And the Curse of Cindy”, that he uses magic when uttering the words.

Panoply – a complete or impressive collection of things.

When I was working on my doctoral dissertation on the impact of non-Western medicine on biomedical model, everyone at the time (1993-1995) was confidant that allopathic medicine, aka MODERN medicine, was based on SOUND science and was the be all to end all.

Fast forward to 2022. Allegedly post pandemic. Allegedly post lock downs due to COVID-19, which many of us knew was a bioweapon when it was first announced on the news. Many of us didn’t buy the bat soup theory, although the Notorious Doc did. Many of us did not go around fearing pangolins, although the Notorious Doc used to call me up each day and make a gagging sound as he uttered the word “pangolin”. And many of us took the time to read what Pfizer had posted and then erased about how the “clinical trials” were conductedthe Notorious Doc did not UNTIL AFTER he got injected with one dose. He NEVER got the “recommended” second.

The story is unraveling and slowly, with a lot of prayers and luck, MAYBE the world will wake up. A good start is with this INCREDIBLE article that I NEVER thought I’d see in print!

Or this article!

The article by Greek physicians George Katsaras, MD, MSc, PhDc et al, is very impressive. It includes a description of Ningishzida, liaison between the ruler and Ishtar, Metrseger, a Theban cobra-goddess, Apollo and Hermes, Diktynna, the Minoan ‘‘Great Goddess’’, and the Hebrew tales of Lilith.

“The Caduceus gradually became the symbol of alchemy and pharmacy. This association dates back to the 2nd century CE or even earlier, from reports found in the Hermetica texts, mentioning the great influence that the planet Mercury (Hermes) has on Earth”.

Now let’s take a close look at Hermes. The most impressive statue of him is found in the Museo Chiaramonti inside the Vatican. The late Harry and I walked through this hall. A fabulous virtual tour is online but, as FATE would have it, panel 13 is just out of view. It jumps forward but you can’t inch along. There is a video but it also does not provide a full length view. Fortunately, I found this one on Facebook and there are links below to everything you ever wanted to know about Hermes.

Yes, Hermes stole cattle from Apollo but everything was smoothed out and they ended up exchanging “gifts” – Hermes gave Apollo a lyre and Apollo gave Hermes a herd of cattle to start a business.


Think about it though. Hermes, despite being Apollo’s half brother, is a god of COMMERCE and Trickery – please do NOT confuse him with Loki. In order to “practice” any of the fields of medicine – physician, nurse, pharmacist, dentist, radiologist, etc., you need MALPRACTICE insurance. And insurance policies include an arbitration and mediation clause.

Hermes escorts the dead to the underworld. In some of the medical journal articles, I found passages almost bragging about how doctors often are called on to “practice”  palliative care. How many hospice nurses have asked to give a dying patient morphine to ease pain knowing full well it hastens death (which now they’re saying isn’t true but it was used in many of the nursing homes I had the misfortune to have to spend a lot of time in, and with my late Aunt Dot and it works very rapidly).

Symbols have great power and are used throughout the world in magick. Has the use of the caduceus branded allopathic medicine and bound its practitioners to Hermes? I think so. Natural healers, at least the ones I’ve been able to meet or study shun symbols, advertising, and charging money. Music and sound therapists do charge but that’s a bit different. I will write about Apollo and HEALING in another post. For now think about just what is the HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY all about!




And one more hilarious Librarian characters from the movie THE MUMMY!


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