Benebell Wen – Tarot Blog Rivals most out there

Yesterday, July 25, 2022, I discovered Benebell Wen (more credentials than I can list but corporate attorney and occultist are not combinations one often sees, right?). Her blog is jaw dropping. Her videos are mind blowing and she uses expletives as freely as I do! A kindred spirit!

I thought Dusty White‘s research into tarot was outstanding and still do. I’m equally in awe of the work by Robert M. Place (Alchemical Tarot) but Benebell’s work – OMG, outlier in the world of geniuses. She self-published this amazing deck. Wish I had found her sooner.

The deck apparently sold out immediately. You can find a copy for $400 if you’re crazy enough not to wait for a second printing at Mercari. I suggest, assuming you’re interested in tarot, that you start here and read everything Benebell has written.

She’s prolific. And it’s worth every minute of your time. I’m going to be writing about decks but not like this. In fact, I’m going to have to figure out how I can compare my collection of divination tools so my posts do not pale in comparison. When you find someone who can write and present kick ass presentations, it raises the bar considerably. I once read a lot of doctoral dissertations just for the helluva it so when it was my turn, mine would be on par or better. Benebell’s blog is like that. A homework assignment to challenge the little grey cells!


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