House of Gucci – Salma and Lady Gaga – Fake Psychic, Tarot, and MURDER!

When Facebook ads for House of Gucci first aired, I kept staring at the clips going NO WAY! That’s LADY GAGA? I never got to see the movie in the theater but I did get to watch it yesterday on Amazon Prime and a VERY interesting documentary about the murder on Discovery Channel. The movie is a masterpiece of acting and filming. And it hit home because Tom Ford, THE TOM FORD, who the Notorious Doc was OBSESSED with was portrayed in the film. On January 15, 2022, the house Harry Leo Duran used as an office, near the marina in Spring Creek, was burglarized! Several pairs of his shoes were stolen. Amongst them was a pair of Tom Ford Warrick Grained Leather Sneakers valued at $990.00 along with Tom Ford sunglasses valued at $445.00. In order to fill-out the Loss Inventory for the AAA homeowners claim, I had to spend hours on Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton and other designer’s websites to match each item to catalog listings. The late Notorious Doc, oddly enough, never bought anything from Gucci, but I did have to look through their web listings just to make sure.

If you read my last post, “Tea and Tarot”, about how I got kicked out of Witch Shop, you’ll see embedded videos on fake psychics including a link to Hulu’s incredibly gruesome portrayal of tarot readers in “Shut Eye”. Benebel Wen’s blog post is a MUST read.

Wen writes:

Tarot works when you manage to connect the tarot reader’s personal Qi with the querent or seeker’s personal Qi with the universal Qi. Some kind of really cool trinity goes on and by something some people call synchronicity, certain cards from the tarot are drawn that will best answer the question at hand”.

What she writes further down, however, needs to be read and MEMORIZED! Underlining and italics are mine for EMPHASIS. This is one of the best descriptions of how a crackpot can do damage that I ever could have hoped to find by an expert or any other writer!

“There are also many irresponsible tarot readers who misuse the tarot and in turn, send you faulty information. If you rely on that faulty information, harm is bound to come your way. It really is like practicing medicine or law without the intense schooling, experience, and licensure that these fields require. What’s more, the vast majority of people seeking tarot readers are those who are in a vulnerable state of grief, loss, or confusion. Pairing such a person with a quack tarot reader is going to bring about a great deal of harm to that person. That, though, isn’t any more or less sinful than a quack doctor who is practicing medicine without a license, a scum-sucking lawyer, or an accountant who has a propensity to skim a little off the top.”

The movie introduces PINA on a small TV screen seducing viewers to call her. It’s a brilliant theatrical plot device but that’s not how the real  Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) met Giuseppina “Pina” Auriemma portrayed by Salma Hayek.

This is an under 30 second clip to get started. To avoid copyright infringement clips have to be less than 30 seconds. If you want to watch the segment in full click MGM’s promo.

Oddly enough, the octogenarian that I met in the Witch’s Shop told me she had earned money working on a psychic hotline. For a great article about psychic hotlines read

Moving on, here’s the next clip.

The clip has to be less than 30 seconds. The first edit was EXACTLY 30 seconds but it got partially blocked so I had to take it down and trim off 2 seconds. To watch the entire segment, go to the MGM YouTube channel. The reason for making this clip is to show the OUTSTANDING performance by Lady Gaga! Her facial expressions as she speaks on the phone are perfect. In the movie the character is 25 years old. The real story about how they met and the fact that both are out of prison and worth millions is infuriating.

Click on the article in Mail Online for an photo of the two when they were younger.

Even though both Patrizia and Pina spent time in prison, read this and see if justice was served!

What Is Pina Auriemma Net Worth In 2021? Family and Husband

And now for the next segment in the movie where Pina walks Patrizia through the tarot reading.

I froze the frame in the hopes of 1) identifying the deck – It looks like it’s the Marseilles and 2) figuring out the spread and the reading. I found discussion boards and searched images of the decks and then voilà!

And for an analysis of the spread,

Obversa, (Amber!) is a Quora Author with 2.8 million+ views, writer, journalist, social media manager, and moderator of several subreddits. @acagoldsmith on Twitter. In the film, Salma Hayek as Pina points to a specific card. It is the Obversa writes that

Card 1: The Star (The Present) – Pina identifies this as Maurizio Gucci, Patrizia’s “great love”. Also called “L’étoile” – literally “The Star” in French – this upright card indicates purity, austerity, devotion, and obedience, all qualities that Maurizio Gucci displays in his loyalty and innocent love to Patrizia. (“The attitude of the Star is reminiscent of devotion and obedience: we kneel in front of a temple, or in front of a prince or princess.”)

The Star also indicates a giving nature, as well as pure, sincere intentions, or “nakedness”. (“The generous individual becomes a restless spring, giving and receiving in a purified movement.

From a psychological perspective, we can say that the Star, while purifying the past, also purifies the future. She gave everything to the surrounding environment, and also for herself, without asking for a return…a mysterious part of ourselves that we can trust: our ‘lucky star’.”) It might also mean “Paradise” (“Paradiso”), an aspect that Patrizia writes in her journal on the day that she has Maurizio murdered.

It’s an interesting interpretation but it doesn’t fit very well. Maurizio ends up dumping Patrizia for an old flame. The fact that Patrizia wote Paradiso in her diary, for me, means she felt she was FINALLY free from the torment of seeing Maurizio in the tabloids with his mistress. Lady Gaga’s portrayal of a woman scorned is intense. In the interview with Patrizia in the documentary, you can sense this is not a woman that would tolerate infidelity and she didn’t!


If you watched the movie and the documentary, please comment below! And please click follow, thank you.

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