Runes, Ogham, and a New Friend

I must keep this short. For one thing, Dusty White’s Zoom class starts in a half hour, and two, I’m not ready yet to blog about runes and ogham staves. However, I read an AWESOME blog post this morning and if you love wordsmiths and runes, you will love this

I know not the name of the author. Whoever she is, and I think it’s a woman writer, she is a true wordsmith and a true scholar. My friend over at Neptune’s Dolphins is another outstanding writer and researcher and a font of knowledge and wisdom. She also posts great photos of squirrels.

My other favorite blogger and kindred spirit is the Miami Magus. His blog might be too dark for some. It’s okay. We haven’t all had experiences with the unseen and that’s a good thing.

Benebell Wen’s blog is a must read. It blows me out of the water, up into billowing dust devils that plague the dry desert and out to sea miles and miles away and over the cliff in the Pacific.

And then there are all of Dusty Whites’ websites and at least two of his YouTube channels!

If you JUST found me and don’t want to slog through my blog back through time, I often reference someone who called himself the Notorious Doc who I am loathe to say, I married. To figure out what might come across as BITTER, you can watch my HELL Channel series!

If you are faint of heart, skip the videos. They are fascinating cause I tried to make them fascinating but they are gruesome and disturbing just like my book.


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