The Search for a New Place to Call my Forever Home

Auggie and his sister Belbel and their best friend and mentor, Little Man, the aging orange tabby, Tiggy, the ever rambunctious and mischievous slate grey Vladimir Greystone,who loves to go for walkies when I can get him to hold still to hook a leash onto his cat harness, and the ever complaining and ravenous giant tabby, Higgston and I are in need of a new home.

We want a home where, when I open the garage door to try to get to the store, I don’t see this!

I will miss walking in the remote isolated cul de sac where we experienced the Great American Bunny Hop Hop Escape!

And I will miss the spectacular Ruby Dome glacier mountain.

Spring Creek often has sunrises and sunsets to rival Sedona or anywhere else on the earth, BUT there’s nothing for me to do here. I can’t hunt, nor fish, nor hike, and I want to be near water – lots of water!

At first, I did NOT want to EVER live in another HOA (Home Owners Association). I don’t use the facilities here except they do plow the roads. HOWEVER, I may have found paradise after all.

I found this video and fell in love – not with the driver, I have no idea what he might be like except he’s funny.

I found a perfect house on a half acre which is a bit too small but the trade off is I can take the dogs on the hiking trails on leashes once I get back into shape that is.

HOWEVER, I need to get my house on the market first and that’s going to be STRESSFUL – VERY VERY PTSD Flashback inducing, nightmare replaying next few weeks – with luck weeks and not months. Unless I can find a vacant lot and find a builder, I need to stay here until the house is under contract.

I know I won’t have enough time to learn how to fly a drone much less a FPV INDOOR one, but how cool would it be to do a video like this of my house ONCE assuming I could move out and show it empty!

Sigh, so I found a place I want to live and my friend, Brent, is going to get rid of all the carpet and lay vinyl tile, and with luck and using every manifestation tool and method, I hope to spend next winter in a one-story ranch on a large lot with colorful trees, and lakes within walking distance. Restaurants to explore within a two hour drive, and caves, and museums, and folk festivals and FUDGE SHOPS!


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