Ahneke (Anni) Greystone

In 2014 I saw a post about Lammas and thought, hum, I don’t know about this so I used Google and found a video by Ahneke (Anni) Greystone on her YouTube Channel, Mirth and Reverence. I was hooked! I felt like I had met this lady somewhere (We confirmed we never met. Anni lives in Delaware and never visited where I lived). I watched video after after and about a week after finding her channel she announced a COURSE!

The Greystone Path was AMAZING! Anni is the best teacher I ever had on any subject! Although Anni did not go to college her writing is far superior to most professional writers. She is better read than almost anyone I have ever met and that’s not hyperbole.

I, personally, never felt that the God and Goddess of the Wheel of the Year felt “right”. I’m much more drawn to Hinduism, Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhism but Anni brings it to life with her years as a priestess.

Anni’s YouTube videos on the Tarot are like a Ph.D. level course on each card. After finishing Dusty White’s lesson to “step into” each of the cards of the Minor Arcana, I started to read his section on the Major Arcana and remembered Anni’s lessons. OMG! I watched them when she first uploaded them but NOW, I am in even more in awe of the level of scholarship that went into these videos!

Start being amazed with the first video on the FOOL


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