The Yei Blanket – IMBUED or ????

Joshua P. Warren is famous for collecting haunted objects. He used to have an entire MUSEUM of haunted items.

Josh talks at length on his podcasts on I Heart Radio about “strange things”. His curiosity online shop has items that will blow your mind. Another site, I just found is:

I grew up with a mineral/crystal collection that I kept in an old book case with glass doors in my bedroom (where most girls would have had a dressing table). I used to have a rather large collection of dolls from around the world but I gave those away. I have been drawn to paintings or objects but never experienced anything like I did yesterday (July 11, 2021 in my own living room.

I had invited Ryan Stevens and Brent Churchfield to have a plate of homemade meatballs and pasta for a noon meal and to share stories about haunted Elko County. Brent really didn’t know any stories but Ryan did. After lunch I wanted Brent (who has been helping me clean fleece) to take a look at the Yei blanket Ryan sold me.

I wanted to test my working theory that it is a healing blanket so I had Ryan stand up and I wrapped it around him. He became emotional but he didn’t FEEL anything. We wrapped it around his dog, Little Man who just smiled.

I then had Brent stand up because he suffers, like I do, from kidney stones. He’s very tall. When you’re only 5’1″ anyone at 6 feet looks REALLY tall but he is REALLY tall so I had to lift the blanket up to drape it on him.

He didn’t scream. That would be an exaggeration. He didn’t scream GET IT OFF ME – but he yelled out that it was giving off TOO MUCH Heat and and I had to take it off him pretty much in less than 30 seconds.

I then draped it around myself. I felt like I was not getting a massage per se, but a penetrating sensation on my back. I had been suffering from one of those bouts of annoying stabbing on the right flank and the blanket at first gave a brief momentary relief. But only briefly when the stabbing intensified BUT it was the surge of kundalini that shocked me.

My hair was standing on end. My hair and scalp felt electrified. I took it off. Brent told me to be really careful with that. He didn’t hiss at it like a cat but he was spooked.

After they left, I draped it on again to see if I could treat the stone. I actually felt like I was wrapped in a warm and fuzzy baby blanket on a cold day with it snowing outside. MIND you, we here in Spring Creek, Nevada are having a heat wave and it was BRUTALLY hot out last night. And yet, I felt this lovely warmth and the sensation of sitting in the snow or that it was snowing. I did not get hot. It was ADDICTIVE. In my mind there was a kind of purr or humming.

Martha acquired the blanket well before 1984 but WHERE and HOW did a strict Lutheran who Ryan describes as a Calvinist, acquire this? IT sat in a cedar chest for years.

HOW is this possible? Brent admitted that he felt FINE after I got it off him and that it might have helped.

Has anyone ever heard of a Navajo ceremonial blanket STILL having healing energy imbued into after decades of being stored it OR



Are the Yei depicted on the blanket REAL YEI and not the loom weaver’s artist depiction of the yeI? Is this what the Tibetans call an empowered relic?


2 thoughts on “The Yei Blanket – IMBUED or ????

  1. I think it is the creator of the blanket that has imbued it with whatever healing energies you are feeling. I don’t think the images are the source, rather just a focal point for the blanket weaver


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