Ghost Hunting in One’s Own Living Room

The past couple of days have been – let’s say – a bit out of the ordinary. Ryan downloaded ghost detecting software on his Samsung Galaxy phone and using bluetooth speakers set up a sting to find out who is haunting us. Several, it seems. They talked over one another. The app displays words as well. The sardonic evil laugh at what I screamed out, really pissed me off.

So, this morning I downloaded onto the fiend from hell’s IPHONE X, cause mine IPHONE is quite old now, a program called “Ghost Hunting”. The ads are infuriating and I had to give up but I did capture this interesting word salad from “something”. I could not get a single yes/no response.

The first word that appeared we had heard yesterday and the day before “church”. I asked if the entity or spirit was my late Aunt Dorothy May Smith who lived here and who put the down payment down hoping she’d not need the nursing home. She did. The assistant living facility lied about how bad her Alzheimer’s had progressed. She sun downed. She was violent. It was a nightmare. When she fell out of bed and I couldn’t lift her back up, I had no choice but to place her in a home. And they had a terrible time with her. She died up in Twin Falls, Idaho in a home there AFTER attending chapel services in December 2010.

2/22/2022 – 9:12 AM: CHURCH (.45) 

The next question was is this Aunt Dot? I was peeved to see the standard prank call – heavy breathing crap of “Guess” but then it said “friend” followed by Reveal.

2/22/2022 – 9:13 AM: GUESS (.49) 

2/22/2022 – 9:13 AM: FRIEND (.59) 

2/22/2022 – 9:14 AM: REVEAL (.48) 

I have no idea why I would ask Adam anything. I mean Adam is the first human’s name right? Other than

HOLY SHIT! Sorry, this just hit me like a laser!

Adam was the name of the guy who brought his girlfriend’s brother to the house when Bekins Moving Company arrived with the van in July 2009. Charlie, OMG, Charlie or was his name Frank – I didn’t keep the obituary – fell over backwards on the moving van in front of my house. I did CPR on him but the sheriff told me he was already dead. The EMT had me remove the poor man’s necklace and to assist in trying to revive him. OMG. I called the library – they don’t have copies of the paper for 2009. The librarian recommended I search for deaths in Spring Creek/Elko, Nevada for July 2009. I didn’t know you could do that. But nevertheless, ASK ADAM is creepy

2/22/2022 – 9:14 AM: ASK ADAM (.52) 

2/22/2022 – 9:15 AM: CROSSOVER (.63) 

2/22/2022 – 9:15 AM: SEE (.47) 

FRESH – is a word my late aunt used a lot. Might be significant or it might not be.

2/22/2022 – 9:16 AM: FRESH (.48) 

2/22/2022 – 9:18 AM: DAY (.49) , 2/22/2022 – 9:19 AM: CHARLIE (.56), 2/22/2022 – 9:22 AM: IAN (.5), 2/22/2022 – 9:24 AM: UPHOLD (.53), 2/22/2022 – 9:27 AM: RAIN (.46), 2/22/2022 – 9:27 AM: HAPPY (.48), 2/22/2022 – 9:27 AM: LAYLA (.67), 2/22/2022 – 9:28 AM: INTEREST (.48), 2/22/2022 – 9:30 AM: CORNER (.49), 2/22/2022 – 9:31 AM: I AM NOT (.69), 2/22/2022 – 9:32 AM: HUNTING (.45) , 2/22/2022 – 9:34 AM: DEAD (.46), 2/22/2022 – 9:34 AM: SET (.47), 2/22/2022 – 9:37 AM: SO WEAK (.48), 2/22/2022 – 9:38 AM: VIOLENCE (.5), 2/22/2022 – 9:42 AM: SOME (.45), 2/22/2022 – 9:43 AM: WITHIN (.61), 2/22/2022 – 9:43 AM: WOUND (.49), 2/22/2022 – 9:43 AM: GABRIEL (.5), 2/22/2022 – 9:43 AM: WRITTEN (.47), 2/22/2022 – 9:44 AM: DRAWING (.48), 2/22/2022 – 9:47 AM: HELL (.51) , 2/22/2022 – 9:48 AM: LOGAN (.49), 2/22/2022 – 9:48 AM: FASTER (.47), 2/22/2022 – 9:50 AM: UNDER BOOK (.47), 2/22/2022 – 9:51 AM: EDGE (.48), 2/22/2022 – 9:51 AM: MARCH (.53)

I decided at this point, that the app was just randomingly generating words from its built in dictionary and gave up. Ryan was busy in his wing of the house at lunch so I tried again while trying to get the logs in the Blaze King wood burning stove to burn. The dogs were all excited and fussing while I sat on the couch. The minute Auggie tried to get in my lap (He’s 65 pounds – not gonna happen) the word PET appeared. the rest sounds like gibberish.

2/22/2022 – 11:32 AM: OTHER (.45)

2/22/2022 – 11:33 AM: PET (.5)

“Pet” was a direct hit but then the rest is word salad. I don’t know anyone named Sebastian.

2/22/2022 – 11:35 AM: SEEK (.47), 2/22/2022 – 11:36 AM: PROVIDER (.56), 2/22/2022 – 11:37 AM: SEBASTIAN (.53), 2/22/2022 – 11:57 AM: TRAVEL (.48), 2/22/2022 – 11:58 AM: ROCK (.46)

Ryan went out and I did chores and then after I had dinner, I tried again. Nothing worthwhile.

2/22/2022 – 6:42 PM: FOLLOW (.5), 2/22/2022 – 6:43 PM: SHINING (.52), 2/22/2022 – 6:43 PM: MEMORY (.52)

2/22/2022 – 6:44 PM: DIFFICULT (.58)

When I saw the word DIFFICULT I had a thought. A faint thought. The kind of thought that gets cartoon characters into trouble. Why not go into the locked room my late aunt used as a bedroom, that is now filled with fleece in bins, and Harry’s “stuff” we had to put somewhere – aka thangkas, the Chinese rug with a skeleton that he found was rescued from the Red Guard and another with a woven image of a tiger skin on it, Tibetan ritual implements, a buffalo ax, his human skulls he bought to study brain surgery that he then ended up using in Santeria, you know “stuff” and it’s where I keep the Yei Ceremonial blanket


I got into the room and said, well, you all now have a chance to talk. Brent said you chatter all the time. With that the word FREAK appeared. If you read about the Yei blanket, you read how Brent came barreling down the hall trying to brush the fae off him. They only stopped once he got to the Senufo. Mmmm.

Now I’m not going to embarrass my friend, but, he has a brother, whose name is spelled differently, but it’s close enough, and I have no idea what RIPPING APART references UNLESS, and this is a stretch, they wanted to talk about BelBel ripping apart her pet bed later that day.

2/22/2022 – 6:46 PM: FREAK (.46)

2/22/2022 – 6:47 PM: SEAN (.72)

2/22/2022 – 6:47 PM: BROTHER (.52)

2/22/2022 – 6:48 PM: RIPPING APART (.46)

I’m going to be experimenting with these apps. Total investment so far is about $24 US – a waste but I have to figure out if it’s worth the investment into some heavy duty ghost hunting devices – not apps.

I also figured out that Brave was the reason why I couldn’t find the pop up for the color wheel in WordPress so I’m back to using Chrome.


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