Joshua P. Warren’s Miraculous Prayer Board, a Gentleman from North Carolina, and an Insurance Check from AAA for a Totaled Mustang GT

A lovely gentleman from North Carolina named Keith reached out to me via Facebook messenger after reading my account about how I used Joshua P. Warren’s Wishing Machine last July 2020 to rid my cul de sac of the neighbors from the PIT OF HELL. Josh read my email on his podcast!

Keith wanted to ask me about all of the MANIFESTATION devices that I had saved up for and over time purchased from Josh’s Curiosity Shop.

I basically have been using the prayer board to give thanks and now and then to ask for blessings. I have NOT used it as directed. If you heard my excuse, you’d think I was nuts. Oh, hell you all think I’m nuts so here goes.

I placed the board and other items on a table in a room that had been my late aunt’s bedroom when I cared for her the last year of her life before having to be placed in an Alzheimer’s locked down unit. Trust me, she did some strange things in that room. I had the hospital bed and her dressers and effects removed and donated. Then I tried to set the room up as a meditation room while the master suite (OH dear we can’t use that word anymore – THE PRIMARY BEDROOM suite) was dedicated to taking care of the late Martin Clifton who suffered from several co-morbidities that would have done in him during the COVID 19 pandemic.

That room is now set up or was until Ryan and Little Man needed a place to stay as a mini shrine/temple and place to exercise – not that I used it because the cats confiscated the Feldenkrais massage table I was using to try to do yoga. BUT let’s get back to the Miraculous Prayer Board.

Keith wanted to know all about each item and how I used each and a host of other questions. He was super animated but, if you know me, I get in someone’s head invited or not and I had to stop him and made him do a visualization as I got a HUGE download of emotion. I’ve just texted him to see what happened after we hung up but he’s in a meeting.

So now, about the jet black 2017 Mustang GT muscle car my husband bought brand new. I hated it but he had fallen in love with Mustangs (not the ponies – I love those) after renting one on a business trip.

MINT condition. He kept it pristine – guy thing. My 2007 Ford F-150 has been trashed by dogs, trips to the dump, long trips to hospitals with someone vomiting in the front seat more often than not. But that car was gorgeous until – until Monday. Yup, the Board Certified Addiction Specialist who spent over 2 years detoxing serial killers and rapists and gang bangers and drug dealers got slammed into by a guy with an expired ID from


The address to the Las Vegas Correctional Center

AND he was driving so fast his air bag went off as his Honda Accord pushed the Mustang’s trunk up like a loaf of bread that’s been smashed at the bottom of a grocery bag. The Mustang then lurched forward and got pushed into a Lexus that sustained some damage as it lurched forward into an SUV on the corner of Rainbow and Flamingo in front of a law office with a host of witnesses!

BUT the fun part is the driver of the Hondo reached in and grabbed a backpack, yelled “FUCK YOU” at my husband who was screaming and took off. There was obvious signs of drug use on the front seat so I think the guy was on the way to do a drug deal. He came back as the police arrived about 40 minutes after the accident.

AH DEFUND THE POLICE – try calling Dispatch from out of the area

Press 1 if you’re suicidal!

Press 2 if you’re experiencing domestic violence

Press 3 if you want to murder the fiend from hell that invented automated phone systems – I actually shared a college office with the bitch in New Jersey back in 1979 that helped invent it so let me tell you BITCH is putting it mildly

I freaked out for a multitude of reasons – did he get a concussion, is the car totaled, how much do we owe on the lien, what is the book value of the vehicle, will the felon’s insurance company chisel on the value?

In a dead panic after seeing that the Kelly Book value was only about $5,000 more than then lien, I went into the room with bins of Alpaca and Llama and Merino fleece, and all the crystals and magical items and

POURED MY GUTS OUT to the Miraculous Prayer Board placing my fingers on it the way Josh depicts in his video and PLEADED with Sri Ganesha and Lord Kuber for at least enough money so my husband could get something to get himself to work at the clinic that just re-opened after getting evicted for helping the


WTF is it with trying to help the homeless that seems to trigger a KARMIC APOCALYPSE?

I got up this morning thinking I needed to sell everything I had downsize when my husband called

MIND YOU I only used the Miraculous Prayer Board not long after chatting with Keith from North Carolina on Wednesday at 4:42 p.m. (that’s when we hung up) I think I used the board later that day.

Instead of getting crappy check for $5,000 or less, we got a wire transfer for $17,526.59!!!!!!!!!! and Ford got paid off.

Turns out my husband’s car was worth a lot more than the initial loan and the insurance appraiser, I think, gave us a very generous settlement.

So, does the board work? YES if you focus. REALLY focus. I’ve used it multiple times just not as often as I could.

Oh, you’re wondering why, right?

The room is FULL OF FAE – sometimes they want to be left alone so I set an intention and get out. With Brent’s permission, I need to write about how they chased him out of he room and down the hall back into the living room the day Brian, Brent, and David all tried on the Yei blanket. Oh that was fun. Brushing off unseen beings screaming like a tomb raider covered in spiders or worse with the three of us already spooked as it was watching him shaking them off.

BUT if I’m agitated enough or desperate enough or I’ve saged myself enough or have the time to go in and talk to the unseen to ask permission if I can sit down in MY OWN HOUSE mind you, then yes, it works.

KEITH? Does that clarify the barrage of verbage from Wednesday? And thankfully, now my husband wants to go back to driving a truck and a pre-owned one as we now know first hand NEVER BUY A NEW CAR!

Please comment. It’s okay if it’s not all complimentary. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

PS Travis, you and Keith might want to introduce yourselves. You might not live that far apart. Josh seems to be one of those connectors on a switchboard at the moment and I’m an operator. Feel free to use the comment section to give me permission to share your phone numbers or email.

PS Found a few typos after I hit Publish and I thought you needed photos.


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