Sound Medicine, Tesla, and 111 hz

Nikola Tesla never ceases to amaze me! As you all recall, Yasmin Boland introduced us to Kulreet Chaudhary, MD who lives at the same ashram in India that Yasmin visits. Dr. Chaudhary’s book, Sound Medicine, was not yet out and as soon as it was published I ordered it.

What you all don’t know is that back in 1969 I saw an exhibit of musical instruments from around the world and I bought the book by Laura Boulton.

I am proud to say my copy has held up okay. The edges of the paper have yellowed but the pages themselves are in good condition and the cover is fine. It was one of my prized items. I imprinted on Laura Boulton and wanted to be an ethnomusicologist from the moment I read the first page. I spent years collecting instruments and folk music. I was even a guest on a children’s TV show back in the late 70s! I still have a studio recording of three of the guest appearances. But as my friend, Brent would say ” STOP WITH THE STORIES ABOUT YOUR LIFE! GET TO THE POINT”.

I did NOT know that Tesla was good friends with Samuel Clemens (aka MARK TWAIN!)

I also had NO clue that Tesla used SOUND to heal none other than MARK TWAIN! Seriously, this should have been in the history books. I grew up near Edison, New Jersey and even visited the Edison labs on a school trip in 1965! And my grandfather was friends with a guy who has worked with Edison who DESPISED the man. Used to lock his employees in the lab until THEY, not he, invented something.

Tesla, on the other hand, appears to have been a really nice guy. Weird. Possibly, an extreme INDIGO (star seed) or as some speculate a NON-HUMAN!

I wish Research Gate had existed when I was working on my doctoral dissertation. It’s fantastic! I just download this entire paper for free.

“Speaking of good and useful electricity, Tesla used to say that one should protect himself from bad electricity, the so-called “evil spirit” [9]. Giving an interview to an amazed journalist of the “Sun” magazine he said: ’One of the beneficial effects of water is that it mechanically washes away the electricity from the skin. If you put some clay on the bottom of the bathtub, it will absorb all the harmful electricity from your body. Grounding is placing one’s bare feet on the ground, grass, or sand, especially when it is humid or wet. Rinse your hands and/or feet under running water to remove any static electricity. Spending time by the water, like lakes, rivers, fountains, waterworks or streams, will fill you with natural electricity that will successfully fight the damaging one’’ [9]. (p. 396)

WOW! I just HAD this conversation with “Ryan” about three weeks ago and we talked about creeks last night. Elko has hot springs. In the late 1800s and early 1900s we even had SPAS but no more. When you live in a barren desert, water is super precious. Las Vegas is just figuring out how precious as the water in Lake Mead keeps dropping.

Nikola Tesla and Vibrational Medicine

Nikola Tesla also examined the effects of mechanical vibration on the human body [3]. It is known that he made a ‘’vibrator’’ for treating painful leg muscle spasms [2–4]. <I use a TENS unit that also has settings for EMS (electric muscle stimulaton> Here is how Tesla later recalled his work in this field of research: “Electrical oscillations of an extremely high rate act in an extraordinary manner upon the human organism. Thus, for instance, I demonstrated that powerful electrical discharges of several hundred thousand volts, which at that time were considered absolutely deadly, could be passed through the body without inconvenience or hurtful consequences. These oscillations produced other specific physiological effects, which, upon my announcement, were eagerly taken up by skilled physicians and further investigated. This new field has proved itself fruitful beyond expectation, and in the few years which have passed since, it has been developed to such an extent that it now forms a legitimate and important department of medical science [18]. On February 6, 1894, Tesla patented his mechanical oscillator called Means for generating electric currents [7].

Tesla left a record about how he accidentally came to the discovery of mechanical treatment while using the mechanical oscillator: “I had installed at the laboratory one of my mechanical oscillators with the object of using it in the exact determination of various physical constants. The machine was bolted in vertical position to a platform supported on elastic cushions and, one day, as I was making some observations, I stepped on the platform and the vibrations imparted to it by the machine were transmitted to my body. The sensation experienced was as strange as agreeable, and I asked my assistants to try. They did so and were mystified and pleased like myself. But a few minutes later some of us, who had stayed longer on the platform, felt an unspeakable and pressing necessity which had to be promptly satisfied, and then the stupendous truth dawned upon me”. It was a discovery of laxative effects of mechanical oscillators, or technical therapy in a broader sense, about which Tesla said: “When I began to practice with my assistants mechanical therapy we used to finish our meals quickly and rush back to the laboratory. We suffered from dyspepsia and various stomach troubles, biliousness, constipation, flatulence and other disturbances, all natural results of such irregular habit. But only after a week of application, during which I improved the technique and my assistants learned how to take the treatment to their best advantage, all these forms of sickness disappeared as by enchantment and for nearly four years, while the machine was in use, we were all in excellent health” [12, 26, 27]. 

Apart from his assistants, Tesla gladly offered his visitors the opportunity to try out the mechanical treatment [12]. One of them was the famous writer and Tesla’s friend, Mark Twain [12, 14]. Tesla described it like this: “He came to the laboratory in the worst shape suffering from a variety of distressing and dangerous ailments but in less than two months he regained his old vigor and ability of enjoying life to the fullest extent” [12, 26].


More often than not, when I work on someone, I’ll tell them that they will a) vomit in x number of minutes or b) have a blasting emissions in x number of minutes.

OH NO NO I’m fine.


Seriously, I don’t have to . . .


It’s one reason why I live alone. Your pain (emotional or physical or caused by “karma”) will GO away but you will probably think, do I really want to talk to Auggie’s mom when I’m not near a toilet?

To end on a happy note, I found this:

I found it by following up on the original article about Tesla that included a fascinating piece:

Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni

Debertoilis and Coimbra write “Certain kinds of sounds seem to have a large influence on the emotional processing of individuals. For example, hearing traditional mantras, or a non-semantic sound used in meditation has an effective influence on human brain activity, which has been shown in scientific publications (Xu et al, 2014). During the last experiments in the Hypogeum, the sound of a horn played in the Oracle Room was felt crossing the body of one of us (F. Coimbra) at high speed, leaving a sensation of relaxation, while standing in front of the prehistoric paintings in room 20. After some minutes, that instrument was played again and the result was similar but even more relaxing, accompanied by the illusion that the sound was reflected from the author’s body to the walls.

Please note that I choose to take screen shots from PRIMARY sources after stumbling upon a blog or news article that, 9 times out of 10 fails to provide a full citation to the original source. That is why as a retired, librarian, I insist on finding the originals so readers can do their own research.

I’ll end with this really incredible PRIMAL Danish/Scandinavian/Norse Viking music by Danheim. If this doesn’t stir your blood cells, you’re probably dead. I prefer the first 12 minutes and not so much the rest of it. If this music doesn’t trigger a primal memory, may I suggest remixes?

I created this Playlist to get myself motivated to use SOUND and movement therapy (dance, rocking back and forth when I broke my big toe) to treat osteoarthritis. It works for me, try it! Just don’t throw your back out trying to pretend you’re at a RAVE!


One thought on “Sound Medicine, Tesla, and 111 hz

  1. Ha ha. so there really is a “sound” that will produce a primal necessity!( Ref: South Park )
    Most sounds irritate the hell out of me and make me insane but when a BIG singing bowl is used, I start to cry.
    Also, I don’t think that carved out hypogeum was made for specific vibrations. probably just good acoustics. I have seen that on Ancient Aliens a couple of times. not impressed.


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