A Suicide, A Yaqui Medicine Woman’s Sister, a former Sorcerer, and BIGFOOT

I am now convinced that I stepped into the Twilight Zone and the past two weeks are God’s way of trying to drive me insane. In fact, Word Press is also malfunctioning. The color drop down box has vanished! So forgive me, if the font color isn’t consistent. (CORRECTED 2022-10-31)

To start the Pet Sitter from Home on the Range, LLC QUIT claiming my house is haunted. They charged extra. I kid you not. I’m going to file a police report once I get some sleep. (I contacted our sheriff in January 2022, to ask if he would mediate a refund. He shrugged it all off claiming the pet sitter was cray cray and he never got back to me.)

So, it all started with my late deranged psychotic perverted BOAR of a husband committing suicide in Vegas by overdosing on his Nebulizer medications (Albuterol and Ipratropium (Duo Neb). He told everyone he had COVID. I found out he was HIV Positive (Contracted it abruptly after taking off my grandfather’s wedding ring that I gave him TWICE – first with the Justice of the Peace and second in the Society of St. Pius X chapel in El Paso. It was also blessed twice in the Antiochian Eastern Orthodox Church In Twin Falls and in Salt Lake City.

Didn’t matter, it was found buried in a box with some junk.

Being a medical intuitive is a PAIN IN THE – better not use the word. I saw DOZENS of close ups of those on his phone. Guessed his password I did. Unlocked several Apple devices we did.

But the suicide, the horror of finding out that your husband was a PERVERT is one thing.

Arriving at the a motel near the Mandalay Bay shortly after the anniversary of the mass shooting and having the sister of a Yaqui Medicine Woman come racing up to me because she could SEE ME and just had to talk to me and get me to meet her sister was mind boggling.

OH and she confirmed that the ALL WHITE Yei with the TWO TALKNG GODS IS a sacred object – more on that next time.

The fact that the apartment where he died was haunted and our phones kept malfunctioning, computers in hotels and at the Home Depot trying to rent a truck malfunctioned, gates opening with no one around – OH POSH – just hauntings. Nothing to worry about.

BUT when I exploded in a fit of temper and screamed out that my husband had been a sorcerer and was messing with the Home Depot computer, the looks on masked faces was shocking. NO EXPRESSION.

So I bitched again and the guy who couldn’t get the computer to save his life said -Oh yes, I was a sorcerer myself 40 years ago and yes, he’s messing with us. GREAT. Just GREAT.

But who cares. Packed up some exotic art, designer clothes, gaged on the stench, yada yada.

So then the GPS malfunctioned. Ended up going west instead of east, south instead of north.

Saw a white car with Nevada vanity plates that read KALKI.

Don’t know who KALKI is. Shame on all of you.

I had seen this car in Salt Lake City when I was taking the late Mart to the hospital on one of dozens of trips but I was driving and the phone was in my purse. This time I saw it at the stop light and my purse was on the seat so I got a picture. Oddly enough the late creep I was married to had seen it in Vegas back in 2017 also. MMMM. DATES DATES DATES

KALCHAKRA – TIME the WHEEL OF TIME – some of you might know what I’m rambling on about.

If you’ve been paying attention, Brian is a HUGE Bigfoot fan. So I am. Alas, he’s wanted to even go on one of those expensive hunts. I’m not up to that kind of hiking. So Bigfoot came to us.


Having been sent the wrong way by the GPS system it was now pitch black out and we were BLOODY exhausted to quote the British.

Phone call on a the road going north through the forest. Can’t drive another minute you memorized the road, find a pull over.

So into the Pahranagat NATIONAL Wildlife Refuge I go, and the second I saw a spot large enough for a 16 foot moving van and my truck, I pulled in. Catch a couple of hours of sleep, right?

Brian gets out, didn’t tell me until two days later that he thought he had stepped in putrid dog poop. Nothing on his shoe. (checked with the with the high powered flashlight I age him for his birthday in September) Nothing on the ground. DEAD panic ran for his life in front of both trucks and dove into mine and screamed LOCK THE DOORS!

Trying not to freak out myself, I didn’t smell anything odd, I pushed lock. Assuming that we needed to pretend I had no idea why Brian was terrified, I said, “Do you think the murderer of those Lesbians in Moab is out there?” No, but there are hunters as he smiled trying to get me to shut up and go to sleep.

Well the passenger seat was too uncomfortable so racing again for his life, he dove into the truck with the furniture and pulled the sliding door tight shut.

And that’s when my ordeal began. Little Man would NOT settle down. So I took him for a walk. Barely could see. NO MOON despite the fact that should have been a moon. NO SOUNDS NOTHING DEAD quiet.

Dog was acting weird. Got in truck.. Won’t settle down. I’m freezing so I get out again and find filthy placemat size YEI Navajo rugs that used to hang on the PERVERT’s bedroom wall as a kid and tried to sleep. I had put them in a tote to separate them from all the thousands of items in the apartment because, well, the YEI are sacred. Never thought I needed them to keep me sort of warm.

DOG is fussing, lying on top of me. Swatting me. Panting. MMMM has to poop? Walk again and again.

NOPE. So I get out with my keys – left my glasses just in case, and had to empty my bladder in front of my truck. I haven’t peed on the ground since 2001. Very successful. I was VERY PROUD of myself at 1:47 a.m.

Got back in the truck and Little Man curled up and fell instantly asleep. His soft snoring put me out as well. Had to pee at 3 a.m. I also get awakened at 3 but this time I managed to pee and then trying to finish up the task stumbled backwards and fell flat on my back with my pants – well they were not up that’s for sure.

I had a Lumbar 5 operation in 1999 and it’s degrading a bit so I can’t get up if I’m on the ground.

FREEZING out at this point and I’m staring up at all the stars this time praying that Brian DOES NOT wake up. Got my pants in place, rolled over successfully, found my keys – never leave keys in a vehicle with an animal – they often lock you out. And then I tried to get up. FINALLY did get up and it was a very ungraceful operation and my legs felt like jello.

Got back in the truck and fell asleep. We woke at 4:30 am I think.

But I have to back up. About a half hour after Brian had gotten into the cargo hold of the truck, I heard a crashing through the woods. I figured at first that he had fallen inside the truck but it sounded like breaking branches.

NO it was not a cow. I’ve lived on open range land long enough and it was NOT a cow. Too far from any ranches anyway. NOT a deer. I live with deer in my yard. You can’t hear them. NOT an Elk. Some idiot suggested a MOOSE – do people not know ANYTHING about geography?

And not a bear. A bear would not make that sound.

Bigfoot stinks. Worse than a bear and if you’ve ever smelled a bear near a rest area toilet, you’ll know what I mean.

And Bigfoot is telepathic. For hours I felt HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI. Hi as in hello

Did you know that if you pee in the woods, predators can do a diagnostic analysis? Diabetes, diet, age, gender, and a host of things we can’t do in a lab.

When I realized the time when I posted about what was going on on my Facebook page, Little Man quieted down after I SUCCESSFULLY peed on the ground.

In my mind’s eye I saw a 5 foot tall male juvenile and it had been tracking us for a long tme.

Brian who wanted to pay to see a Bigfoot SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING.

And I didn’t get any sleep at all!

We compared notes in the middle of nowhere on the shoulder of the road in the middle of nowhere so Little Man could relieve himself. That’s when we were honest with each other. BIGFOOT on a trip to empty out the apartment of a deranged narcissist.

Oh, and the lady who was friends with the deranged narcissist’s live in boyfriend who I had never met and didn’t know existed, is the granddaughter of a curandera – who helped – the deceased Abuelita find Brian’s glasses when he laid them down and someone packed them.

But HER story is going to take a long time to write and I’m exhausted.

Monday, October 31, 2022 Halloween

I first published this post on November 19, 2021. (The Wayback Machine took a screenshot of it! How cool is that? The minute I started to update the post, I lost the original timestamp.)

Back then I had not yet joined the Hay House Writer’s Community and I had not yet started my Tell All Book about the Notorious Doc.

Other authors and curious folk in general asked me HOW I came up with the title Never Die With Your Pants Around Your Ankles: The Death of Vegas’s Notorious Doc: A Prescription for Hell. Scroll back up. It came to me while lying on my back after a night being haunted by a juvenile Bigfoot who seemed to just want to say Hi!

Please leave comments, subscribe, follow me on YouTube and TikTok! The book is now in a queue to be edited by Mary Turner Thomson, the international best selling author of two books about her psychopathic husband and the founder of Book Whisperers.


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