NOooooo! My COUSIN Lives with a WHAT??????

I have not seen my dad’s sister’s daughter – my ONLY blood relative on the planet other than 6th cousins 10 times removed since 1980. She is the NICEST most devout Christian that ever lived. She is incapable of uttering a negative thing about anyone. I don’t think she even uses expletives (bad words).

Well, desperate to talk to her as we were trapped in Ely, Nevada from motion sickness after driving through the desert eating nothing but fast food for days, I called the landline and out of the blue, Kevin, her live in boyfriend answered. Now I always thought that it was odd that my devout cousin would have a live in boyfriend – one she acquired after a divorce many years ago because living in sin seemed out of character but it’s the 21st century and our grandparents died decades ago.

But what had me floored into the hotel carpeting was the bombshell Kevin dropped from a B-1 bomber into my room. Oh, yes, Ginny said that you IDENTIFY as a witch. That was hilarious until he said, you know I’m a witch. WHAT? Oh, yes, and I have an altar. WHAT?

When I was little, I wanted to be just like my cousin. She had won a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Uruguay. She was brilliant. She went on to get a masters, teach Spanish as a professor at a couple of colleges and she got an MBA. My role model. Just perfect. Gracious. Well traveled. Soft spoken. Kind. Kind hearted. And she lives with a WHAT?

An hour later, I hung up to go see what the hotel breakfast buffet offered. Cheese omelet with pork sausages and a cinnamon bun later, I tried to process the shock. To my knowledge Ginny hasn’t inherited the psychic ability my dad had. But then again, what do I know. She never once, ever, unless I truly am incapable of listening to someone, said that her housemate had an altar or an intense 70 year long interest in the occult. NEVER! I swear that would have struck a nerve.

But the day had not ended. We got home. And I got to talk to Jo Jo Jilbert and his investor friend that I met at the two acre studio property in Vegas. WHAT a phone call that was.

More on the revelation that I have a real DJ to help me sell the $10,000 professional turntable and DJ control panel, a real stock trader who was not surprised that I was invited by Jim Rogers to be his guest on his show about emerging markets back in 1993, and a chat with the man who sold Harry most of his designer clothes at Stitched – oh yeah the fiend from hell only bought designer clothes! My next task is to follow up with the Lego artist and the oil painters. THANK GOD I ran with the artsy fartsy crowd back in the day.

PS Damn WordPress still hasn’t fixed the color wheel. Thank God I used to create websites using HTML code from scratch but seriously, why?


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