A Haunted Bedroom Set, Garage Doors that open and close on their own, And the Sound of Footsteps and Doors Slamming

At first Ryan wondered how in the world I could be such a lousy housemate stomping around the house and slamming the fridge door all night long.  Simultaneously, on my side of the house, I was wondering the same thing fearing that Ryan was an insomniac that just raided the kitchen all night long.  We both witnessed that we were both extremely considerate of each other.  Ryan was impressed that I was so quiet so he couldn’t understand the slamming at night.

Because neither of us wanted to insult the other we just kept quiet until one day when we both blurted out at the exact same time – so YOU’RE not the one slamming the fridge.  We both apologized profusely for thinking ill of the other and then we set to work trying to catch the ghost or poltergeist in the act.

On Ryan’s side of the house the sounds were rather terrifying.  The master suite is like a mini apartment with a door that opens into a hallway with a door to the left that opens to steps down to a room off the garage.  That room is 26 feet long and has a door to the garage itself.  The garage is super large with two automatic doors, a door to the side of the house and one to the patio.  There is a trap door to a crawl space attic with thick, thick, extra thick insulation.

The suite has one wall with giant closets with folding doors.  There is a large window that faces the mountain with a large tree shading that side of the house.  The views are spectacular.

So, we are both at a loss as to how to scientifically explain the large banging sounds that were coming from the closet with the door closed, the sound of the door at the top of the steps opening and footsteps stomping the length of the room and the next door opening and closing.  How can we explain the sound of the door knobs jiggling after we locked everything and threw the deadbolts.  How do we explain the sound of something crawling in the attic space which sounds like it was in one side of the attic and within a second on the other side of the space!

How do we explain the sound of a man talking in the backyard near our shed when the property is fenced and cross fenced and it’s over 4 acres!  How do I explain the sound of my cell phone ringing from my bedroom while I’m in the kitchen only to find it’s TURNED OFF?  And then there’s the pet sitter’s account.  She got so freaked out she fled the house and refused to return while we were stuck in Ely three and a half hours south.

But that’s my house.  Meanwhile 5.8 miles on the other side of Lamoille Highway in the house my late husband used as an office and where he lived while in Spring Creek, there were the sounds of doors opening and closing, voices coming from the garage, music coming from the back room, and yesterday while day laborers were moving the last of the furniture from the house to a storage unit the garage door closed all by itself!.  I took them to lunch today after finishing up around both properties.

Frank was in the garage.  Ryan was not on the property.  He had the remote control for the garage doors with him.  All of a sudden the garage door closed with Frank inside the garage by himself!  Frank swears he was no where near the LiftMaster Wall Control.  Jeremy was INSIDE the house.  Later that day, I asked if Ryan had brought home the pizzas.  NO!  Sigh, so I drove over and to my horror saw BOTH garage doors wide open.  OMG.  That’s alarming.  I dashed inside and nothing was amiss.  I grabbed the pizzas and the brownies and got back to my truck and used my remote to close both doors.

            Today, all four of us had lunch in a local casino bar and grill and swore to GOD that the door closed by itself and that the doors were DOWN when the men left yesterday and I swore the doors were up at 5 p.m. Had my stomach not growled and I had I not wanted to finish off the pizzas, the house would have been left wide open all night!  OMG!

            BUT BUT BUT, those are all creepy events but wait for it.

            A lady named Alicia bought the hand-hewn pine log custom-made log bedroom set.  It was terribly expensive back in February 2006 when Harry bought it.  I was sad to see it go but neither of us wanted it.  Alicia arrived at the house with a friend and they hauled off the set.  Ryan helped and delivered the dresser to Alicia’s house.  He never thought he’d see her again.  So ,he was surprised when he was visiting his friend who owns a gas station near the bridge over the Humbolt.

            “Hey, I know you!”  “And I know you!  You bought the bedroom set”!  Ryan looked at Alicia and was afraid to say anything.  She had two black eyes, looked stricken and scared, and ill.  Her friend was much younger.  The two women darted looks at each other and shifted their weight and finally told what had happened.

            After Alicia got the bedroom set home on January 5, everything seemed fine but it didn’t stay fine.  Alicia and her friend were in the kitchen when all of a sudden the oranges that had been in bowl flew up into the air.  You read that right.  They FLEW UP into the air.  They gathered the oranges and put them back into the bowl.  As they both turned away they suddenly turned back and the oranges were no longer in the bowl.  Instead they were lined up in a row.

            Standard poltergeist story.  Nothing all that scary – well not if you know anything about hauntings.  But Alicia added the next tale.  Which road she was on, she left out.  She said she was driving 75 mph and without warning she found herself slammed into a concrete truck.  Alicia said she broke her fingers and was badly shaken up.  I didn’t have the chutzpah (audacity) to ask if the airbag went off and what the highway patrol had to say.  I did speak with Alicia’s friend who called me about the haunting.  My gut screamed that there already was a ghost in the brand new house before the bedroom set arrived and I was right.  In fact, it appears they were dabbling a bit.  But who knows?  Did the energy in the bedroom set piss off the already pissed off ghost?  Or is it because the area where the house sits is haunted.

            The house closing is on February 18.  I need to keep an eye on the place and pray a lot that the doors stay closed and the windows stay shut.  My late husband never wanted to sell the house and he told me this past summer the house was haunted when he moved in.  Mmmm.

One thought on “A Haunted Bedroom Set, Garage Doors that open and close on their own, And the Sound of Footsteps and Doors Slamming

  1. Amazing! So much fun to read, Barbara!

    On Thu, Feb 3, 2022, 5:46 PM Librarian’s Guide to the Multiverse! wrote:

    > myplacefrontiercombarbaracampbell posted: ” At first Ryan wondered how in > the world I could be such a lousy housemate stomping around the house and > slamming the fridge door all night long. Simultaneously, on my side of the > house, I was wondering the same thing fearing that Ryan was an insomniac t” >


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