Synchronicities – New Friends and a Promise of Fun to be Had

Yasmin Boland and Joshua P. Warren and Christie Marie Sheldon all talk about manifesting abundance. What I did not expect I’d ever manifest was friends – real friends. Friends I could talk to about ANYTHING and laugh until the tears flowed. Laughed with true joy and happiness emanating from my heart.

I spent so many years oppressed by a narcissist that I had not ventured forth to truly enjoy life. In El Paso, Texas I would run away from home with my dog, Anubis, and walk the Franklins or drive out into the desert with him until I knew I had to return home. My mother was a narcissist so I did not really know what it was like to be FREE!

I had wished not long ago for someone, like myself, who had been through hell and back who had traveled and who was a witch. Eva, my sounding board and most faithful friend since I moved to Nevada held an open house in her new home on Saturday, February 20. I met several people and had a wonderful time. I secretly made a wish that I could meet “more of my kind”. For at least two weeks there was an ad on the radio for a film that was going to be shown downtown hosted by the Nevada Lands Council. Saturday, February 27 rolled around and my friend, Ryan went off into the wild and I had the FREEDOM to drive downtown and attend “an event”.

I was about 6 minutes late but it had not started. There were, alas, only 4 chairs left. And within minutes I got to sit with the MOST AMAZING two couples! The movie was dull and not what I had hoped it would be. But I met, get this, A GREEN WITCH! I’m a Kitchen Witch. She’s from Rhode Island and has lived all over the country. She talks just as fast as I do. She’s had a life that could fill an encyclopedia!

And we agree on EVERYTHING. I felt like I was back in THIRD GRADE! We went antiquing on Sunday and spent time with an INCREDIBLE octogenarian in Lamoille buying crystals. I got Ryan a $300 fly fishing rod for $190! Time stood still until we both realized we had long since missed brunch and it was almost past lunch. We split a check at a local bar and grill and it was like eating with someone you had known since childhood.

I finally have someone to cook for who brings out all the magic in my soul. I have a huge collection of cookbooks and my mom, although a narcissist, was an EXTRAORDINARY cook. She lamented that her grandmother was the baker but my mom could bake as well. She never taught me much. I learned from cooking shows and at Miller Cory House. About three weeks ago I bought one of those hydrogardens to grow your own herbs. There’s no place to hang one of those Kitchen Witch dolls but I don’t care. My giant kitchen filled with all kinds of pots and pans and Good Cook aides is finally my canvas!

Luann is a GREEN witch! OMG, a match made in the Realms of the Fae! She creates with crystals and items from nature. She has expertise in antiques and she can feel energy! She has so many talents and combined with mine and Eva’s and Luann’s friend who will be moving here, I’m not sure I can contain my soul. It’s already soaring in the skies!

I thank the GODS and the Universe and my ancestors and guardians and any and all entities that felt pity for me in November 2021 when a truly evil man died and I went into shock at the damage he had done to my life. At the same time, I had a man with me in Sin City by my side who made sure I did not succumb to the horror. I was gifted the courage and fortitude to pull us out of the financial disaster my husband had planned for me to never get out of. I met amazing people who had known him and did NOT like or truly HATED him. I do not think Harry Leo Duran ever dreamt that I’d be befriended by so many of the people HE had kept me from ever meeting.

Ryan is now living a joyful life bringing home treasures beyond either of our wildest imaginations. The house is filled with energy and happiness – although the carpet really needs to be ripped out and replaced and the walls need fresh paint. But we survived a horror most people would not have been able to do. And I’m meeting people who have also survived horrors.

I’m in the Hay House Writer’s Community and getting very positive feedback for my Tell All Book about the fiend from hell. And the ghosts and spirits have seemingly settled down for the moment.

One does wonder how the Tibetan relics are getting along with the African fetishes and the 19th century Sioux artifacts and the Yei blanket and katchinas are getting along with the Eastern Orthodox icons and the Roman Catholic relics. I hope the crystals are all happy and humming along with the baskets and urns and ceramics and paintings. I bought a shamrock to keep the lucky bamboo happy on the perch in the kitchen corner. The Valentine bouquet has a few flowers left that refuse to wilt.

Snow is predicted so I need to roast another chicken with my mom’s rosemary, parsely, sage, and thyme stuffing and pan gravy. I trust the aromas are going out into the universe and hopefully healing lost and tormented souls. GOD knows with the war in Russia and the Ukraine and terrorist and political unrest or outright civil war in Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq (political unrest), Libya (civil war), Mali (civil war), Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Tunisia, and tyranny in Canada, oppression in China and threats against Taiwan, maybe JUST maybe if I can attract a group of powerful healers to my area, we can send out waves of energy to heal the planet. That is my goal and if the planet could smell sage dressing wafting in the air, it might just bring everyone to take a moment and say, let’s stop fighting and find the source of that amazing aroma and share a meal together!


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