If You’re Going Through Hell, Bring Your Merit Badges

In the Tell All Book, Never Die With Your Pants Around Your Ankles: The Death of Vegas’ Notorious Doc – A Prescription for Hell, the Notorious Doc travels through the Twenty (20) Aerial Toll Houses.

The above is an excerpt from the 1,112 page masterpiece of scholarship on the Eastern Orthodox and early Christian church belief that when you die, angels and demons escort you through a life review. They didn’t call it that back then. As “scientists” decide to “study” Near Death Experiences, the life review MIGHT get more people’s attention.

Alicia Young, was interviewed by Raymond A. Moody Jr, Ph.D., MD. about her book,

The idea that you will be met on the other side and made to relive your entire life both through your own “eyes” and through the “eyes” and “ears” of everyone you ever met, and possibly have every thought uttered aloud is found in other religions as well. And in each case, there are WITNESSES to every thought, word, and deed! AND a price to pay.

Ced Young has a FANTASTIC article about the Chinese Gods of Hell published on January 6, 2022 sixty (60) days after Harry Leo Duran, the Notorious Doc’s soul entered the Bardo names each judge and his role. Pay Attention!

Qinguang Wang (秦广王): does not sentence punishments but instead separates the virtuous from the sinful.

Chujiang Wang (楚江王): is responsible for punishing swindlers and violent criminals.

Songdi Wang (宋帝王):  is responsible for punishing the disrespectful, the untrustworthy, and the seditious.

Wuguan Wang (五官王): is responsible for punishing tax and rent evaders, and those who were dishonest in business dealings.

Yanluo Wang (阎罗王):  is responsible for punishing those who have obstructed generosity or who have slandered the monastic community.

Biancheng Wang (卞城王): is responsible for punishing the resentful and those who were disrespectful to heaven.

Taishan Wang (泰山王):  is responsible for punishing rumormongers, those responsible for the separation of families, and alchemists who used corpses to make elixirs.

Dushi Wang (都市王): is responsible for punishing those who did not honor their parents and families.

Pingdeng Wang (平等王):  is responsible for punishing sinners who have committed the gravest crimes.

Zhuanlun Wang (转轮王): does not sentence punishments but instead, oversees reincarnation.

In my next blog post, I’ll elaborate on an excerpt from Never Die with Your Pants Around Your Ankles about the Hindu depiction of what happens to sinners on the other side. Stay tuned. If this didn’t scare you to DEATH, the next trip will!


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