A Thai Temple Dancer Goes to Court

The novice nun, Theodora, describes each of the 20 Aerial Toll Houses to a living visitor, the novice monk, Gregory.

In the Tell All Book Never Die with Your Pants Around Your Ankles: The Death of Vegas’ Notorious Doc – A Prescription for Hell, the toll houses are described in detail as the late Harry Leo Duran takes a journey through each.

A similar description of how each SIN has its own punishment is depicted in the incredibly intense Thai series Pit Sawat (Blood and Treasures) that aired on Netflix in 2016. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available on Netflix and I can only find one episode on an Asian site and a trailer.

The main character, Ubon, a temple dancer escorts three mortals to hell to appear before the Lord of Hell for a trial. On the way, Ubon shows them the punishments for each kind of sin. Rats eating the genitals of chained adulterers was pretty gruesome. Like the chained Prometheus who had an eagle eat his liver every day (It grew back.), the condemned in hell have their bodies restored each time a body part is destroyed or devoured or both. This shows up in the series Vighnaharta Ganesh.

Episode 292 uses CGI to depict the incredibly evil asura (demon although an asura is a race of beings and not ALL of them are evil) Gyanari’s journey through all the punishments he merited. Nothing like being hacked to pieces and reassembled or eaten by various carnivores and then reassembled. It’s implied that despite being eaten or dismembered that one’s is conscious the entire time. You can’t DIE in hell (Naraka (नरक)).

In this scene there is a staircase to the throne of Lord Yama. The soul has to TRULY repent and if not, he/she will fall down the stairs and the tortures begin from the beginning.

I highly recommend you watch this episode even if you have no idea what’s going on at all. Lord Yama is seated on the throne. By praying the mantra to Shri Ganesha, the asura Gyanari reached the top of the stairs – even skipped a few steps thanks to Shri Ganesha! There is a court recorder, Chitragupta, who is seated and two Yamadutas (They’re like the grim reapers you will meet next in the Korean version of the afterlife.)

FURTHER READING – BEWARE the ones with pictures




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