Grim Reapers – Bailiff, Lawyer/Attorney, Solicitor, and/or Barrister – Get to Know Death before you Die

Last time you visited Thailand and India after a quick stop over in the Byzantine Aerial Toll Houses. Now you get to go to Korea! Don’t worry, you’re going to go to Egypt and Tibet and the Islamic world too! Hell is like a tax office. There’s one in every hamlet, village, town, and city!

If you have not watched Along with the Gods, click on the trailer. It’s one of the best movies EVER made. The sequel is equally outstanding.

One last look at Grim Reapers from the FABULOUS K-Drama ALL TIME FAVORITE, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)!

The above Korea drama/comedies delve into the “realm” of grim reapers and immortals. Goblin does not show the afterlife trials but the interviews with the grim reaper where there is a bit of a life review are outstanding. The courtroom scenes in series Along with the Gods, are flawless! Each trip via boat or on foot through HELL can be felt vicariously and should! The late Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan taught (Journey to Ixtlan) [My copy is on the bottom shelf of a bookcase behind a row of books so I’m cheating and using a virtual copy!]

“Death is our eternal companion,” don Juan said with a most serious air. “It is always to our left, at an arm’s length. It was watching you when you were watching the white falcon; it whispered in your ear and you felt its chill, as you felt it today. It has always been watching you. It aways will until the day it taps you.”

Whether or not Carlos Castaneda made up everything he ever wrote in his best selling books about a Yaqui sorcerer is still being debating. Regardless, the idea that you are assigned a grim reaper to take you to the other side does appear in many religions. I saw two last July 8, 2021 floating or hovering over two souls and I saw that demon standing next to the left shoulder of the dying nursing home patient so I’m not questioning the veracity of any of these beliefs.

And let us not forget to check out Near Death Experiences!

I donated the book I bought in 2006 to the library but 23 Minutes In Hell: One Man’s Story About What He Saw, Heard, and Felt in that Place of Torment by Bill Wiese was pretty good. A search in yields several first hand accounts of near death experiences where the person finds himself or herself in HELL and not at a lovely family reunion.

In the next post we’re going to swing through the Egyptian Book of the Dead and a masters thesis on the Aerial Toll Houses and finally we’ll get to Tibet. Unless I die first, which I better not. Refraining from joking about any of this is killing me.


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