A Narcissist is NEVER Wrong – How the Notorious Doc Blasphemed Mahadev – Lord Shiva and his Avatars – A Case of Swift Divine Justice

Excerpt from

Never Die with Your Pants Around Your Ankles: The Death of Vegas’s Notorious Doc – A Prescription for Hell


            Surprising in June 2021, I think it was, Harry actually admitted that he lost the argument that the linghm is a phallus.  I had to bomb his inbox with articles from Hindu scholars to win that one.  Screaming that the British misinterpreted the devotion thinking the lingam was a phallus, because they had dirty minds, finally shut him up.*

            Harry also caved when he claimed to KNOW Shiva and be HIS most devoted devotee.  OMG what hubris.  Asshole (oops, sorry) didn’t even know that Lord Shiva has nineteen (19) avatars.  Couldn’t name any of them!  When I started to recite:

“Piplaad, Nandi, Veerabhadra, Bhairava! 

“You IDIOT!  You’d better know who Bhairava is!”  He did not. 

Harry’s blasphemy in front of the Shiva statue evoke Bhairava?  Anything is possible.  I sure cried out to Lord Shiva during that fight.  One of the only ones I ever won.  Harry only lived a few weeks after that.  The lingam he fantasized he’d use as a dildo during the conversation may very well have been the last straw.  I know the African fetishes were created to kill evil doers.  I brought them out of that apartment in my arms apologizing as I walked through the parking lot.  I did not care who saw me.  You cannot treat primordial spirits and gods with disrespect much less perform sex acts in front of them that they find abhorrent.  I you are not a believer, it does not matter.  The unseen world still exists whether you believe or not and they do have power.  What Harry did to them and said to them was incarnate evil.

            I continued to recite:

“Ashwatthama, Sharabha, Grihapati, Durvasa – My GOD Harry, you never heard of Durvasa?”  Rishabha, Yatinath”.  Okay, a lot of people don’t know that one.

            “HARRY!  Hanuman-ji!  You said you read the Ramayana twice!  Krishna Darshan, Bhikshuvarya, Sureshwar, Keerat, Sunatnartak, Brahmachari, Yaksheshwar, and Avadhut”!  I am pretty sure he tuned me out early on, but he fussed and looked it up and fell silent.

In my next post, I’ll start the series on the 19 Avatars of Mahadev Lord Shiva. And in another post, I’ll upload photos of all of the African fetishes with their stories.

    (*) The history of the lingam is a lot more complicated, but I wasn’t going to try to “educate” him while in one of this MOODS.


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