Avatars – The Series – Piplad – Shiva’s First Avatar

If you have been following my blog , you’ll see that several posts talk about avatars. My last post introduces you all to the argument I had with the late Notorious Doc about Lord Shiva (Mahadev). Harry had no clue that Shiva has 19 avatars. In a previous post I wrote that Sri Ganesha has many avatars. And in a post about the Naadi leaves, I talk about avatars. I launched this website and blog in March 2021, but I have didnot have a chance to create VLOGs until recently. Below you’ll see a link for the first of Lord Shiva’s avatars. I will be creating VLOGS for Lord Krishna’s (Vishnu), Mata Parvati, Sri Ganesha’s avatars plus VLOGS for each of the deities whose story arcs are illustrated in Vighnaharta Ganesh.

WHY? There are hundreds of devotional videos with images from stylized paintings, etc. They are all well done but they are stylized and static. The TV series Vighnaharta Ganesh requires series dedication to get through if you are not used to stylized acting, if you hate to read subtitles, or if you don’t have the time nor patience for any of it. It aired as IF it were a soap opera. It’s only available outside of India on YouTube and it’s riddled with ads that break the flow of the story and are inserted so you cannot fast forward without watching them.

HOWEVER, the CGI, acting, costumes, and intense research are worth the effort. IF you really, really, REALLY, want to learn about each deity, I highly recommend investing the time to watch the entire series. For me, this is a form of bhakti yoga. Plus, future posts about the multiverse will build upon the idea of avatars, ages, incarnations, karma, reincarnation, and the xianxia tales of nine tail foxes and plant spirits that are able to “cultivate” enough merit and qi to take human form – cue SUN WUKONG!



And with that introduction, I begin with Lord Shiva’s first avatar.

In order to curb Shani-dev’s (SATURN) anger over how his father, Surya-dev (THE SUN) rejected him and his mother, Lord Shiva took the form of an infant who would also be left motherless. It’s a very heartbreaking story arc. What is significant is how this story arc includes the following “characters” from Vedic and Western astrology:

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youtube.com/watch?v=1Rdl3Wslnzs(opens in a new tab)

Shani-dev – Saturn – the star (pun intended) of this story arc

Surya-dev – The Sun – Shani-dev’s father

Ketu – Southern Node

Rahu – Northern Node

Chandra-dev – The MOON

Budha-dev  – Mercury (Sanskrit: बुध)

Shukra-dev – Venus

Mangala-dev – Mars

Bṛhaspati-dev – Jupiter

Each planet/celestial body/deity tries to stop Piplad from reaching Shani-dev but to no avail. After a fierce battle, each finally recognizes (“sees” “realizes”) that Piplad is none other than Lord Shiva, himself, and they bow down and worship him. Shani-dev then returns the weapon made from the sacred fig tree.

What is very significant about this story is the teaching about karma. When Saturn is in your chart, the negative effect will only last seven (7) and a half years. The malefic effect will not last a lifetime. Saturn can only trouble a person once every 30 years. Saturn in a natal chart cannot harm anyone during his or her childhood. The ill effect comes in three phases. Iron – very difficult, Cooper – moderately difficult, and gold which will be a peaceful period. Saturn can only rule over a person’s horoscope for a period of 18 years. During those 18 years, Saturn rewards people based on their deeds. If someone works with dedication and honesty, on a pre-decided solution, to rectify the misdeeds of his or her previous birth, Saturn will reduce the malefic effects on them.

Within the “myth” Saturn GAZES at you during periods of your life based on your natal chart. If you go back and read my post about Naadi leaves, you will see one of remedies given to Craig Hamilton Parker was to “feed the birds” – Shani-Dev’s vimana is a crow.

I, personally, found that honoring Shani-dev improved my life considerably!


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