Susi Jones – Sharing is the BEST way to Manifest your Dreams and show Gratitude to the Universe

Sunday, September 11, 2022 Susi Jones posted this on her Facebook timeline.

Susi Jones

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Dear friends who are self-employed, run their own business, or want to support small businesses! Here’s an opportunity to see the variety in our extended circles. Post a link to your website or Facebook page below without a description – just the link, it speaks for itself. Anyone who follows me can see it and visit your site. ✨

If you’re of a mind to pay it forward, feel free to copy this text onto your own page and give others the chance to reach more people through your circle. Let’s INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and SUPPORT one another. ❤️

Gratitude is an ESSENTIAL element in manifesting. All the great teachers throughout time and space have taught that we need to be grateful and SAY it out loud for everything. Getting up in the morning. Breathing – that was a BIG deal during the height of the fear that COVID was going to kill all of us. Walking – I couldn’t walk for several months so I practically sing when I find myself walking in the cul de sac. Eating good food – We don’t all have food and some people are lousy cooks. Kisses from a dog or a cat or a horse or a goat or a parrot or ooh la la – someone you love with all your heart.

So, if you know someone who has a website, share it with Susi. Share it with me. Share it with people who will learn something from it. Get a laugh from it. Or someone who will read it and it MIGHT change his or her whole life.


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