MAA BAGLAMUKHI – 8th of the 10 Mahadevas

Mata or Maa Baglamukhi (Bagalā (Sanskrit: बगलामुखी) is the eighth of the ten tantric goddesses in Sanatana dharma. I discovered her in August 2016 when we were still battling a court case against an incompetent lawyer, a shady realtor, and a man who had already been convicted of consumer fraud. The late Notorious Doc refused to cooperate with me and the lawsuit was dragging on and on with the defendant hurling filth at me during a mediation session. I was so upset, I called out for help, immersed myself in research and found Mata Baglamukhi!

I found an ebay listing for a solid gold yantra made by a Vedic priest which would be infused with my natal chart (date, time, place), infusing it with my name, and the siddhi mantras. I ordered it and a few others and put them on my mandir when they arrived. I then played the mantra I found on YouTube over and over for a good year. The defendant’s lawyer was working for free as a favor, our lawyer was worthless, but eventually it settled out of court and I got SOME of my money back.

What I did not awakened to was the mantra was working. It just didn’t appear to win the court case. I believe the goddess helped rid the neighborhood of very vicious and psychotic neighbors intervening with the Justice of the Peace who ordered restraining orders and with the District Attorney and Judge who brought charges and got both to plead guilty. In addition, I think the mantras to the Goddess convinced her to silence the Notorious Doc for good!

The “Maa Baglamukhi Temple is the most ancient Siddha Peeth located in Bankhandi close to both Jawalamukhi Devi and Chintpurni Devi Temple.” Their website appears to have mostly broken links.

There is a Facebook page with photos. When I saw the movie below, I recognized the temple from the website which for some reason has a lot of broken links.

Please note the statute looks similar to the Black Madonna in other parts of the world.

I wrote to the temple priests asking for an English translation for parts of the script to a movie they appear to have produced, but no one was proficient enough to reply. I had a few odd exchanges and got a blessing in very broken English but I never found out what was being said in the back story. The summoning of the goddess is easy enough to understand if you know read the story in the Puranas.

Parts are blurry but I extracted this clip. Alas, low budget versus Sony, however, you can get the gist. Here you see Lord Vishnu chanting in the hopes of evoking Mata to emerge.

Please don’t cringe. The temple did their best to make a movie with a low budget. If you grew up in the “old days” watching American tv shows before CGI and before anyone had a budget for special effects, you’ll remember the same stylized acting and low budget costumes. We were used to stage plays back then. The audience for this movie, was used to street performances of all the the epic tales from the Ramayana so this clip now in 2022 has that over acting feel to it, but it’s the story I want to you to see played out. Please don’t get lost. The next segments will be from the SONY high budget tv series. Trust me, when the asura is brought to justice, there’s nothing left to the imagination!

The TV series Vighnaharta Ganesh has a long story arc about the asura Trikura. Mata slays him in Episode 210 after all the gods have failed. The costumes, sets, CGI, acting, and even the script are outstanding. All of the work brings the story to life and imprints the teachings.

No expense was spared in the costumes, CGI, nor make-up. Each asura in the series is portrayed by an actor that pulls off the character so well, I, at least, forget I’m watching acting. A couple of the leads are flat but never Akanksha Puri who portrays all of Mata Parvati’s avatars. She left the show before it ended, unfortunately. And there was controversy on the set. Puri is a bit of a diva!

I will upload a VLOG using clips from this clip to YouTube later. It’s getting harder and harder to appease YouTube. Hopefully, this 3 minute clip will work here.

Most people have a cursory recognition of Sri Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, and Durga, or Mata Kali, but if you want a Goddess you can rip a demon’s tongue out, I highly recommend you read everything you can about Mata Bagalamukhi and the power of the SHAKTI that even the GODS do not possess.



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