I have always loved dragons. I wasn’t all too keen on the Eastern dragons though until recently. They didn’t seem “pretty”. I never collected dragons – I only own two, but I had a friend who asked me to watch every dragon movie ever made and he loved dragon sculptures. We loved dragon lore. Alas, he passed in September 2011 cause he would have been amazed at how I taught myself video editing in order to capture this series of clips from Love Between Fairy and Devil! (And to create a video version of my Tell All Book!)

Back in the day, I did use screen shots of the film, Dragonheart in my 1998 presentation as the lead speaker on Virtual Reality at Computers in Libraries. Every time a dragon was in a scifi story or movie, I leapt out of my seat for joy! I also love dinosaurs, so I guess it’s a passion for lizards; but not Reptilians – I understand they are pure evil. I’m not, however, as far gone as to pay $149 for a COURSE on dragons – unless I win big at the casinos – maybe then.

So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to Esther Yu, an absolutely amazing actress who blew me away with the ending of Episode 9 when she watches the character, Shang Que, shoot up from the ground into the sky and return as a G I G A N T I C dragon!

I hope I made this look easy. It was very labor intensive. I had to read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of how to videos on how to create these. The next level up is to add narration within Camtasia and then add animation, etc. My YouTube Channel as of 3:30 p.m., Saturday, October 8, 2022 the day before the Full Moon in Aries (start of the new zodiac year), has 334 subscribers and 142,482 views! The monetization graph is inching along.

My biggest hinderance is slow upload and download speeds thanks to living in rural Nevada. That might improve when new providers install cable near me. Will I make money as a content creator? Who knows? On October 8, 2021, I had 1,741 views from the day I started in 2014! I had a grand total of 3 subscribers!

Keep in mind, also, the Notorious Doc was found dead on November 8, 2021. I’ve only had the peace of mind of not living under the threat of being killed for 11 months! And that might be because on October 27, 2020, I printed out this photo of the dragon the Notorious Doc smashed. It was a Very expensive Enchantica ceramic that I bought in a shop in Tennessee while driving from New Jersey to El Paso, Texas in OCTOBER 2000. I have wanted to replace it ever since.

Back in August 2020, Joshua P. Warren talked about how to create a minion! Yup. A MINION. I wanted my dragon back so I printed the photo above two months later and it’s been on my refrigerator for well over a year. It was in a back room, just in case the fiend from hell drove up here.

In searching anything else I had on dragons, I found I had dozens of photos from Facebook posts or blogs and several articles. I haven’t kept up with my friends on Facebook who believe they ARE dragons just cause I’ve been a bit busy. Sorry, I can’t share those pictures because of copyright. I guess I should say, I might not collect dragon figurines but I sure do have a lot of dragon pictures!

And so I end with Patrick Stewart narrating DRAGONS: A FANTASY MADE REAL! One of Mart’s and my favorite!

Please leave comments and subscribe! Enjoy!


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