The Search for Sarah – A 10 Part Tale of Coincidences

In 2003, The Notorious Doc dragged me to Mass at the Society of St. Pius X Pre-Vatican II Jesus and Mary Chapel in El Paso, Texas. In order to appease Harry and to keep the peace, I ended up attending catechism and eventually going to Italy with our priest and a handful of the parish’s teachers. We walked all over Rome on what is called the Way of the Seven Churches. It’s a traditional pilgrimage. The SSPX celebrates the Tridentine Latin mass

Father Paul Tague asked me to do the weekly bulletin and one day he gave me a faded photocopy and asked me to find the original. The task led me through a journey that took me years of twists and turns and synchronicities and coincidences. The story begins here and will continue for 9 more posts.

If ANYONE reading this knows of who Sarah is or can find her husband’s grave, please contact me.


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