The Death of Patti List One Year Later

On October 22, 2021, I uploaded a lengthy tale about meeting Patti List days before her infamous father shot her and the rest of her family to death in their mansion in my home town in Westfield, New Jersey. I had not heard from anyone I had reached out to until early this morning when I got a reply to a comment I made on YouTube. The blogger, Brilliant Breakfast, corrected my memory by pointing out that Patti was not a senior in 1971. She thought Patti was in 10th grade, but, in fact, she was a junior.

Brilliant Breakfast whose name I still do not know, wrote that Patti had been nice to her and had invited her to a party, but they were not close. She did confirm that “Illiano was obsessed” with Patti. Barbara Sheridan was married to someone else (I think I knew that) and Iliano had a wife. That I don’t think is accurate from digging into the obituary notice and that filthy, sick film, but Brilliant Breakfast said the woman spoke little which implies she had met her.

This all triggered a desire to look for updates and I found a nine-part podcast by two investigative crime reporters!

The journalists do reference this film with the same gut churning response my friend, Christy, and I both had. (Christy is my age and she was in the drama club with Patti.) It was in the comment section that I finally started getting replies last week and then today. I warn you if you watch all of this, you will feel sick to your stomach. Iliano stars in this so you can see for yourself if this creep makes your flesh crawl!

In trying to find more, I found a Reddit discussion of the above soft porn like film.

Posted by u/NJFiend 9 years ago with the questionPatty List Story… Please help me find this movie. New Jersey redditors please take notice.”, I found some VERY interesting descriptions of the original VHS film.

u/NJFiend wrote that he/she had rented the film with his/her family in the early 90’s. “The film quality was extremely low budget.. It was filmed in 80’s porno vision with poor lighting, stiff acting, bizarre camera angles. Ed Illiano’s version of the events was in extremely poor taste (there is alot (sic) of implied sexual tension between him and Patty List and his role in the discovery of the bodies is melodramtic (sic) and overblown)… Basically its (sic) really weird, exploitative, sleazy fun. It became a legend in our house as one of the weirdest films we have ever seen”.

Fiend says he/she owned a copy of Weird NJ that talked about the film. I searched the archives but you can’t see the articles. You have to buy an issue if it’s available. And then this just has to be quoted verbatim – one should never paraphrase anything THIS good!

“EDIT: In case anyone stumbles across this post. I FOUND IT! The person who did sound on the film and another redditor who was interested in writing a story about this movie contacted me months after I posted about this. Eventually they posted the whole thing on youtube, including a scan of the VHS artwork. Crazy how the internet works”.

Three months ago, assuming Reddit’s months and years ago is accurate – there’s no timestamp has a woman named Jan writing that she was the one that did the costumes and makeup for the film. I am surprised anyone that had anything to do with it ever admitted it! Jan’s friend, George, from the post is the one that funded the film.

Because I am trying to get this finished tonight on October 22, and Halloween is 9 days from now, read this and go EEEEWWWWW

Jan writes

“Long story short by the end of the filming me and the rest of the crew and a couple of The producers were convinced that they arrested the wrong man”!

Jan went on to write that only about 100 copies were ever made. Each person that took part in the production got a copy. Hers got burned up in a fire.

The same thread did mention the 1993 movie made starring Robert Blake called Judgment Day: The John List Story. We didn’t like it. It wasn’t filmed in Westfield and the dialogue just didn’t do the real story justice.

I would take a wild guess that EVERYONE that lived in Westfield in 1971 or in Union County at that time watched this episode of America’s Most Wanted. I know we did. The clay bust stuck in my mind all these years.

The podcasts are excellent. No pictures except on their website.

It would be very interesting if it were possible to find out the time of birth and the exact time of death in order to generate a Death Chart – yes, I posted about this earlier. Astrologers generate both natal and death astrological charts! Patti’s sun sign was Capricorn but according to Yasmin Boland, it’s the ascendant (rising sign) that one needs to know. To calculate that, one needs to know the time of birth and unless it’s on Patti’s birth certificate, we’ll never know. You can guess by the life she led but it’s not the same as knowing the time from the certificate.

Everyone agrees that John List’s methodical killing and lack of remorse is the most chilling tale of murder ever documented. Coupled with Illiano’s soft porn film about Patti, I don’t think I will ever get through an anniversary season without remembering seeing her come down those stairs. For those who say she only smoked pot, I wish they had seen her that night. There was no reason for her to be at that house. Illiano was the creepiest human I ever met or hope to meet and I’ve met a lot of strange, very strange people. I’ve seen others marked for death but Patti had something else clinging to her. Dismissing the “rumors” and Iliano’s film about her “dabbling” in witchcraft and using drugs is a cover up of just how

WEIRD NEW JERSEY was and is.

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