The Search for Sarah – Part IV of a A 10 Part Tale of Coincidences

Father Tague left the priesthood not long after we moved away from El Paso and ended up in San Benito, Texas sandwiched between Harlingen and Brownsville. In January 2007, after my husband had left his job as an epidemiologist at the Texas Department of Health and had moved to Ely, Nevada to work as a doctor on a Shoshone tribal reservation, I got a frantic call from him. “WHO WHAT WHAT was the name priest at the Maronite Church”? Uh, Father George. DID you see the news! What was the name of the church he went to serve at in Vegas? Uh, can’t remember but it was a Maronite church.

A few days later, on America’s Most Wanted – the same show that helped law enforcement find the infamous psychopath, John List, Father George’s face was plastered all over national television. I called Margot Karam at St Sharbel Maronite Catholic Church to find out what had happened. The entire parish was scandalized and furious. “Father” George had left, I knew that, to become head priest of a MARONITE church in Las Vegas. Once there, however, he got lured over to a wealthy ROMAN CATHOLIC church and it was there that he went insane and almost killed a woman i the choir who he lusted after! I can’t make this stuff up. I CAN’T! Father George had shown an interest in me and it’s one reason why Harry never accepted any of his invitations to his home for dinner. Mmmmm

What has this got to do with the search for Sarah? Not much but it overlaps in time so bear with me.


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