The Search for Sarah – Part V of a A 5 Part Tale of Coincidences – it was in 10 parts – I can’t count

And so we come to the last installment – I had thought of breaking it up into 10 parts but upload speeds are okay today, so it’s in five instead. It’s been a strange week as usual.

So with Father Tague now in the public sector, Father George in prison or serving parole, and Father Mark in Tennessee – his story I’ll tell someday – ( it’s a book in and of itself) – I am still not able to find Sarah’s maiden name.

I watched the late Notorious Doc immerse himself in Roman Catholic literature, buy up collections of relics, spend hours in adoration at the various churches in El Paso, switch to the Maronites for a brief stint, then to the Eastern Orthodox, drag me to a Greek church, an Antiochian church, and a Serbian church, and then cast it all aside! He threw his icons on the floor of a closet in his filthy apartment, emptied a box he filled with the 15 volume set of the The Liturgical Year he had given ME for Christmas in 2003 and which he took back from me telling me I was UNWORTHY of it, into a different closet, and tossed all of his dozens of rosaries into a box.

We found the Horologion on the floor. He did have a liturgical book on a stand which I gave to a lady as a gift when she showed up for the estate sale. She seemed holy and she vowed to read it. She had looked at with great longing and I figured it had found a home.

Because of the horrible way we were treated at THANKSGIVING 2021 by the security guard at the Solana Apartment Homes in Las Vegas, many of these books just got tossed into bags and hauled out to the UHAUL. The Guéranger collection is now intact and on a shelf. Took me months to go through all the boxes to find all the volumes.

When you reach the end of my tale, do research the Ifugao. If you read the post about the Yei blanket and Navajo (Diné) weavers, this link will bring you full circle in my very strange life. I’m now able to attend the Ruby Mountain Fiber Guild meetings where I can bring my Calypso kick spindle or just wool carders and card the 100 plus pounds of fleece I have in my back bedroom. Weaving seems to be a recurring theme. I even had a toy spinning wheel as a kid. If you like songs about weaving there’s the famous Spider Woman – She Changes Everything She Touches and Everything She Touches Changes – She is a needle and we are the thread with the lyrics spelled out in a blog by a group of un-named Unitarian Universalist Pagans!

And the story should end with the transcript of Sarah’s radio talk that was published by both Pope Publications and in the book Orthodoxy and Religion narrated here and freely available as a PDF below Mata Kali seen here.

Loom on High – I do blog about the Multiverse and the Multiverse is THE COSMIC WEB!

And now for the conclusion to the Search for Sarah even though I have yet to find her. I fear she has passed because by now she would be at least 90 if not a lot older.

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