The Metal Whisperer’s Dancing Doctor Sculpture For Sale

Joseph Edward Jilbert, known as Jo Jo, is a remarkable man. I’ve already posted about meeting him. You can read the biography I cobbled together here:

If you have a Facebook account, you can watch an 11-minute video from September 2016 of Jo Jo’s exhibit at the Therapy Restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas where the Notorious Doc was introduced to him.

And here is a 17-minute video from 2019, filmed at his studio in Las Vegas where I met him in November 2021. This is where “The Dancing Doctor” is waiting for a buyer.

I love this one. It’s a video Jo Jo made for a TV commercial to advertise Tom Hanks WW2 museum in New Orleans! YES,, THAT Tom Hanks – the one associated with the Mandela Effect and chocolate! “Joe Joe’s art expression is uncontainable … as portrayed in this WW2 Battle scene- Although he’s not widely known for his painting, he is very well known, world wide for his incredible iron sculptures.
These images were produced by: Randy Walsh at”

And an article in Nisqually Valley News where they call him a Metal Whisperer!

And now for my promotional video about the “DANCING DOCTOR” – Please contact me or Jo Jo if you are interested in purchasing a rare piece. Jo Jo NEVER sells works he created. He ONLY works on commissioned works so this is a rare opportunity to own one of his creations.

PS The odd looking sculpture and the heart I gave to Carmen Luttrell-Roe when she offered to help pack up the Solana apartment. One is made out of avocado wood and the other is a Catholic sculpture of the sacred heart. Both had bad memories associated with them and I had not so much as a dime to reimburse her for helping us pack so I gave her these pieces. I never heard from her. I hope she one day gets in touch and lets me know how Harry’s dog, Juice, is fairing. The dog cost $2,500! Yup, he blew through over $500,000 in five years!


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