Rider Waite Tarot Deck – Yes/No Aces, Magician, and Interpret the Last Card

Benebel Wen is an expert in cartomancy. Her research is impeccable and her vast knowledge astounds me. The other day, I decided I needed to find a better way to do Yes/No Tarot readings beside pulling just one card and reading it. I believe that reversals are part of the essence of tarot, although Eva Owsian who taught a class here in Spring Creek, Nevada told us she never uses them. I googled Benebel’s blog and found that she had already written a post about the three pile method.

What I did learn from Benebel was the source, or at least a source for what one can find all over the web about how to do a three pile Yes/No reading. HOWEVER, it did not, pardon the expression RESONATE with me.

What hit me while I was experimenting was to do the following. Keep in mind the Rider Waite deck has 78 cards. You need to pull 13 cards as fast as you can until an Ace appears OR the Magician! Out of the 78 cards there’s only one magician and four aces. As soon as an Ace or the Magician appears when drawing 13 cards, stop and start the next pile. When you reach the third pile, if none of these cards appear, read the meaning of that last card in relation to your question.

For example, did you ask about a relationship, career direction, financial situation, pregnancy, major purchase, of if you should move, etc.

Should I marry XYZ?

Two aces are a YES and the Queen of Cups represents a FANTASTIC partner – nurturing, in tune with your needs, loving, and caring. MARRY the person by all means. (By the way, I drew the Queen of Cups – I didn’t intentionally use her for the example. I asked which card would make a good example to use for the blog. Pretty amazing I think.)

If all Aces – GO FOR IT. Two Aces and the Magician – JUMP AT THE CHANCE

But Two Aces and any other card – read what nuance of the yes and WHY

NO Aces and no Magician – NO NO NO and forget it.

One Ace and two other cards – Not a great idea. Read the meanings of the other two cards.

I tried this with all the cards upright and it went faster. It doesn’t matter if the Ace is upright nor if the Magician is upright. Those are yes cards. It will matter if you want to add more complexity to the last card in the third pile to clarify why it’s a YES or MAYBE so use reversals if you want to.


Benebel Wen’s Blog Post

Tarot Lady’s Blog Post

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