Purgatory, Hades, Hell, Styx, and Vaitarani: How will you cross over?

Harry Leo Duran, MD, Ph.D., MPH had a chance to go directly to heaven, so it appeared. Harry had received teachings and possibly an empowerment (he never elaborated) directly from the Dalai Lama in 1989 in New York City when he was working as a neurosurgery resident in Newark, New Jersey. He had “taken hand” with the Pir of the Nematollahi SafiAliShahi II when Harry flew to Delft in the Netherlands to attend a special dzikr in November 1998. Harry had studied sufism online with a sheik (never learned his name) who named Harry Ali. I was named Aliya by Sherif Baba in January 1998. We both had read EVERY SINGLE book published by Idries Shah. He read several tomes by Rumi. Bought dozens of books in ARABIC. Taught himself some Arabic, so he told everyone. He claimed he had read the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Harry had multiple Bibles, several Qurans, dozens and dozens of Roman Catholic prayer books and missals. He left behind two copies of the Horologian and several Eastern Orthodox primary texts. Several hagiographies and writings by the early Church Fathers. He had been baptised Roman Catholic by his parents and he had a full immersion baptism in a horse trough by Father Justin Havens in February 2012 at the Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Salt Lake City.

Harry had given alms. No doubt about that. He had supported Father Mark Kerr for almost three years. He always put money in the collection basket and when I was with him, he always bought candlesusually with my money, but when he finally started earning wages, he did open his own wallet. We both traveled to Rome with then Father Paul Tague (alas, he gave up the priesthood) with a small group of seven women from Jesus and Mary Chapel. We did the Way of the Seven Churches ON FOOT for three weeks. We sang in the chapel choir. Well, he sang, my vocal cords are shot, so I was the choir director.

BUT, BUT, BUT he tossed all those merits into the toilet – literally and fell into a life of unspeakable debauchery. Didn’t matter that he had received the Kalachakra empowerment directly from His Holiness Penor Rimpoche. He had also studied with other lamas. He received special blessings from Sheikh el-Haj el-Fakir er-Rifa’i Mehmet Sherif Çatalkaya and a group blessing from Pope John Paul II!

So, I wonder HOW he got across the River depicted in Buddhism and Hinduism, and in Greek Mythology, and in accounts of the afterlife by many who had near death experiences.

In the TV series Vighnaharta Ganesh, Gaynari didn’t get to ride in the boat because he had NEVER done a single good deed. Harry had done some good deeds, HOWEVER, every teacher I’ve ever encountered, (and every book I’ve ever read) insists that IF you are taught HOW to behave and HOW to live a virtuous life, and then you turn your back on everything you were taught and succumb to evil, those merits are negated. In the video I cobbled together, you will get to virtually experience what happens to those who sin. DO NOT start the popcorn maker. This is NOT that kind of fun video.



Khaneghah Safi AliShahi Nsso

Hello my dears, the following text describes the characteristics and practices related to the behavior of Dervish and the principles of monotheism and mystics. I hope that each of you will write this text on a page of paper and read it every day. The truth has helped us and God willing. It has become the queen of our minds and become a part of our moral characteristics and deeds. O Ali help:

I insert here an article about who Ali is. You might think the above is a typo. It is not. Note, also, that Harry Leo Duran was given the name Ali and I was named Aliya by Sherif Baba.

First in practicing, there is the observance of eating, that is, do not eat a lot with drunkards and insane people. Do not sit on the table of the stingy and arrogant people intentionally do not eat what brings sugar, drunkenness, weakness, cruelty of the heart and superstition of the mind.

The second is the observance of sleep and sleep. Do not sleep with untested people in the same place. Do not sleep in the place of dishonest and accusations and the place of mad people and animals.

Third: It is the observance of words, useless words, rudeness, sarcasm, ridicule, purpose, flattery, lies, insistence and arguments. Do not say more than the value of the mind and what people do not believe. Do not listen to accusations, backbiting, sedition and condemnation of others. Don’t blame anyone for any reason, don’t talk about anyone’s hatred. If you say Ajmal and Abbreviatedly (sic), you should say:

In Sufism, the principle of deeds is to serve the elderly, and the respect for the rites and the payment of rights, maintaining the trust and durability of purity and trust in the matters of compassion with the people of politeness in the words of Ata in the position of meditation in response to sacrifice the poor, humility, with the elders, guilt in lust, in the size in the salary, opposition to self-sufficiency, progress in greeting.

Patience in problems and troubles, honesty with friends, loyalty to promises, dignity in ways, speed in goodness, stopping in revenge, insistence in obedience, seeking sincerity, wisdom in deeds, honor with guests, consoling with strangers, kindness with children, humility with the needy, preference over yellow, passion for kindness, gratitude for blessing, contentment for blessing, contented

This is the best way to go of truth, the one with remembrance, the sprain of chaos, orderly relief, banadan gentleness, rarely humor, kindness and kindness with children, escape from greed, abstinence of request, abundance in thought, fear of pride, remembrance of death, truth in account, silence of banadan, checking the sick, pity the weak, Supporting the oppressed, wanting to fast (fasting), consulting with the wise, praying in private, regretting of sin, trust in livelihood, timely reservation, advising the obedient, modifying the judgments, kindness with the partner, fairness with the one, staying away from the liar, forgiving the defeated, grudge against the oppressor.

If a person is always remembered about his humanity, no point of his goodness will be left behind. Never look for these qualities in others. The purpose of this writing is to transfer everyone to his humanity not to others. If you find yourself, you can do it to others. Yaft.

Baba Heidar, Pir Hai of Razavia Dynasty, Nemat Elahi Safi Alishahi Mahdia


I had to use Rumble because YouTube does not honor Fair Use. The algorithms kick in and the video is blocked.

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