Dusty White’s World of Tarot AND Astrology

Dusty White has a unique way of teaching students how to project their imagination into each card and look around.

White in his book, The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot, asks you to start with the Minor Arcana and go card by card and spend quite a bit of time with each. Step inside a card. What is are the people wearing and what are they like? What do you want to ask him/her? It took a long time to finish that exercise. I will pull a card each day and tell you want I see inside the scene not unlike when the characters in Bewitched stepped into a painting!

Dusty is VERY generous with his time. Sign up for his emails and you’ll get links to his free Zoom sessions where you can chat while he talks. He’s AMAZING! Did you know you can use Tarot in MAGICK to manifest? I didn’t. I do now!

I received this email in March 2021 when I first blogged about Dusty. It’s a perfect example of manifesting!

This is the link Dusty recommends https://readingsbyceleste.com/collections/merchandise

Dusty’s second book, PAUSE – I am a bit in a quandary about whether or not I should tell you all about HOW I acquired it. For you see, I am a LIBRARIAN – insert inside joke – I can’t help it this is my FAVORITE film clip of all time and I was able to splice it for use in my blog posts.

Back several months ago, I was in a discussion with members of a Facebook group called, wait for it

Yes, only a rare few have EVER accused me of being boring. Someone in the group mentioned a book and I thought, mmmm, wonder if I can find it in PDF. It was old and sometimes there’s a copy in PDF form – often alas, pirated. And SURE enough I found pay dirt. I not only downloaded the book we were discussing, but I also found HUNDREDS of PDFs of books on Tarot, Astrology, the occult! It was a dragon’s lair of goodies. For days, I downloaded one after another.

I never shared the link with the group – I wasn’t going to lead anyone else astray into the world of pirated books – but someone else found it using Google and freely posted the link. A few months later, I tried to find the website to see if I had missed anything and sure enough, it had been shut down.

That said, it is how I acquired Dusty’s second book.

Both books are a MUST have. Seriously, you might find other works with lengthier descriptions of each card, BUT, the spreads in both books are off the charts – pun intended – because they involve ASTROLOGY! And they teach how to use the cards as talismans and for manifesting abundance. Dusty, like my former teacher, Ahneke Greystone, aka Anni Joseph (Facebook nom de plume) – I know her real name, but I’m not going to reveal it, teaches how to use tarot for deep introspection.

Dusty’s third book just got released. I ordered it on Amazon and it should come tomorrow.

If you buy the books, Dusty offers FREE – yes FREE – Zoom classes. He talks, shares his old Macbook Pro desktop, and lets you use chat or if appropriate, he will let you unmute and you can ask specific questions about the chapter he is discussing.

I do know of two people who have years of experience with tarot who do not like Dusty. On the other hand, EVERYONE in my cohort of current Zoom attendees has nothing but positive things to say, myself included. BEWARE, however, a 30 minute session ends up going on and on for 2 hours sometimes because Dusty reads EVERY chat post and makes sure he answers each question. He also does podcasts. And if you have the $$$$$$$$, he teaches private lessons. I don’t have that kind of money; at least not at the moment. Hence, why I want to take advantage of everything he has to teach so I can manifest the kind of money that will let me charter a yacht from the nearest deep water port – which for me is San Francisco, and sail to Hong Kong which I haven’t visited since 1987, and sail over to the shrine of Mazu in Penghu, Taiwan, and visit my friend Jim R McClanahan so I can see his collection of Sun Wukong material and statues, then go north to Kyoto, Japan and then head to South Korea and take a train to visit Jeonju Hanok Heritage Village. Such a trip will take a LOT of money so I need to manifest great wealth, not just a carton of eggs!

SET the INTENTION and then keep visualizing the goal!

Tarot is one such tool to manifesting a new reality!

PLEASE like and Subscribe. And for Hermes’s Sake, leave a comment! The messenger of the gods should deliver mail about interesting things, not just who said what or did what on in the filtered news!


Dusty in class today mentioned he has an old YouTube channel. I forgot I had subscribe to it.

He described a really cool way of shuffling cards using a cocktail napkin spin.

In one of the MANY videos Dusty says he demonstrates this. You place the cards on your left hand and put your right hand side ways and twist and keep twisting until the cards resemble the napkins in the video. Although he did not say to do this, I’m guessing you can turn them over and continue spinning. Then you cut the deck. This way all the reversals are reset to a null value. I’ll keep looking for the video he posted. Until then, here’s a demo on shuffling and a link to his Channel.


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