Dusty White’s World of Tarot

Dusty White has a unique way of teaching students how to project their imagination into each card and look around.
White in his book, The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot, asks you to start with the Minor Arcana and go card by card and spend quite a bit of time with each. Step inside card. What is are the people wearing and what are they like? What do you want to ask him/her? It took a long time to finish that exercise. I will pull a card each day and tell you want I see inside the scene not unlike when the characters in Bewitched stepped into a painting!

Dusty is VERY generous with his time. Sign up for his emails and you’ll get links to his free Zoom sessions where you can chat while he talks. He’s AMAZING! Did you know you can use Tarot in MAGICK to manifest? I didn’t. I do now!

I just received this email today. It’s a perfect example of manifesting!

This is the link Dusty recommends https://readingsbyceleste.com/collections/merchandise