Dusty White: Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Exercise 1 Step inside the Pentacles – aka Coins

Rider Waite Suit Coins or Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles – Hand of God emerging from a cloud elegantly holding out a giant, huge, enormous coin/pentacle.  Beneath is a huge arch made out of a hedge with a path leading out and a mountain in the distance.  Not sure if this is a vineyard or some other plant.  I want to reach up and ask for this coin.  And I want to walk on that path and go through the arch

Reversed – Upside down the hand looks like it’s holding a basketball about to bounce it.  The arch now looks a bit scary.

Dusty – page 208 – beginning of any fortunate enterprise

Reversed – delays in getting paid, missed opportunities, not getting a raise

Two of Pentacles/Coins – I don’t like this guy.  He looks <insert pre-1980s offensive label for someone who is mentally deficient.>.  His hat looks like a dunce cap.  The coins are in a stretched out green infinity symbol like he’s juggling.  His green shoes are really bright and he’s at the beach with war ships being tossed about in rough seas but the sky is blue.  Guy creeps me out.

Reversed – nauseating.  That hat and face upside down is too much.  The one ship looks like it’s crashing into his knee.  The coins are now tossed about.

Dusty – page 210 – clever accounting, tricky cash flow, juggling finances, dire warning that one’s current money management style

Reversed – finances in complete disarray, overspending, chaos, nervous breakdown

Three of Coins – Crypt or alcove of a dark church at night.  Woman is in red and orange, but the monk is in black.  I can’t tell what the woman is holding,  The man on the bench is wearing a yellow apron?  It looks like he’s holding something and his left hand appears to be holding something we can’t see on the wall.  I would not want to talk to any of these three people, especially the monk.  Maybe because I now hate churches so much.

Reversed – Oh no.  Now the monk’s head dwarfs the lady’s head.  The guy on the bench looks like he’s on a tightrope and the alcove looks unstable.

Dusty – page 212 – Ah, the man on the bench is a stonemason.  Monk and a bureaucrat – that’s a man?  Master artist, artistic criticism, critique of one’s work, employee evaluation

Reversed – negative job performance review, unhappy bosses, shoddy workmanship

BACK HURTS Friday, January 15, 2021fast forward to January 2023 – stabbing pain comes and goes – gotta get it checked out

Four of Coins – This man gives me the willies.  He’s staring at me with a pensive look.  He’s wearing a crown with a coin on top and a coin being held like you might hold an energy call doing qigong.  Each foot is on a flattened coin.  A large city is behind him.  Sky is gray  His dark cloak looks ratty.  His left foot isn’t flat.  Orange shoes.  Blue hem to his red tunic.  I do NOT want to walk up to him nor speak.

Reversed – Dizzy feeling as the pentacle wants to spin.  The city now has an ominous look

Dusty – page 214 – merchant lord only metropolis depicted in the tarot

Hoarding money

Reversed – tight fisted boss or landlord.  Obsessive greedy people

Five of Coins – looks like a scene from the opening of a Dickens film.  I think the man’s one foot is bare except for some rags and the woman’s feet look bare.  They both look miserable.  The man with the crutches has the one foot wrapped.  No gloves.  They are walking in deep snow in a snowstorm.  I think they are passing by a stain glass window.  They both appear to be wearing worn out clothing.  The man looks at me in agony but he’s not begging.  I do feel like I should walk over and hand them a hot meal.

Reversed – Oh MY upside down they don’t even look human.  The snow now seems overbearing.  The stain glass window looks unstable like it might fall out

Dusty – page 216 – man is a leper!  (bell around his neck – missed that) 

Unpleasant side of society – abject poverty and lack of compassion, refusal to help those in need, loss and despair

Reversed – materialism to the point of spiritual starvation, false gods or spiritual leaders!

Six of Coins– I remember this from https://www.houseofwhite.net/courses/362524/lectures/5553436

I do not like the man as he lets coins fall into the beggar’s hands.  The man in blue with a patch on his cloak is begging in desperation.  The wealthy man is holding a scale over the man in blue.  The wealthy man is wearing clothes of either merchant of upper class man.  Can’t find a match but there coat/jacket has short sleeves and he’s wearing a long blue and white stripped sleeved tunic.  He has soft boots on.  There is a castle in the right corner in the distance.  Grey sky so it’s depressing.  Oddly the one beggar is draped in bright yellow and the other in bright sky blue.

Reversed – Heaviness.  The coins are hovering between the beggar and the wealthy man.  Not sure how I feel about the coins. Three are in a row over the one beggar and one is directly over the man’s head.  Unsettling

Dusty – page 218 – wealthy man’s robe is threadbare and fraying from much use

Solid citizen, act of charity

Reversed – individual selfishness and narcissism, scam, blackmail, extortion

Seven of Coins – Man looks sad or exhausted leaning on a staff next to large mound of vegetables.  Odd purple hills in the background.  Looks likes vines with the coins. Orange tunic with blue shirt and leggings.

Reversed – not sure if I get any feeling at all from upside down  Coins are STUCK?

Dusty – page 220 – Your heart is not in your work.  Boring job, time for a change, nothing left of you at this place

Reversed – you are missing the point, you have something worthwhile and you’ll lose it if you walk away

Eight of Coins – I like this man and would like to ask if he wants me to go get him something to eat.  His apron seems tattered in the back.  His leg shows a lot of muscle.  He’s hammering or eching a coin.  One is on the ground but it looks like it’s rolling.  The other coins are hanging from a tree.  A large estate is in the distance.  I can’t tell if he’s wearing a yamaka (kippah) or not.

Reversed – The coins appear to be falling and he looks like he’s clinging onto the bench so as to to fall.  Loss of money???

Dusty – page 222 – work, true artisan or artist, gainful employment

Reversed – sloth, laziness, inattentiveness at school, not applying oneself, unemployment

Nine of Coins – I would like to ask the lady about her falcon and ask how she trained it.  She is wearing  long yellow gown with red  flowers outlined on it.  She is standing in a very lush vineyard and has her hand resting on a stack of coins on one side with cons on the other.  There are two trees and an estate.  She seems very tall and a bit mannish.

Meaning – in charge and ready to take action (the falcon).

Reversed – YUK – the flowers now appear like they are cascading and the coins are slipping out of her hand.  The falcon looks dead and she’s holding it by its feet.  The whole vineyard looks like it’s bursting

Dusty – 224 – a kept woman!  Idle rich.  Enjoying your passion and your wealth.  Permanent vacation

Reversed – All work and no play – meaningless life

Ten of Coins – I find this card overwhelming – the white haired man almost didn’t even appear until I wanted to see what the two dogs were looking at.  A man and woman pass while going through the archway into the town.  A child also didn’t pop out until I looked at the woman – child is holding on to the dog’s tail.  Just find the imagery too much.  Meaning – I have no idea!

Reversed – Earthquake – topsy turvy

Dusty- page 226 – old money, estate card, wealth and power that most people never visit, powerful family

Reversed – loss of economic stability, fall of a great house of power, living way beyond one’s means

Page of Pentacles- This man is attractive.  I would definitely want to ask him about the coin he is holding in his hands like a balloon.  He has an unusual hat/scart.  I like his tunic and he has bare legs I think and boots.  He’s standing in a meadow with flowers with a grove of trees and what looks like farmland and a small hill.  VERY muscular arms. 

This card has a very pleasant feel to it.  Hopeful?  Looking to the future?

Reversed – letting an opportunity slip out of your fingers.  Unease

Dusty page 228 – young squire- News of a raise, bonus, refund, gift. 

Reversed – bad news financially, small loss of income

Knight of Pentacles- Do not want to meet this man.  His black war horse looks menacing.  He looks young but also menacing.  He holds a coin in his palm.  I can’t tell what the saddle is made of.  The landscape is very unusual. – Taking charge.  Studying your subject.  Still before the storm?

Reversed – death like – I find this card upside down scary

Dusty – page 230  Stubbornness, smug, bravado, readiness to wait out any situation, no compromise

Reversed – complete lack of self-control, weakness, inability to stand up for oneself, foolishness with money

Queen of Pentacles – overwhelming.  If I saw this lady, I’d think she was grieving or sleeping.  She looks like she’s in a lush environment.  I don’t like her throne.  There’s a creepy cherub on top with symbols I cannot make out and an ugly ram or dragon head on the armrest which is too low to be useful as an armrest.  Pretty green veil?  Bright red dress over a white gown. Her hands look tired.  Can’t make out the town below on a peninsula.  Mountain in the distance.  Rose bower.

Reversed – Too many colors all jumbled together.  The ram or dragon now looks menacing.  She’s holding on to the coin but not very tightly.  The crown weighs her down.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021note I’ve been leaving out the dates when I wrote all of this but since it’s now January 31, 2023, I thought I’d leave this in place. TWO years I’ve been at this. Two years ago the Notorious Doc was still alive and making my life miserable. I’d try to study, then have to give up. Not so now.

Dusty- page 230 – this queen is the embodiment of the earth and the essence of fertility

Woman of patience and common sense

Reversed – selfish woman, impatient and demanding, evil boss, gold digger, loss of social or financial status – falling from grace, abandonment by husband, world upside down

King of Pentacles – This king looks okay but the bull head on the left side of his throne is menacing.  The one on the right looks asleep.  The castle looks “imposing” and I never say that.  The throne  looks ugly and the black makes it look like the throne of a dark king.

Once again too many grapes, too many flowers, abundance gone hog wild.

Not sure what the round globe on a staff is.  The king’s neck is wrapped in what looks like a heavy scarf attached to his crown.

I think I could approach this king.  His face doesn’t seem mean but I’ve no idea what I’d ask him.

Meaning – over abundance of riches seeped in sadness

Reversed – OH God this just looks like vomit and the castle comes crashing down

Dusty page 234

King looks smug – I thought he looked tired or a bit sad or pensive

CEO, I’m summarizing “hedge fund manager” – inside joke considering the recent news about Gamestop

“Patience is needed in matters of finance”

Reversed – wasteful, small-minded arrogant man  “Small” man syndrome,  petulance, stubborn, rude, elitist, tyrannical, or bullying cretin

DAMN this card reversed is the late HARRY LEO DURAN!


Long ago and far away, the God of Wind held out a giant gold coin engraved with a pentacle out over an estate. No one appears to have seen the coin, however, a few years later, a juggler practiced with two coins stretched out in a band in the shape of the infinity symbol while dancing a jig on a beach with mountains in the distance. In the mountains a stone mason was finishing a project in a church alcove when a monk and a patron interrupted him to complain about the design. Three pentagrams are embedded in the arch over their heads, but they seem to only be focused on what lies beyond.

A smug hoarder sits clutching his coins keeping his feet on two large coins. He sits on a throne as if he has placed himself as a toll house demanding taxes and fares before anyone can pass and enter the city in the distance. Usury fees and high rent have driven a woman and her crippled son to find rags to patch their clothes as they hurry through the snow drifts surrounding an opulent church. Other impoverished poor souls kneel at the feet of a rich aristocrat who weighs whether or not they deserve his alms. Meanwhile a serf has labored for weeks trying to harvest cabbages for the winter. He ponders how many coins he can sell the cabbages for at the market. Unfortunately, the serf is tired and he’s not optimistic about how many coins he can earn.

An engraver sits on his workbench working all day producing as many coins as he can. The artisan stays focused for he knows how easy it is to lose his status and his savings. The engraver’s patron stands in her vineyard with a falcon perched on her hand. She has managed her estate wisely and is confidant her wise use of the falcon to keep the vineyard free of vermin has reaped a huge harvest. The lady’s youngest son is cherishing his first earnings while strolling through the countryside. He has learned much of what his mother has taught him, but he is still carefree and not worried about the future.

The youth’s older brother, on the other hand, has joined the military and he’s off in a foreign land holding up his earnings wondering if the war will be profitable or not. The queen who sent the knight off to war is lamenting the decision to send men off to war. She is bent over her gold coin. The queen cannot even rejoice over the abundant harvest that surrounds her. Her husband, the king, has surrounded himself with so much of his wealth he cannot even enjoy his castle nor his wealth. He has become a hoarder just like his ancestor. The queen and king have both realized in middle age that wealth cannot buy happiness nor peace of mind.


Dusty White’s World of Tarot AND Astrology

Dusty White has a unique way of teaching students how to project their imagination into each card and look around.

White in his book, The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot, asks you to start with the Minor Arcana and go card by card and spend quite a bit of time with each. Step inside a card. What is are the people wearing and what are they like? What do you want to ask him/her? It took a long time to finish that exercise. I will pull a card each day and tell you want I see inside the scene not unlike when the characters in Bewitched stepped into a painting!

Dusty is VERY generous with his time. Sign up for his emails and you’ll get links to his free Zoom sessions where you can chat while he talks. He’s AMAZING! Did you know you can use Tarot in MAGICK to manifest? I didn’t. I do now!

I received this email in March 2021 when I first blogged about Dusty. It’s a perfect example of manifesting!

This is the link Dusty recommends https://readingsbyceleste.com/collections/merchandise

Dusty’s second book, PAUSE – I am a bit in a quandary about whether or not I should tell you all about HOW I acquired it. For you see, I am a LIBRARIAN – insert inside joke – I can’t help it this is my FAVORITE film clip of all time and I was able to splice it for use in my blog posts.

Back several months ago, I was in a discussion with members of a Facebook group called, wait for it

Yes, only a rare few have EVER accused me of being boring. Someone in the group mentioned a book and I thought, mmmm, wonder if I can find it in PDF. It was old and sometimes there’s a copy in PDF form – often alas, pirated. And SURE enough I found pay dirt. I not only downloaded the book we were discussing, but I also found HUNDREDS of PDFs of books on Tarot, Astrology, the occult! It was a dragon’s lair of goodies. For days, I downloaded one after another.

I never shared the link with the group – I wasn’t going to lead anyone else astray into the world of pirated books – but someone else found it using Google and freely posted the link. A few months later, I tried to find the website to see if I had missed anything and sure enough, it had been shut down.

That said, it is how I acquired Dusty’s second book.

Both books are a MUST have. Seriously, you might find other works with lengthier descriptions of each card, BUT, the spreads in both books are off the charts – pun intended – because they involve ASTROLOGY! And they teach how to use the cards as talismans and for manifesting abundance. Dusty, like my former teacher, Ahneke Greystone, aka Anni Joseph (Facebook nom de plume) – I know her real name, but I’m not going to reveal it, teaches how to use tarot for deep introspection.

Dusty’s third book just got released. I ordered it on Amazon and it should come tomorrow.

If you buy the books, Dusty offers FREE – yes FREE – Zoom classes. He talks, shares his old Macbook Pro desktop, and lets you use chat or if appropriate, he will let you unmute and you can ask specific questions about the chapter he is discussing.

I do know of two people who have years of experience with tarot who do not like Dusty. On the other hand, EVERYONE in my cohort of current Zoom attendees has nothing but positive things to say, myself included. BEWARE, however, a 30 minute session ends up going on and on for 2 hours sometimes because Dusty reads EVERY chat post and makes sure he answers each question. He also does podcasts. And if you have the $$$$$$$$, he teaches private lessons. I don’t have that kind of money; at least not at the moment. Hence, why I want to take advantage of everything he has to teach so I can manifest the kind of money that will let me charter a yacht from the nearest deep water port – which for me is San Francisco, and sail to Hong Kong which I haven’t visited since 1987, and sail over to the shrine of Mazu in Penghu, Taiwan, and visit my friend Jim R McClanahan so I can see his collection of Sun Wukong material and statues, then go north to Kyoto, Japan and then head to South Korea and take a train to visit Jeonju Hanok Heritage Village. Such a trip will take a LOT of money so I need to manifest great wealth, not just a carton of eggs!

SET the INTENTION and then keep visualizing the goal!

Tarot is one such tool to manifesting a new reality!

PLEASE like and Subscribe. And for Hermes’s Sake, leave a comment! The messenger of the gods should deliver mail about interesting things, not just who said what or did what on in the filtered news!


Dusty in class today mentioned he has an old YouTube channel. I forgot I had subscribe to it.

He described a really cool way of shuffling cards using a cocktail napkin spin.

In one of the MANY videos Dusty says he demonstrates this. You place the cards on your left hand and put your right hand side ways and twist and keep twisting until the cards resemble the napkins in the video. Although he did not say to do this, I’m guessing you can turn them over and continue spinning. Then you cut the deck. This way all the reversals are reset to a null value. I’ll keep looking for the video he posted. Until then, here’s a demo on shuffling and a link to his Channel.